Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

What about:

Breast Cancer Awareness
Autism Awareness
Fighting Hunger
Find a Cure
Fight Alzheimer’s
War on Drugs

None of awareness, fight, searching (with tons of money) has seemed to work.

Where is the focus of thought? It is on the problem. If Energy flows where attention goes, then are not these ideas reinforcing the problem?

Wouldn’t it be better to hold the thoughts of Divinity being within each and every person on earth? Open and allow the SPACE for Divinity to join with each individual at their consciousness level that whatever is lacking for their well-being to be supplied.

Focus on the positive.

I know this is a loaded topic. But I am so turned off by pink this and pink that to bring about awareness (support) of breast cancer. It has become a feel good focus to make one think they are achieving some goal. Has the occurrence of this dis ease dwindled?

Can’t say I know of anything good about cancer, but I do know of the good of the person, the Doctors, and families torn up dealing with cancer.

Instead of focusing on the disease, the war against, the fight for, the search, the cure for a problem; let us raise our awareness to focus on a person, place or situation in this world as so embraced with love and light that the highest good for the individual, place and/or situation is called forth. Allow space for Divinity to work thru the scientist, the medical profession, the soldier, the situation at large.

Awareness…………………….. not investment in what we do not want.

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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