Seeing Behind The Curtain?

Part of my meditation ritual is putting my strength of consciousness into positive reflective statements in my log book.   This statement is in my log book:

The only thing that holds up the curtain hiding the power & control octopus is the lack of  belief in ourselves.   But as with the 100th monkey syndrome; enough Humans see behind the curtain hiding the octopus of power & control, that enables the consciousness of all humans to see and shine the light.”

Recently I realized that people, who are content with the power and control, get hoodwinked into fighting to keep the curtain up, and don’t even realize there is a curtain!  It, therefore, becomes so easy for them not to question or believe those who know there is a curtain.  They become pawns rallying against those that are  referred to, so lovingly, as conspiracy theorist, which I have seen called conspiracy realists (the label I am proud to have), or, of late, – the deplorables,  for upsetting the rotten apple cart.  

What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is… “   see twitter account (inthematrixxx).

Side note:  do I believe all the alternative news out there?  Maybe some, maybe not some.  But I think when the curtain hiding truth, peace and love is dismantled, I shall see some of the conspiracy realist validated.  I will not be as surprised as those who have not been forewarned because of their blind trust in Main Stream Media (MSM).   Guess that will put me in a position to help those who get rudely awakened with truth.   I do believe that the curtain hides EVIL (created by EVIL itself).    Now this is not a blog of religious dogma, but can one deny the existence of evil?    We do not need to be Bible toting to see and know and avoid evil.  But the magnitude of evil is what is denied by sweet, innocent, humanity.

Back to the curtain:    My meditative statement has been changed to:

“The only thing that holds up the curtain hiding the power & control octopus is the lack of  belief in ourselves.   But as with the 100th monkey syndrome; when enough Humans realize there is a curtain hiding the octopus of evil power & evil control, that will enable the consciousness of all humans to see and shine the light.”2013 08 14_0191

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Going Forward (part 2)

Back on June 13, 2017,  someone who liked the blog on that day, asked if there would be a part 2?   My reflections on that:

Since part 1 reflected on a Tarot Card; today I pulled XVI THE TOWER.  The picture is one of destruction with a naked human falling out of the tower.  Certainly my 43 years of marriage ended (the tower), and the foundation of the belief that marriage gave me stability – gone.

Being naked is that I now am the sole creator of my existence.  Left behind were the taken for granted items of daily routine, someone to have supper with or go to the movies with, someone else to pay the bills and make financial decisions.   And I am content with this?

Although that may sound sad;  I now have more strength, resolve of character, self resilience,  determination, and trust in myself.   Things work out for me, but I am not dependent on someone else to tell me what’s best.   I get to make my decisions, grow and learn;  even at my age.

New friendships evolve daily and those are new treasures.


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ÉirePort Group Message 9-11-18… “The 9-11 Portal of Illumination and Ascension”

via ÉirePort Group Message 9-11-18… “The 9-11 Portal of Illumination and Ascension”

“The ÉirePort group, operating as it does from the so-called “Land of Éire”, is essentially a spiritual group entity with a mission to enlighten and illuminate the beings of Ascending planet Earth (Gaia). We point out that the “Land of Éire” is not represented properly by the 3D entity called “Éire”, rather is a Higher Dimensional encompassing “place” within each and every human and earth-based being.

We bring this message to all of the planet that the times of “massive apocalypse” are upon us, and this date in particular was chosen for our group message, as it represents a collapse of the illusory 3D ways and the rising of the Ascension Pillars of Light… within the planet, within communities, and within each and every individual being of the planet. It is symbolically represented very nicely by the “Twin Towers” of Light, which replaced the former 3D “Twin Towers” of “financial illusion” in the town called, “New York City”.

Cosmic Energies have incessantly poured into your world, on all dimensions, since the events of 9-11-01Now you enter the “9-11 Portal of Illumination and Ascension”.

Remain open to your Ascension process, and follow the “Twin Towers” of Divine Masculine and Feminine Illumination.

That is all for this moment.

ÉirePort Group”


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Daily Reflections

For those of you who like Daily Reflections in your day, you may or may not like the “DAILY VOICE” that I am posting.   However, I do have another recommendation:  “THE BOOK OF AWAKENING Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have” by Mark Nepo.   It rings a lot of my bells.  It is also available in large print.

I picked up a copy at a book sale at the library and am glad I did.  Example for September 3rd is THE UNWATCHED SPACE     “I tried so hard to please that I never realized no one is watching”   with a nice explanation and then practice suggestions.

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Available for Next Two Days

Follow the link to hear David Wilcock at his best.   Helped me make a very positive attitude about the reality of Human Consciousness being awakened.

Collective Evolution presents ‘Disclosure and the Fall of the Cabal’ with David Wilcock

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Could it be a vehicle for Growth in the Collective Consciousness

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