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Fall Cabal

FallCabal is the name of a series of investigative reporting on all nefarious items that got us to our present predicament. As it is named FALL, let us not live in fear, but understanding and reinforced determination. These informational clips … Continue reading

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A Hero Judge – in my opinion

Judge Rui Pedro Castro in Portugal confronted police stating that they shall not hit peaceful protestors for not having a mask on. He is interviewed by Frank Stadermann in Nederland. At 30:18 min Judge Castro states he has started a … Continue reading

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Good vs Evil #2

If we do not see Evil, how can we overcome it? Yes, some humans act contrary to human nature of goodness, love and peace. I have been finding it hard to understand the depth of their depravity. But, are there … Continue reading

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Insightful Read

As a child, I remember being at the playground on a swing after dusk and looking to heaven. I knew that all of the galaxy could not have been created for just Earth to be inhabited. Thus I am more … Continue reading

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Discussion between Contactees

More insight in to our benevolent Brothers and Sisters who need our permission to help this planet.

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The Galactic Federation of Worlds

I recommend giving this a listen. I feel there is much information of value here to our current state of affairs and a positive future.

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