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From the GAME OF THRONES: When Jon Snow was getting cohorts out of jail to go north to hunt the walking dead, there was dissension as to why they should work together.   Jon answered because they were all breathing. So … Continue reading

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To establish my background:  As a very young child,  I had a relationship, knowing about a Higher Source before I was trained, brainwashed, that Higher Source / Divinity only existing in a certain buildings under a certain dogma which I … Continue reading

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Wandering Home

Decided to explore a side road on my way home  (being born put me on the road home). Got lost on this side road but didn’t worry; had enough gas (strength) and knew the road had to come out to … Continue reading

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Astrological Significance of the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 by Laura Walker

Total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon  8/21/17 With all this Attention Let us set our Intention The following is my transcript of Laura Walker’s (Oracle Report ) astrological  information as it pertains to the upcoming Solar Eclipse.  This transcript … Continue reading

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