The Magician


Tarot appeals to me as it creates a form of spiritual reflection.  Recently I pulled the MAGICIAN.  I like the guidance found in Amber Jayanti’s book, LIVING THE TAROT.
On page 42 she stated “The Magician’s Hebrew name, Beth, means ‘house’. …spend some time treating your body like a house for your inner God/dess.

This jolts me to remembrance of a recurring dream. This dream is at my house and it seems like a lot of people are there. I then remember that I have these unused forgotten rooms, more like an apartment, in my house that are not being used, that I have accommodations for my visitors!

The contents of these rooms in my dreams are fully functional and furnished for occupancy.  Left unused and forgotten. Usually the forgotten rooms in my dream are from a hallway door which leads to 3 rooms; a sitting room, a bedroom and a bathroom.  Only 3 rooms. In Tarot there are 4 suits / rooms (represented on the Magician’s table as tools at his disposal):
Wands, representing Fire, an idea, thinking, creative imagination;
Cups, representing water, emotion, feelings;
Swords representing Air, discernment to manifest, realm of the mind;
and Pentacles representing earth, material world, manifestation.

Since the Magician is a symbol of higher consciousness being brought thru oneself to earth, am I am being told that I have forgotten gifts of wisdom / higher consciousness (rooms) that I have to offer?   Unless utilized they remain non-manifested.  It appears that their manifestation, symbolized by the Pentacle,  is the forth item missing in my tool bag.

Seeing as I had been guided to create this blog as a manifestation of my gifts. And I have not utilized this space (rooms) to bring my insights / gifts to light, I now have the Magician pointing out to me that I need to manifest my creative imagination, emotions, discernment; and this blog can assist.   Stay tuned to see if I persevere.

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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