Today I am going off topic or am I?  Spirituality manifests in knowing self and what rings true.  In that light and in the flesh, we have much exposure to various and contradicting beliefs and information.  Thus, personal discernment comes into play.

In the present state of the world, I believe there is a “deep state” orchestrating the lives of humans to their (deep state) advantage.  I follow alternate news (vs Main Street Media/MSM) for the most part.  Alternative news is called Conspiracy Theory (or more appropriately,  I say Conspiracy REALITY).

Of late, I have started following George Webb on the YouTube channel by his name & his associate Jason Goodman of CrowdSource the Truth. I believe you need to listen to a lot of the information that they have brought forth by their ‘feet on the ground’ investigative reporting and research  leading to truth. However, they are not claiming knowledge esoterically. They are pointing out the metadata (digital footprints, I would interpret that to mean) that needs to be exposed/brought forth to connect the dots.

George Webb’s work is questioning the data (that needs to be addressed) as to whether the DNC computer breech was a hack or a leak.   The answer to that question would substantiate that a hack could mean Russian involvement or a leak of information could have been meant to expose the “deep state” from within.  This investigation is bringing so much light to the Deep State existence, that it may well be the first domino to fall that will bring them all down.

Last Friday a woman,Trish Negron, obtained and brought forth a thumb drive which maybe(???) information Seth Rich sent to Wikkileaks.  It was publicly posted for download so that it (the entire information on the thumb drive) could be CrowdSourced / validated/ researched by as many as possible,   This was preceded by an investigation of Seth Rich’s death  July 2016.   George Web’s investigation of Seth Rich’s death included an interview of a detective, Rod Wheeler, hired by Seth’s family.  It is all so suspicious because there is definitely a cover-up of the circumstances and evidence of Seth Rich’s death. This video should leave you with the knowledge of questions yet to be answered. Crowdsource the Truth Interviews Rod Wheeler   

I have in my lifetime made decisions on the importance of something by picturing myself years form now, reflecting back on the present:  I feel that by following George Webb, I am seeing  history being made (if not rewritten).

Light, Love, Power and Presence of Divinity/Source George Webb Sweigert’s, Jason Goodman’s, and Patricia Negron’s I am Being is known and manifest.  May you be safe and see the results of the data you bring forward for humanity.


About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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