Prayer or is it Meditation?


Once upon a time I was alone with self, then I prayed. And I prayed until I felt connected. And when I felt connected, I realized I was “A” spark of the Divinity I thought I was praying TO.

Instead of praying TO, I am now praying with acknowledgment of my inner Self as a spark of Divinity / Source that wants to experience this consciousness connection. I feel at peace. I AM.  And then came the realization that the Earth has provided this spark a house to manifest in, to experience and grow.

Can you feel how the earth elements have lent you a vehicle to operate in the physical? Look at all the earth gives form to. She is a fellow creator. I try to remember to acknowledge and thank Her for this experience in 3rd dimension.

I long for 5th dimension or higher. Where I have complete control of my mind / co-creative consciousness.  How hard it is, presently, to stay in a meditative or prayer state and be focused on my words or thoughts. Word(S) being said should be conscious manifestations. How can I plan to steer this ship (my body) when I cannot keep focus within this Beingness. I guess that realization is the lesson to be learned / mastered in the 3rd dimension.

Those who paint or garden or craft in any way, have to find that center of focus within to create. At those times, I doubt stray thoughts wander thru their creative focus. That to me would be experiencing 5th dimension:  An altered state of consciousness from 3rd Dimension to that of a prayer or meditative time due to being lost in the creative connection to One’s Higher Self.

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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