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Great listen:

Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration (40 year old secret REVEALED)

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Medicine and spirituality discussion:

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Are We Americans or What?

Who are we?  Are we Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives?   There are so many categories, I lost track of what stands for what or whom.  All I see is division because all people don’t believe or agree with this or that philosophy being advocated.   Like the thought pattern that allowed (or incited) the religious crusades? Might makes Right?

While reading Alan Alda’s book: THINGS I OVERHEARD WHILE TALKING TO MYSELF (great title), I came across this part of the book that I wonder and wonder about.  Mr Alda was at Ground Zero 3 weeks after 9/11.    This was an encounter he wrote about on page 94:

“I was off by myself when a man in his fifties came over , put out his hand, and introduced himself.  His name was Johnnie Bell, an ironworker.  His face was lined with days of nonstop work on the site, and he spoke softly.

‘Can I ask you something?  Look at that —‘  He pointed over to the pile.  ‘There are people here from all over the country.  They figured they were needed here, and they came.  Some of them haven’t seen their families in weeks.’  His eyes locked on mine.  ‘It would be awful if we lost this spirit of pulling together after all this gets cleaned up.  We’re one country now.’  I thought of the flags we had all put out.  We were one community again, one nation.  ‘It doesn’t matter now about religion or race of things like that.’  Johnnie said.  ‘We gotta stay this way.  I don’t hear anybody saying that.’ “

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My Dog Stories

Being a follower of Laura Walker’s ORACLE REPORT, I remember that her view for this astrological year is “A lost opportunity is regained.” Maybe other opportunities will arise, but this is what is happening for me now.

Not having a dog for 5 years or so had become a part of life. However, I felt something was missing. As a toddler my earliest dog was named Coggie, because that is what I called her.

scanned Kitty, Theresa, Mom and Coggie

I only have eyes for Coggie

Then there was Boots, the beagle, a Christmas present, that was too much for my parents to contend with and ended up as a family hunting dog.  Then there was Snowball, who was given to me, and I discovered was deaf; she ended up living in a fenced area at the local vet.

And then I came home with the runt of the litter my neighbor’s dog had….that was Tippy. “Mom, Dad, I am only keeping her tonight” (which was my story for quite a few nights).


Tippy and I

I went to college with Tippy riding around in the car with Dad keeping him company.

As a newlywed, I came home from the shelter with a puppy, Gretchen. She was a Collie mix; beautiful, kind and loving. After being an only child for a year, a human baby came upon the scene. Gretchen seemed to ignore the baby until a stranger (to the dog) reached out to push the swing  the baby was in; Gretchen put her teeth on the person’s arm (leaving no mark of any kind) directed the arm away from (what was now) HER baby.


Gretchen and Tim

Then I noticed that when anyone was in the house, she positioned herself inconspicuously between that person and the baby. So she was our family’s legendary dog.

Various dogs gave and received a loving home in our house. Gretchen may have had some German Shepherd in her, Butch also (who I rescued as a stray in the city where I worked). Butch actually ran into the lobby where I worked, jumped up on me at the elevator and kissed me. Someone had called Animal Rescue to come and get her and I whisked her off to my house over my lunch hour. I had a dog run that I put her in until I had time to dedicate to introducing him to our family. Funny that my family was waiting for me to get home from work to explain how this dog got in our pen, why did they assume I would know? I only parted with Butch’s ashes within the last few years. Kassie was a puppy that was part Australian Shepherd and part dumb. She lived a relaxing life. Now, King, named because he was 150lb German Shepherd whom I found at the Shelter when he was about 4 years old.



That dog was SMART.  At the shelter he sat, lifted his paw, and used mental telepathy to say “I be good.”  Many tears shed when King was put down in old age over 5 years ago.

The German Shepherd breed became my favorite. I felt so much intelligence and companionship radiated from them.  So, occasionally, I strolled thru the 2 local shelters. Not seeing my heart’s desire, I follow the adds in the newspaper and on line from breeders and shelters. One breeder has had a newspaper add running for awhile for German Shepherd puppies and then I noticed “price negotiable” showed up in the add. Bet you can guess the rest of the story: Bridget.



Bridget has been with me a little over 5 weeks now, and I believe she is now house trained. She will be 5 months old June 6 and will be celebrating with a spaying. Oh, my!

The story being told is myself justifying why this old lady would get a puppy who may outlive her. I have already apologized to two of my sons for this action. At the onset, I have taken her training as serious as a home environment can lend itself to. I figure as she grows stronger and I grow older, she should not pull on the leash, or be domineering. Being a wonderful house dog is what seems to fill a void for me.

The benefits for me already are quite a few.  Not having a fenced in yard, we are having a lot of walks.   I have received a lot of welcomes  from dog lovers I encounter on our walks.  I have lived here for almost 4 years and now I know about 10 times more people. Walking her is a great opportunity for her to receive human socialization also. She likes the rain and this is a warm time of year to be out and about, especially for house breaking.  I am enjoying the beauty of spring so much more as I am outside a lot.  I find I am more content at home; getting more reading (and maybe more blogging) done.  When prior to Bridget,  I was here or there, creating things to do.  And did I mention; I seem to be losing weight!

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Was it suicide or transition?


MY DREAM in twilight sleep upon wakening:   I stood in a building on the edge of a cliff, with a window at cliff’s edge.

I agreed to jump from the window into the chasm (without any emotion) with my already deceased husband.  Felt held back by his warm embrace;  but it appeared that two bodies fell – one was not me.  Was it a straw effigy? I watched two bodies falling, thinking that I was going to jump but here I was.

Went to this window (type used in movie ticket sales) to report our deaths.  Was asked the name and ID of the deceased and then was told that the paperwork was put in place and the death certificate would be available in 2 weeks (business as usual).

Was this a sign to start life anew?  Not carrying the baggage of a prior history, just a new personal outlook and goals?

Or had it been a premonition of what the death experience is?  We just watch our body perish and we walk free to discover life afresh in whatever experience we so choose?


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New Solar Year 4/15/2018

Review of Astrological year:    “A HIGHER MIND IS WHAT PREVAILS”  Laura Walker

Phoenix Welcomes Laura Walker of the Oracle Report

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