Guess this would be considered a book recommendation. Bartholomew was channeled by Mary-Margaret Moore. That channeling stopped in 1995. It seems that his words of spirit were dealing with these current times. His books seem to be out of print, but Amazon has used ones and kindle available. And this book is available here – Reflections of an Elder Brother: Awakening from the Dream by Bartholomew: VERY GOOD Paperback | Bayside Books ( These books were published by High Mesa Press Home Page featuring the work of Bartholomew. I have 4 of his books: I COME AS A BROTHER (A REMEMBRANCE OF ILLUSIONS), FROM THE HEART OF A GENTLE BROTHER, REFLECTIONS ON AN ELDER BROTHER, and PLANETARY BROTHER. Among my collection of books, these I hold in highest regard.


“You don’t build a successful company by thinking about your vacations! You build your company by thinking about what you can do to make it successful. So it is with this. You have to work at it.

You know energy follows thought. It’s going to begin through people who want to make the thoughtform reality, not just a ‘nice idea.’ You start on the mental plane with the idea, ‘Wouldn’t it be magnificent to have a planet filled with excitement, peace and harmony? ‘ Then with the wisdom and power of the third eye, you hold the idea as a vision. That becomes a feeling tone within you, and as you visualize that for the planet, you move the energy of thought through the mental, down to the physical level. As you begin to build the power of it by holding to your vision day after day, you will start to feel the energy in your body. This grounds it in the physical; and in the process, you will be uplifted.”

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Alternative to – – I TOLD YOU SO

Isn’t I TOLD YOU SO a turn off? For sure.

When the radicals that were planning to overthrow our Democratic REPUBLIC are outed and dealt with, how tempting is it goona be to do the I TOLD YOU SO!

I follow and he gave a level headed alternative to this. Per Simon:

“Why do you think I saw the truth & you didn’t? or Why do you think I saw through it all and you didn’t? Why didn’t you see the truth?” Quote found at 42 minute mark of

That video from January 16, 2021 is well worth the listen.

I, myself, have been pondering that, trying to figure out how I have not swallowed hook, line, and sinker what the thought police consistently threw at the population? And why was I not swayed by the ridicule of thinking outside the given narrative? Was it because I related too well 1984 by George Orwell? However, I have proudly worn the badge of deplorable and conspiracy theorist (mostly) in silence. All I know is that things didn’t gel with my instincts of right and wrong. That probably propelled me down the rabbit hole. I have been called as being from Kansas because of my show me attitude. How many of those who deploreTrump listened in full to any of his speeches, read the bills he passed (or even know of them), know of the peace deals he brokered? Actually know what NESARA / GESARA is?

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Meditation Tweet from @StarSoul777

“As the waves of higher light from the Central Sun are anchored into the Earth, and received by humanity, a new level of awareness activates.

With this higher light from the Central Sun, comes the revealing, exposure of old energies, misconceptions, and deceit. This includes the wrong doings by governments to the people. The dark can no longer hide. And in the U.S, election fraud will be fully exposed for what it is.

Please choose to be a part of the mass meditations on 12/12/2020 at 12:12PM Eastern Time Zone U.S/Canada. Also on 12/21/2020 at 12:21PM Eastern Time Zone U.S/Canada.

Be in a comfortable position, place your hands on your chest, right over left, bring focus to heart center, begin by reciting the Soul Invocation:

I am the soul,

I am divine light,

I am divine love,

I am divine will,

I am divine design.

Next, with your hands on your heart center, slowly, take 12 deep breaths. In between each breath, pause, and feel your high heart expand, like a sphere of light.

After the 12 breaths, lower your hands, visualize the Great Central Sun, the waves of light emanating from there, reaching you, entering your being through your crown chakra, moving into each chakra, & into the Earth.

With each breath, visualize you are infusing the 5D Earth reality with your Soul’s light, activating this reality in the NOW.

Recite 3 times:

I, with Earth and humanity now exist in the 5th dimensional reality. So it is.

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As for the news . . . . . .

Censorship for ‘safety’ is at best telling people they aren’t smart enough to think for themselves.

It’s necessary for them, because when provided with all available info, humans can discern the truth.”

Kabamur_Taygeta 7-22-20 tweet

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Meditation for Sunday 11/08 at 11:11 AM in your time zone

This Meditation is called by Simon Parks:

The focus is to utilize the Collective Consciousness to send humanity-


Energy of being calm;

In order for humanity’s group consciousness to be balanced and strong.

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Link to video

Sorry that I send you off to hear others’ words, but at the present time, I feel they are more articulate than I.   Often I get validation and new insights from listening to David Icke.   He is equal in  political  & spiritual ideas.   This is the first time I have heard him speak about his start in this direction.

Hope this YouTube is not banned too soon, so you may view.  If deleted, do a search on David Icke.

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Astral Travel

If interested; join me as I join Lorie Ladd tomorrow on Zoom to learn to Astral Travel.

I am looking forward to it.   For me it will be 4PM EST.


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Stand in the Eye of the Storm

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How to Receive A Light Bath

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A Guided Meditation

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