Where is God

My little grandson asks, “Grandma, where is God?”img_1550.jpgOf course, I am not the conventional go to grandma for the answer to this question. Best I could do was that “He is within you and He is everywhere. You do not have to look any further than yourself.  He is within.  Every time you feel LOVE, you are feeling His presence.” That’s about the depth of my explanation to an almost 4 year old.   I hope this does not rock the boat too much for what he is learning elsewhere.

So lets all look within for the spark of Divinity / Source / God that is waiting to be made know. Acknowledge the loving feelings within to nurture It’s growth. Let us see how much we can grow Love / God within.

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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