Parable # 1 “Ritual vs Intent”



© From an anonymous friend sharing stories that were given to her verbally long ago. This parable / story is retold in her words as a kind of “sacred teaching.”
From an Amazon medicine man in Paraguay.  Her  re-telling of the tale :

A good man of pure spirit from a rural tribal village, sat one day, on a big rock, by a rushing mountain stream, eating an avocado.  He sat feeling the warm sunlight
energizing his skin.  He watched and connected with the birds chattering in the trees.  He noticed the forest animals coming to drink, and listened to their hearts. He listened to the wind and began to hear it’s very consciousness “speak”…

With a great rush of energy he reached a state of enlightenment and fully realized his connection and oneness with all….

That evening on his walk back to his village, all who saw him approach ran up to him, tugging on his hands and his clothes asking “what happened? Where have you been? What is that brilliant shining light that surrounds, you and that emanates from your skin and your eyes?”

And the man laughed warmly, so full of love for all, and told his story.  He was not an educated man – he had no word for “enlightenment” and no scripture or authority to quote in explanation.  He spoke from his heart and told of his experience, sitting on a rock eating his avocado, listening to the splashing stream, the messages and histories whispered by the wind, and his new understanding of the underlying unity of all.

Village life continued, and the next morning the man awoke from his bed…. And he was surprised by the absolute silence of the village.  He walked through the entire village and found it empty – deserted – not another person in sight.

The birds and a stray dog told him to go back to the mountain stream…. So he picked up a large stick for his walk back to the stream, and there, when he reached it, he found his entire village….

Every man woman and child was there, lining the banks of the stream.  The villagers were all sitting on their rocks by the stream, waiting impatiently for “enlightenment” to descend upon them, there was much discussion and even argument among them as to how high the avocado should be held and whether it would “work” faster if their toes were in, or out, of the water….

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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