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Counter – Coup

Politics on an inspirational themed blog?    I do so as I see the current political scene as a WAR of benevolent vs evil forces.  This You Tube captures the essence of what I believe to be the current world stage.  … Continue reading

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The Receptive

Today I went to TAO Oracle, An illuminated New Approach to the I Ching by Ma Deva Padma.   Refreshing boxed study/application set including a little book (well the length and width is little, but it is 310 pages), 64 cards … Continue reading

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The Magician

Tarot appeals to me as it creates a form of spiritual reflection.  Recently I pulled the MAGICIAN.  I like the guidance found in Amber Jayanti’s book, LIVING THE TAROT. On page 42 she stated “The Magician’s Hebrew name, Beth, means … Continue reading

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Today’s DAILY VOICE calls Gratitude THE GOLDEN KEY.   Gratitude is helpful for me.  It does adjust the mind set to be more productive, get out of the doldrums, and be at peace. At this time of year, winter, with less … Continue reading

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From January 9th DAILY VOICE,  I questioned my Higher consciousness on my unanswered concerns or probable concerns.  Drew a blank.   So maybe I defined it as a ‘maybe’ question and that’s why I didn’t get any resolution. When asking a … Continue reading

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The DAILY VOICE  for January 8 is  LISTEN FOR THE SOUND OF SPIRIT.     Irreverently,  while typing this, I have YouTube running in the background,  clouding my mind with current events.   So much for listening to my Higher Consciousness! I am … Continue reading

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Galactic Brothers and Sisters

Good information to ponder in this interview of Grant Cameron.

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