BARTHOLOMEW is a good friend of mine.  He probably is the one who lined up my current point of spirituality.   There are 4 small books authored by Bartholomew via Mary-Margaret Moore.  The titles are I COME AS A BROTHERFROM THE HEART OF A GENTLE BROTHER, REFLECTIONS OF AN ELDER BROTHER, and  PLANETARY BROTHER .    First one published in 1985.  If you can get your hands on one of these and you are on my blog,  you will love His messages also.

Here is a random selection, page 37, from I COME AS A BROTHER:   Consider it an assignment, if you so choose.

You came to the earth plane to experience the full range of emotions and to become master of those emotions.  Mastery comes by realizing that you can choose your responses, which thoughts you pull in and what actions you bring about in your life.  And what I am suggesting to you today is that most of the thoughts that you pull in are based on the belief that there is something wrong with you, that you are not lovable, and that you have to do something in order to be loved.  And I would like to reverse that process by asking you to begin a serious, ongoing commitment to the repetition of a mantra that has never occurred to you: I love myself! In an instant you can thereby go from despondency to happiness.  Try it.  Think of a happy thought and you will be blissful.  Think of a depressing thought and you will move to unhappiness.  And here you are, just sitting in a chair!  Has anything happened to you?  Has anybody hit you?  Has anybody loved you? No! You’re simply sitting, and you find that you have the capacity to move from ‘high’ to ‘low’.  And all you do is change your thought.  You already know how to do this and you do it all the time.  If it is true that you can sit quietly and change your mood in a moment, then perhaps it is also true that you can sit quietly and say with understanding, ‘I love myself,’  and begin to feel something happen inside your being.  You will begin to feel a warmth.  It is true that there is a ‘flame’, a ‘fire’, within.  There is a chakra that ‘lights up’ through love.  It is all true.  By resting in that feeling of love for yourself, you begin to generate a warmth.  I would ask you to try, for the next month, to give yourself some time every day to simply sit and feel this.”

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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    Your post captures the issue petlfcrey!

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