YouTube: Alexandra Meadors: Urgent Message – November 4, 2016

After you have listened to the above YouTube, you may consider my comments.  Lets make this interactive.   What do you think?
I think the near future is gonna be HUGE !  Pandora’s Box about to be opened and there is a big part of humanity that is not yet awake and aware that may create chaos for which we are all being called upon to assist.  I think that the 2 options mentioned to leave the planet were for those not willing and able to handle the changes.  The Soul request to leave, or receive notice to leave, probably won’t be intellectual decision; but one of heart and soul.
This is A GALACTIC CHANGE.  And other members of the Universe are anticipating it as much as us, who have been waiting with boots on the ground.   Maybe this planet is  the last frontier to battle the “God forsaken”?
I didn’t get any implication from Alexandra’s video that we were to jump on any of the many space ships.   I viewed that info as assistance is ready to help us in this transition.   And that the EVENT is so big on a universal level, that maybe a lot of the space ships are here as spectators, or cheerleaders,  as well as assistance.  With your free will, you will not be TAKEN.   Unless you are part of the ‘power and control’ with no regard for the consciousness of others; for which you would be “vacuumed up” (that made me laugh).
Personally, I am looking forward to meeting (and learning and remembering) my galactic relatives – maybe even soul mates.   That can happen on Mother Earth, without being on a space ship, in my opinion.


About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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