Astrological Significance of the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 by Laura Walker

Total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon  8/21/17

With all this Attention

Let us set our Intention


The following is my transcript of Laura Walker’s (Oracle Report ) astrological  information as it pertains to the upcoming Solar Eclipse.  This transcript is of the audio of Phoenix Rising / Truth Frequency Radio  8/1/2017, when she was a guest.  The time of the actual discussion in indicated in minutes and seconds ##:##   Laura Walker of the Oracle Report discusses the total Solar Eclipse

Laura 31:30 Spoke about her leave of absence. How Oracle Report changed to a shorter format. Completed projects she has had in the works for a long time.

“Shifting, that’s what is happening this whole solar lunar year, certainly has been happening for me.   Shifting and winnowing through; both happening and right now.  So many things are setting up to be in play.  This is the really big talk  August 21st 2017 Total solar eclipse with the New Moon there.”

 Phoenix   23:27 Talks about arconic forces politically here in US and geopolitical in world.  Big power plays.  Sun Tzu’s book THE ART OF WAR…and Trump’s book THE ART OF THE DEAL  and him being a  student of war also ….. Demonic and arconic forces are getting pushed into a corner and will fight the hardest and they may not be able to get out.  May get interesting.

Laura:  33:52  “Nothing like cornered arconic forces.  Yes, it’s always so much fun to go on radio shows.  Evidently, I end up talking about the arcons.  When we break it all down to it you see it comes down to a spiritual war.  And our knowledge of the arcons comes from a spiritual basis.  As you mentioned earlier from Gnostic Religion.  It’s very interesting to me that Gnosticism which was basically a world-wide belief system that was in harmony with nature and higher spiritual forces.  The remnants, the Gnostic foresaw what would happen when the arcons were able to leverage and gain the level of control that they have now, currently. And they were trying to figure out ways to moderate that, or a way for us to see through when the time came.

34:58   And the time has come.  What they did was filter in the remnants of their teachings into Christianity.  And those remnants have held most true to the original, I guess we would say, within Orthodox Christianity.  And this is why we see the war on Christianity, particularly Orthodox Christianity, Greek Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox.

Putin and Trump are both very aware of this.  They understand that here are machinations within the religious hierocracies because they understand the times in which we are in and what’s at stake, and what the shift point is.

The shift point isn’t really a point, it has been an ongoing shift –it’s the point in my reckoning,  4-18-2015.  Until that time arconic forces were becoming stronger and stronger.  Not so since then.

36:06   It’s been very interesting for me to watch what’s happened with just the discussion and the awareness into the collective consciousness; the awareness of the arcons.  When I first started writing about them several years ago, there were only a few people writing that word, the “A” word,  on the internet.  So many people were upset at me for writing about it because they thought that would draw that energy – just to name it.  Well, that’s not really what I’m about.  So I’ve persevered with it.  It was not easy because if I would mention the word arcon on the Oracle Report that day, sure enough something would blow back pretty strongly.  But you know what’s happened?  Is that really doesn’t happen as much, or as well.

37:00   So to be able to watch this and track it astrologically and see the patterns of when things would flare based on the pattern of the past or the nature of what the astrological transit was.  To see exactly what that would mean if those astrological transits were now since 4-18-2015, designed only to degrade the arconic, or the demonic, or dark side.  To be able to watch that since and see it happen as projected at these particular times, has been really quite something.  It’s really mind blowing.  To see where we are now compared to 5 years ago, when the story of the arcons made it out.

Also very interesting to me is that Gnosticism, particular Gnostic authors attacking Christianity specifically.  Using Gnosticism to direct away from anything that might be Christian related with it.  It’s been quite a battle within mythology and comparative religion.  But there is something to it.

38:25   And, I can only hope, I guess it’s my hope.  I hope that people can hear what I’m saying tonight:  That it’s all OK.  We have total solar eclipse, the great American eclipse.  It’s almost like seeing us back in Mayan or Ascetic times with priests.  As you (Phoenix) mentioned last week, you can almost see it again  – – propaganda of it,  of the knowledge. Right?  And what it is with the knowledge.

So solutions are unfolding like a grand quantum rubix cube down to the tiniest calculation of things that are happing in our lives and world.

As you (Phoenix) talked about; the stories keep returning.  The Seth Rich story isn’t going away.  The CNN fake news story isn’t going away.

39:16   By the way: Up on home page;  if you scroll down, if anyone missed it, there’s a story there written by one of my readers who was protégé of the ad man who designed the CNN logo.  And the sacred geometry that he encoded in that.  And how her perspective on how he got the last laugh, because he got taken advantage of, didn’t get paid well for the logo.  And it’s an interesting story because it’s almost like it was encoded at that time that because CNN went out of integrity, that it was in their logo to maintain integrity, and when they went out of it, look what has happened.”

Phoenix  Encourages listeners to go read this at  Good guys finish last is old story. Really.  Bad guys finish last; when evil raises its head, it’s getting slapped 10 x’s more.

Laura: 42:20  “Yes, indeed.  You know I think there is data that proves that.  Certainly within the astrology charts, you can see when there are opportunities; basically that come-upance is coming around.  It’s there.  And all the energetics are shifted towards integrity and towards alignment because we are in higher dimensional frequencies.  Arconic energetics can’t survive with this:  They can’t breathe within it.

So thought it would be a good idea to refresh, catch up since the beginning of this solar lunar year, because this is really how we can track where it’s going to go and how we know that it’s all OK.  I have data.   Really, I have the math of it.

43:16   In the cycles of astrology, the natural cycles of the Earth, Sun, and the Moon;  the New Moon, the New Solar Year in Aries, starts off the new year.  That is really an important month because during that solar lunar month the tone is set for what will unfold all year long.  So each month of that year, that same theme, whatever it is at the time of that New Moon, it just builds more and more each time.  And so each time we have a month it’s like a new instrument enters the symphony and all these energetics continue to unfold.

44:00   Just because a lunar month, solar lunar month ends, doesn’t mean those energetics end.  All continue throughout the whole year.  They just keep adding more layers at the time.

So the Sabian Symbol which tells us what the energetic for that month; therefore the year – since it was New Moon in Aries.

The Sabian Symbol picture that describes that energetic is ‘a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the East wind.’  It’s about mind blowing things, it’s about adjusting to outside forces, keeping your head together, keep your head.  As, I often like to quote, we knew that this was going to be an adjustment. It was going to take us somewhat off of the projectry we were on.

If you remember last year, all last year was “the Magic Carpet ride of Oriental Imagery.’  So it was like this roller coaster, we went everywhere.  We had the election and craziness, just outright things we have never seen.

45:09   Now, our minds get blown in new ways, unleashed into new territory.  I fully believe we’re starting to see that now because we’ve come to the next shift of that.  We’ve shifted out of, into the next quarter.  We’re in the next quarter of the year now and all kinds of new things are coming about.  Alternatives, things that younger people are coming up with to solve situations that we have.  Again, like this quantum rubix cube, I keep describing it with all these calculations that required a long time to plan.  The solution to the arconic problem has been in play for a very long time.  I might also add, since we’re talking about blowing the mind, it is already solved.  The planet, if we follow the Gnostic Paragon, which I do, that our planet is a Divine Being and Aion from the Galactic Center, spark of the God-head, who found herself out of her home and out here in the edge of space due to her intense curiosity and desire for wisdom.  She’s in the totality and the oneness of time, meaning there is no time, she had already returned to her home.  Everything is OK because now the situation is unfolding.

46:42   In 2015, when it was revealed to me, that this would be the shift point of when the tide would turn, when the good guys, the light side, would overtake, or be lifted up.  Because it is much more of that than a battle.  Even if it is a war of resonance, you might say.

It is really more of a rise and ascension part of that and so we rise up those arconic forces and there’s no room for them to go. So now, when we are, our minds are being unleashed.  We’re seeing solutions and things happening and things coming back around, repeating.  The stories keep coming back around.  It’s the pattern.  It’s to wake people up.  When people see it a number of times, you can’t unsee it.  The same thing is true of astrology and Sabian Symbols.

This is why it is always accurate and why it tells us what is happening.  We start off the year, March 27th ‘a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the East wind.’  Important to note the East wind, because the East is the direction of new beginnings.  We understand that east is meeting West.

Before I move on, remember back then, that New Moon in Aries, Venus stationed direct.  Venus had been retrograding for months.  Whenever Venus retrogrades it’s a big deal, it tremendous, it’s a vast value shift to see change within the collective, it’s a branching out and away from trend and collectivisms that’s masked by diversity.  Massive value sweep.  That was happening.  Now, we see the effects of that as people are making different decisions about things, their values have changed.  Just since that time, people have come around to see greater picture.

48:58               Now we come to this cycle, the month we are in now, the Leo New Moon, and that began on July 23rd.  Very interestingly if you remember, there was a massive CME ejection on the other side, the far side of the sun, just before the new moon, and it was conjunct Mars.  The ejection which they hypothesized was an ‘X’ flare hit Mars.  So that was just a direct pummel from the Sun to Mars.  Mars was discharging the Sabian symbol for 2 Leo ‘an epidemic of mumps’ which is about things spreading.  Anytime you put an x-ray on something, you’re going to light  it up and see it all.  Liberty spreading.  That’s what’s happening.  It’s been happening.  It’s accelerating now.  We have all this energy toward that.  Truth spreading, renaissance spreading.  But it’s a big deal because Mars was conjunct the New Moon, so all this month until August 21 means things are highly charges.  Mars energizes things.  Now the Sabian symbol for the New Moon, July 23, was ‘under emotional stress, blood rushes to a man’s head.”

Things that are very important this month, again is keeping your head.  It’s an emotional time and people are dealing with levels of anger and depression.  Another reason for this New Moon made a square to the Kyron point which is 4 Taurus and is the energy encapsulation of woundedness, teaching, and healing.  It’s difficult and brings up a lot of pain, emotional stress.  51:05                    We’re trying to process emotional stress this month. Meaning a few things we may want to do:     Refrain from impulsivity, ground ourselves as much as possible with simple things; like going outside, being in nature, that is always best cure.   But other things, like cleaning, or yard work, or focused tasks.  All of these things will help us maintain our heads as all these things rush in at us.  You, personally listening, may be experiencing a little bit of depth of emotion right now.  Today (August 1, 2017) is what I call a Black Moon day, the moon is in Sagittarius along with the Black Moon.  They make conjunction tomorrow, so tomorrow is major black Moon Day, a moon in Sagittarius along with the Black Moon.  They make conjunction tomorrow, so tomorrow is major black moon day.  But on black moon days we face our shadow side and our fears.  With the great American eclipse being pushed everywhere there are count downs and all kinds of things pushing the fear of that.

52:16               Let us talk about eclipses and what they are.  Lets talk from a different perspective because everyone talks about it from our perspective here on earth and we see with the sun.  But what is the sun’s perspective?  If you’re on the sun and this eclipse was happening what is that really?  It means the moon is taking the brunt of all of that solar energy, which is a very good thing for us and for everyone (arconic energies, the planet, humanity) because the moon is a big control factor.  It is the biggest weapon used against us, which is another long, long discussion.

53:07               The solar eclipse is going to pummel the moon with energetics that the cabel and the shadow side have used to degrade humanity and control humanity. That energetic, that arconic energetic that is in control there, what is happening with the moon will face a serious degradation over the eclipse time.   Not just during the eclipse, but during 6 months; because eclipses are in effect for 6 months.  The first activation of it will be when the Sun makes the first square to it, which is 11/20/2017.  That time will lead directly, whatever is happing in place at eclipse, we’ll see some sort of activation of it then.  Then a completion of it on Feb 17, 2018.  The full 6 month playing out of that energetic.

54:21               Most astrologers think of them negatively.  Completion takes 6 months. The classical interpretation of eclipse is that they take something away.  If somebody has that degree in their chart; the eclipse is at 29 Leo and it has a really beautiful Sabian Symbol:  One of my favorites: ‘a mermaid emerges from the ocean ready for rebirth in human form.’   We have rebirth, revolution, renaissance, revelation and TAKE YOUR PICK.  All with the eclipse!  It’s a good thing; it’s not a bad thing at all.”

Phoenix:  55:25           Pluto in Capricorn; last time was during the American Revolution.  He asks Laura to talk about fear aspect that archons want.

Laura:  563”49  “How arcons feed on fear – Yes, Yes.  They are fear.  They are fear disincarnate.  How they do it is thru illusion.  Why they are doing it at such a great level now is because they don’t have the energy that they used to have and it’s because of the higher level, spiritual energetics, consciousness.   Right.  It’s the quantum levels of consciousness that are moving thru; and the planet racing thru.

Fear generates reaction in the body and these reactions are a source of fuel.  The neurological system is targeted, the adrenal system.  Hormone degradation is one of their most effective methods because after the hormones have been depleted thru fear.  The adrenal glands, by the time you get to a certain age after you’ve been thru planetary transits in your life, people are degraded somewhat.  And then they have all kinds of things result from that: mental fogginess, emotional instability and it provides an avenue for the arcons to divide and conquer.  Their preferred target is true love and relationships.  The way they do it is they triggering whatever our astrological natal core fear (that we were born with) is.  We all have a black Moon, our shadow side.  The arcons are the shadow side.  They are that in a manifested form.  And so it is important.  Or perhaps the only solution really, as far as what we can do, is to face that in ourselves and discern if what we are feeling is really based in reality or if it’s being projected on to us like a screen in a myriad of ways they all types of media and social engineering and bio-warfare, as a multi-prong attack to degrade the human entity, the human being that we are.  Therefore are more easily accessible to possession.  Possession of the mind, the parasites of this kind.  You notice that people are talking about if they don’t say arcons, they might say parasites.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s all the same.  But what it really is, it’s the mind parasite.  It gets in the mind and then it begins to trick the body.

You know, when I was little, I think I’m the only one, I hated magic tricks.  They used to make me so mad.   67:18 Oh, I hate magic tricks and magicians, and all that.  I still do.  Just can’t stand it.  Don’t like people to be tricked.  Don’t like pranks either.  My family happens to be a family of pranksters.  But it’s all because of the way that we then tricked by illusion and by fear and by diversion from our true path and from our true nature.  And from our true planet from our planet, from nature herself.  This is how it works.  How they are feeding on us.  This is why become more intensive in that mental illness is rampant and probably almost all of us are dealing with it in some way.  We all are processing that shadow side.  It happens in a collaboration between us and higher spiritual forces.

68:16               Now, the arconic problem was never something humanity was going to be able to solve on its own.  And it is only by virtue of those Higher forces, those Higher wisdoms, that now the time has come for it to end.

2015 to 2020 was the time frame outlined to me when the bulk, majority of the arconic presence on the earth, would be returned to source.  You could say eradicated, eliminated, that’s irrelevant.  Everything returns to source, even shadow.  Even that which believes it is the ultimate god.  And we’ve seen some people pass this year who have heavy arconic possession.   With the eclipse that’s highly likely.  In Texas, particularly, all I’ll say there.

69:34               The Black moon in Saturn, haven’t gotten there yet.  I need to speed my pace up a bit.  You see I haven’t been on Phoenix Radio in so long, have so much to say.

When we have this total Solar Eclipse, the New Moon, the Black Moon in Saturn are going to make conjunction at the same time, and they are within arc minutes of conjunction. They have been building together this whole time that the Black Moon has been trailing up on Saturn, coming to get Saturn.

And in the United States, that conjunction goes right thru the mid to eastern parts of Texas.  So that means a lot of energy will be focused there.  So obviously, we have the path of the eclipse – everyone has seen that – how much you’ll be able to see of it.

But there are other things with the planets at that time too, that aren’t discussed.  Of course, no one really talks about the Black Moon with it.

70:50               The Black Moon and Saturn are a very interesting combination because the Black Moon wants to free and unleashSaturn wants to restrict.  And as I’ve watched them over the years, of the 9 years I’ve been studying the Black Moon, the Black Moon is about the only thing that’s going to win out with Saturn.  This tug of war between these two energetics always falls /tips to the side of the Black Moon;  the side of rebirth, the side of light and freedom. Because Saturn doesn’t want freedom;  it wants discipline, control, orderliness.  It doesn’t facilitate freedom, let’s say.  It isn’t native to it.  It wants things really to be much more in line.

When these 2 planets come together, they create a tug of war.  They are happening in Sagittarius, which is high minded, it’s about seeking the truth.  Sagittarius want to know, and it wants to know the facts and the data behind it.  It is the seeker.  The energy of the seeker wants to expand everything.    And so we have quite a conjunction of the Black moon in Saturn with the eclipse.

72:10               Going to give you the Sabian symbol for 22 Sagittarius ”The Chinese laundry” is in this.  So China is in this.”

Phoenix:  Talks about China and Chinese in America.

Laura:  72:30   “And also a rebirth with this:  This is what this eclipse is.  People think it takes away.  This is about  ‘a mermaid emerging from the ocean.’   New forms, new structures.  In the map of the path of the eclipse, the Black Moon and Saturn run right between Russia and China.  That line, right there.  And so there could be more of collaboration.

The other that is highlighted with Hatti and the Dominican Republic.  Not gonna go away with the Clinton Foundation with that.

74:19               You know, Phoenix, I know you know this, but it’s not very well known that the Dominican is just as involved in sex trafficking as Hatti.  And this I’ve known for quite some time, because I grew up in Virginia Beach with a lot of surfers.  People trying to surf the Atlantic go to Dominican Republic to surf and the trafficking,  sex trafficking of young children,  has been going on since I was in High School.  We knew about this.  It was too much for us to conceive all of this.

Saturn and the Black Moon are highlighting this at the eclipse for a reason.  It is also trine to Mars conjunction of Saturn and Black Moon.

Italy is also highlighted with that.  Just finishing out over there.   Right thru Italy.”

Phoenix:  75:26           More about China …. having islands emerge out of the sea.

Laura: “And what might happen to the economy with China and UA?  A major restructuring.

76:13               Let’s talk a little about Trump’s chart with the eclipse.  Wow!   He has 6 planets being transit by the Black Moon in Saturn.  The man is under it and he’s under it until September 28.  Very serious subject to talk about the eclipse in somebody’s chart, when it is so prevalent , as it is in his chart.  And the main reason that I say that is that the eclipse is conjunct his ascendant.  He has Mars on the ascendant – what we could call Mars ascending.  And the eclipse is on his ascendant.  Well that degree of ascendant changes every 4 minutes throughout the day.  We have his exact birth time.  Before he was born, it was locked in place, when he was born that this eclipse would aspect on his ascendant  at this time to have a total Solar Eclipse on the degree of your ascendant is a big deal.”

Phoenix:   77”30 “Defining moment in this man’s life.”

Laura:   77:37  “It is defining.  This is a defining time because like I said: he has Uranus, the North Node, the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the South Node and the Black Moon in Sagittarius or Gemini.    That’s where the bulk of his chart is.  And other parts of his chart bulk up over in Cancer and Libra.

So the Black Moon and Saturn’s transit thru Sagittarius since the beginning of the year, that would be dramatic in anybody’s life.  But to have the eclipse; it’s happening within 1 arc minute of his chart and his moon, particularly.  His moon is 22 Sagittarius, where the Black Moon/ Sagittarius eclipse is to the minute; 21 Sagittarius 12 minutes.

He’s having Jupiter return right now which will complete about the same time as the eclipse.  When we have Jupiter return, our health can suffer.  Jupiter return can be lethal ; plainly.  Positive aspect of that, it takes you to a new height.  It is a new loftiness.  He’s not going to undergo major restructuring of his cabinet – we’ve see that already so fast.

What other kinds of Executive orders might he?  He‘s already hinting at things.  Threatening Congress with their health benefits.  It’s an activation.

Now, interestingly, his Black Moon in Sagittarius is 5 Sagittarius which is my favorite Sabian Symbol  ‘an old owl up in a tree.’  To me, he’s hard to fool. “

Phoenix:   “ Why,  is that your favorite?”

Laura:   “Why, just love those owls.  My grandmother was an owl fan and such a hero of mine.  Just stuck with me all these years.  And the image of the Old Owl up in the tree has the maturity.  Owl maturity is wise.”

Phoenix;   been poking fun at Laura.

re: Trump and chart.  Mars getting zapped.  Trump said September coming up for the budget.  Has said if budget shuts the government down, maybe it’s not a bad thing, maybe we need a new government.  Serious for a President to say.

Laura:  81:20               “It really is and the exact degree of his ascendant is ‘an unsealed letter.’  That’s the Sabian Symbol.  So that’s what it’s going to do for him.  He’s going to unleash.  That might be something.”

Phoenix:  81:39           With a government shut down, he could enact NDAA and send Congress and Senate home (fire them).  Restructure under National Emergency.

Laura:   82:08              “Yes, when you look at the USA’s chart at the time of the eclipse, using the Sibley chart, the eclipse happens exactly opposite the US’s moon, our emotional body.  Jupiter will be opposite the US’s natal Kyron, ‘the wounding.’

There is potential for deep wounding, of the emotions.  And the natal Kyron of US is at aspect to Aries point, which is why we, as a nation, overcame tyranny.  The wounding of tyranny to heal.  And in my opinion, lead the world.  Because there is nothing like Americans, say as you want, we like liberty.

83:02               There are other things happening with the eclipse.  The Sabian symbol is kind of mixed in there because the exact degree is 28 Leo 52 minute (almost 60 Minute).  And a little bit of ‘the mermaid emerges from the ocean ready for rebirth in human form.’   Emergence, rebirth of humanity, life.  We also have 30 Leo (because 52 minutes so close to 60) which is ‘an unsealed letter.’ A wonderful combination!  There is false flag potential here, especially Jerusalem is highlighted with this.

83:58               People, I know a lot of parties will be going on that day.  Mars is going to be located a 21 Leo, which Sabian symbol is ‘intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly.’  So it’s about less than elegant first attempts at things and need for persistence.  One thing I know about this Sabian symbol and this energetic; it is the energetic of success because it does not give up.  Have seen so many people who have this degree in their chart and they’re highly successful.

So with all these forms emerging; rebirth and combine this with some other Sabian Symbols:  Venus, ‘a leader of men wrapped up in invisible mantel of power.’  We saw that one a lot.

Neptune with ‘a lady in fox fur wrapped up.’  So we want to be wrapped up, wrapped tight in the head.  We want to be smart.  We don’t want to be fooled.  Old Neptune can confuse things; the lady in fox fur,  foxes can’t outfox us.  What I think this is about is being wrapped up in the arms of everlasting love, of Spirit.  This is what we are wrapping ourselves up in and this is the answer to the arconic problem.  As I said earlier; we can’t solve it alone.  It is Higher Power that we are in league with, if you will, that is taking us through this.

The Earth will be located at ‘a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.’ Coming out into a

greater form and structure.  Exactly what the New Moon says.

And also the degree 30 Aquarius,  ‘moonlight fields once Babylon blooming white.’

So, there’s a lot.  A lot of things.”

Phoenix:  86:01 Coming up on break.     Then at 90:56               Energetic of Sabian symbols rebirth/ portal- something new coming up.  Lot of Sabian symbols indicate a coming up to point, like a portal, for change.  Don’t give into fear and doubt.  Set intentions.  Is it confirmed in your data that this is a strong time to bring forth manifestation to our reality, what we desire?

Laura:  92:07   “ Well, really couldn’t write it any better because,  Yes.

One of the things that is in place at the eclipse is Mercury which will be retrograde.  Mercury going retrograde 8/12 at 12 Vergo which is ‘a bride with her veil snatched away.’ And   interestingly, it’s when it goes, stations direct on 9/5/17, it’s going to be direct at the degree of the eclipse.  So it’ll bring it back around, the energetics.  We’ll see another activation 9/5/17 but  the degree where Mercury will be at the eclipse is ‘an expressionist painter making a futuristic drawing.’  It’s about projecting plans.

But, it gets better, when we come to December and the Sagittarius cycle, 12/81/2017.  That cycle, that New Moon will be conjunct the Galactic Center itself.  The Sabian symbol for that is ‘a sculptor’s vision is taking form.’  And so the ‘expressionist painter projecting a futuristic drawing,’   leads up to ‘sculptor’s vision is taking form.’  That’s the Sabian Symbol we come to in September.

And so all year long, everything that’s been happening since 3/27/17 has been and will be rocky.  All the Sabian symbols for the months of that time are will there’s a lot of treachery and danger, there’s a lot of traumatism in some of them.  But when we get to ‘the sculptors vision is taking form’ we tap Spirit.  That in astrology is the highest degree there is.  That is the Source of the Source – God.  And the harmonic that will be delivered at that time, that alignment happens, can you imagine a vision now with ‘the mermaid emerging from the ocean read for rebirth in human form’ and ‘the unsealed letter.’  If we project what we want, what do we want to let go of with the darkness of the eclipse?  And what do we want to do with the light that emerges?  We need to figure that out now, each of us, individually.  Because by December, we are going to be well on our way to manifestation of that.

How could we write it that good?  You know.”

Phoenix:  95:06           has been obsessing with listeners not to give in to fear now.  Project how you want things to go.  If you fear this or that, you are manifesting that.  Arconic forces are pulling at you.  Say ‘NO, I will overcome.’  Pray.  Do whatever, meditate, visualize, hold good outcome that you desire.  This eclipse is intense and it’s going forward, crating.  An opportunity, I think the likes of,  we haven’t had in a long, long time.

Laura:  96:23   “Yes it’s pretty remarkable that the conjunction of the Black Moon and Saturn with it.  The Black Moon is all about rebirth and Saturn rules time.  This is the time when we will have acceleration, for sure.  And we’ll see over the remainder of the two plus years to 2020, how much of the mass trauma syndrome, the arconic trauma syndrome we’re all suffering from, post traumatic arconic disorder.  How much of that is alleviated.  And I think that with the eclipse, we just have higher spiritual forces will be using it.

The sun is one of the primary drivers of the arconic forces to the surface to be released.  I’ve talked about this many times.  We see this in peoples’ behavior and the reactions and radical reaction.  The extreme things that are happening.  People who are having difficulty with the changes, the awakening and accepting truth, having the most difficulty.  The thing about it is you have to be grounded in order to try to break the Stockholm Syndrome that has us thinking something bad is always going to happen.  That’s what all trauma victims think.  And so it’s an archetypical power in our consciousness now of an eclipse.  I’m here to say the anti-astrologer thing of it isn’t the take away, it’s the take away of what needs to go, but it’s the rebirth of what a new sun can give us.

98:24               I think it’s really important to be very practical because the archons, the way they get us the most is by distract and divert.  The magic trick, the illusion.  They’ll get us off track into procrastination or a state where we can’t even push ourselves, even to do things that we need to do.  I hear this from people all the time.  We know we need our supplements; we know that to counter that.  We know we need clean water.  We know that we need to be in nature.  We need human contact.  We are drawn away from doing those things.  And those simple things, what we think of as the simplest things, that we get down on ourselves about being able to do or not doing better, making decision or not learning from the past, things repeating.  Whatever it is, it’s stuff in our heads that the arcons loop in our heads; it’s a form of the trauma syndrome and it’s called disorganization.  It’s a stage of trauma.  And so, the more disorganized we are, the more unhealthy we are and the more we’re missing out on life.  That’s what they want to do.

99:53               So you know all kinds of things.  You (Phoenix) were talking about last week about different technologies to counter some of the neurological effects of everything; the multi-level attack.  The supplements that we need.  As I said before, the things that ground us.  When I’m working with a client, who’s usually having a very difficult Black Moon transit or Pluto transit, and they’re in the depths of the underworld and on the ledge, I suggest NOT thinking and just doing.  Just get up and clean the counter of your bathroom.  It’s about the override of the mental loop of the trauma, that we think the currency will crash, the banking system going to crash.

100:52             One thing that I guess has been a very personal thing for me and it was really important to happen to me, so that I could talk about with conviction or certainty:  That everything really is all OK and ‘all roads lead to liberty.’ Because it was shown to me, with the data.  I was taken into certain places, directed by spirit, given the messages, what was going to happen with the world in the next 2 weeks.  It all happened and the bottom line of it all was ‘all road lead to liberty’.  And so when we have things that happen in our lives, we don’t really know how that’s factoring into the plan.   If we believe that there is a plan, and I believe there is evidence to support that there is.  It’s a faith thing and a rust thing.  And that New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse with Leo cycle is a Gibbous phase of the year.  It’s like a month long Gibbous moon phase.  And Gibbous is about trust and the belief.  Belief in magical happenings.  And belief in miracles.

102:12             I’m a walking miracle right now.  In December, didn’t think I had another year in me.  Thought that was probably going to be my last Christmas.  Now, completely different situation.  It’s our belief, it’s our trust, and it’s our faith.   When we ground ourselves, when we go out into nature, and are reminded of what is truly valuable, and when we undertake the tasks that are just the simple things in life, that’s what keeps us grounded and out of the archonic interference.  It’s one of the things that works the best.”

Phoenix:  We have to cull this.  You don’t have to read every article, people.  Don’t subject yourself to negative news.

Laura:  103:22             “In fact the arcons want us to do that and you know.  Get your niche of discernment, keep your headlines up, but remember while we are here, we’re here to experience life.  We’re here to, if we are lucky, we get to realize exactly the kind of planet we’re on and how lucky we are.  But that’s really where it all drives back to .  That we must return to what is real and good, because where the energetic is going and anybody who’s operating outside of that is not to sustain, just not going to work out for them.  SO it’s very simple isn’t it?  It’s the golden rule ‘do unto other.’”

Phoenix; “Exactly.”

Laura:  104:20             “And it isn’t about being perfect, you know.  I think it’s much more like being 51% positive than anything else.   Don’t think anyone’s requiring perfection here.”

Phoenix:  never heard 51% positive.

Laura:  104:47             “There are going to be 2 experiences on the other side of this, I completely agree with you (Phoenix); this is a portal.  This is a Solar Activation.  And it happens within our brains.  Happens with inside of us.  And there’s a splitting off now that occurred.  When you cross, when your life ends, you have choices where you want to go beyond that.  If you want to return home to Oneness, with God, would you want experiences.  It’s your choice.  If you’re so locked into fear that you need another matrix, another holographic projection to work it out.  We don’t need that.  I don’t believe that’s going to happen because I don’t believe anyone’s left behind.  If you can’t get it up, can’t get right with things, then tighten up, it’s harder.  It’s just going to be harder because you can’t fight against the wave of light and expect that your life’s going to be the way it used to be.  People are finding this out.”

Phoenix:      I agree  important re-listen;  share the link to this audio.

Laura:  106:30             “One thing that’s new.  I just completed a project.  A book like Phoenix mentioned, THE SABIAN SYMBOLS RECORD.  I’m really kind of excited about this book because it’s really different.  More like a text book / workbook than any of my other books.  It’s basically a record of the Sabian Symbols.  It’s a workbook and each page has a page for that Sabian Symbol, each of the 360 degrees.  People can start to track the data themselves.  So the things I talk about you can notate.  What happened in your life on – today –  the eclipse.  Write down what happened on that day. And then when it comes around again, you’ll see the patterns.  As I said, when we see the patterns, then we can rise above it because we override it, we outsmart it.  We see what is happening.  I have really wanted to put this together for a lot of years because I wanted other people to be able to track this way.  It’s ancient knowledge and it’s valuable, and it’s helpful for people.  We want it to spread. Or:  We don’t want it to be lost again, I should say.  So, I’m really excited that it’s out now.  If people are interested, go to ORACLEREPORT.COM and on the home page click on.  There is a downloadable copy and a hard copy version.  I have to tell you, the hard copy is expensive.  It’s $40.   It’s a hard backed book 8X12 and almost 400 pages.  Cost quite a bit to print.”

Phoenix:  are there illustrations of the Sabian Symbols?

Laura:  108:27             “No, it is very minimalistic even in its appearance.  And I did it this way because I wanted people to personalize it.   When I got the proof copy back, and I picked it up, I felt like I was back in college.  It made me very excited to have a textbook again.

I put somethings in the back (of the book) that are little jewels;  some little ways to figure out things in astrology that people do not put in one place because it’s the trade secrets of astrology.  Oh my, you wouldn’t want that to get out.

So it is a book that, I hope, people grow with.  A lot of people won’t understand why the tables and things I put in the back, but over time, is my hope, that people will.  I was thinking ahead about what people might want.

If the Sabian Symbols interest you, you might start your own record of it.  You might find it to be something very, very valuable.  Something that you might want to pass on to somebody that crosses your path one day.  I saw the importance of a book like this when I ran across my teacher of Mayan Calendar, The Mayan Day keeper, that taught me the Mayan Calendar and he had been keeping the count of days, 260 day count.  I was blown away by the repeat and patterns.

So this is a long plug for something that just is really just personal for anyone to use as they wish.  Sure was a long time in production.”

Phoenix:  let me interject:  The Sabian Symbols, we have been enjoying the Oracle Report for years.  Sabian Symbols for a day;  ‘Oh my, God, you’ve got to be kidding me.’  Amazing thing Sabian Symbols are accurate; bizarre.

Laura: 110:54              “It really is bizarre.  They are so personal too, because the imagery is different for everybody. So while there are ambiguous things about them, there are some that will be more symbolic to you because perhaps it’s in your chart, or perhaps somebody who’s very important  in your life had that on a day when the Sabian Symbol was in effect.  When I talk about things being calculated down to a quantum level, rubix cube within multiple exponential rubix cue, that’s really what it is.  And it doesn’t really take a whole lot of notation to see how these things affect you in your life.  So that we can take control over this.  Like this eclipse.  Doesn’t have to be fearful and people don’t have to worry about everything crashing.

OK, we’ve had eclipses throughout time.  We’ve been used by eclipses in the past.  These magicians tricking us with these things.  No More.  Just not that way anymore.”

Phoenix:   This time flew.  Good stuff.  Change for you, me everyone.  Human experience to learn to overcome.  Manifest our desires.  Replace fear with positive thought. Laura, what is your contact info?

Laura: 113:30    “Check me out at   ORACLE   Reports are free.  They are public.  Much abbreviate, as I mentioned earlier.  The books are there.  Of course, my books; on plant ARIES, and the book on THE BLACK MOON, are free for download.   The new one is just out.

Phoenix, I thought I might end here.  I ran across a quote from Black Elk.  Don’t you just love it when those days happen and you run across a Black Elk quote? (:   They are so good.”


‘Hear me four quarters of the world are relative I Am.

Give me the strength to walk the soft earth, a relative to all that is.

Give me the eyes to see and the strength to understand that I may be like you.

With your power only can I face the winds.’               Black Elk




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