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Prayer or is it Meditation?

Once upon a time I was alone with self, then I prayed. And I prayed until I felt connected. And when I felt connected, I realized I was “A” spark of the Divinity I thought I was praying TO. Instead … Continue reading

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Where do negative or fearful thoughts come from out of the blue; following none of your conscious thought patterns?  Perhaps  that is not your thought ! Well, how can that be so? Because your Being, being a spark of Divinity/Source, … Continue reading

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DISPELLING WETIKO Breaking the Curse of Evil  by Paul Levy is a difficult read.  I have read about 68%.   I recommend this book to those who want the change in our consciousness by being one of the 100 monkeys.  I … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole

The young fellow (showing my age), Jordan Sather, that I am featuring,  has created a YouTube channel that I follow daily.  He shines light on items I am aware of to a very small degree and does what he refers … Continue reading

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Where is God

My little grandson asks, “Grandma, where is God?”Of course, I am not the conventional go to grandma for the answer to this question. Best I could do was that “He is within you and He is everywhere. You do not … Continue reading

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