September 28,2022 #47

Eceti News  It’s been a while since the last newsletter mainly because we have been building rock walls fences keeping out pigzilla along with his friends etc. We have also planted a lot of fruit trees, gardens, and are making a food bank out of the land to add to the already abundance of fruit. Not a lot of time to sit at the computer. Kilauea is erupting with a swarm of quakes, she is just making the island bigger. The contacts have continued and we have been receiving a lot of information about the days to come. It is important to realize that according to them they have been working for over 80 years on the planetary liberation with those of noble virtue. There is a prerequisite for contact and few have the moral foundation and integrity to work with the spiritually and technologically advanced off-worlders. There are many however that will work with the regenerate ETs with promises of fame, fortune and power. That network is coming to an end.   Most cannot fathom how dark and corrupt the leadership, the music and movie industry even major religions have become. It has also infested the UFO and Spiritual communities preying on people who lack discernment and inner sensitivity. There is without a doubt a very powerful Satanic/Luciferian influence in almost all positions of power. This is all going to be exposed and dealt with shortly in the days to come. The kick off has started and the white hats look like a team of rhinoceros heading full steam ahead. The last holdouts, the tunnels and dumps, deep underground bases have been eliminated or under control of the white hats. There are lots of rumors about the cabal surrendering. They don’t know how to surrender or keep their word so don’t count on that. Here is a little hint, the Ukraine is their home base, the Ukrainian army has within it the Azof Battalion which are NAZIs, there are extreme bioweapon labs controlled by the NWO which were necessary to reach their 80 to 90% reduction in population. The Russian army is taking out those labs and putting an end to the Nazi’s replete within the NWO, New World Order AKA Global Elite/Cabal. Not what the global elite owned politicians and mainstream news is telling you.     The “public announcement” of the passing of the queen, the most powerful person on the chessboard is the pivotal point signaling the end of the tyrants. The child and sex trafficking as well as ritual sacrifice is real. The scope of which most people cannot comprehend. Those who cannot comprehend the magnitude of this degenerate behavior are going to have a real eye opener they cannot deny. There was a mysterious voice that came out of nowhere that said, “She’s gone, we cannot retrieve her, she is trapped.” being scrubbed off of you tube. These tyrannical leaders cannot return to Earth. There has been a 7th dimensional intervention. No ritual is going to bring her back!!!!!! As we have said before this is a multidimensional war. As above, so below. We thought the goat representing Baphomet was an obvious message for the critical thinking and research impaired leading her funeral procession.   We want to address the chaos in the UFO community. This is orchestrated and carried out by the regenerate ETs and other dark forces. The UFO community is replete with planned opposition, shills, a controlled narrative along with many with agendas other than service to humanity. They are in service to self, their own egos, fame, fortune. in some cases they seek power over others creating a following. This is the goal of their handlers. They will give you 80 to 90% truth then spin the end with their agendas. They are trapping you in the intellect and taking you away from your heart, your God connection where the real discernment needs to happen. Names, images, stories fade away, change like socks, what does any of this have to do with your enlightenment, your ascension, how does this raise your frequency, put you in touch with direct knowing? This is becoming epidemic along with all the drama and competition.   There are no go betweens with God/Great Spirit/Creator whatever name you want to give it. There are no drive in enlightenment franchises. Each person has to make their own personal God connection and so it goes with Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off-Worlders. If those masters, teachers and healers are not empowering you to heal yourself and make your own personal connection they are a distraction and that distraction is diverting your ascension process. It is all about raising your frequency, empowering the individual, dealing with our own shadow side, releasing the past and knowing who we are rather than someone telling us who we are.   Little hint you have the genes of the gods, There is no separation in omnipresence the Creator is omnipresent in all Creation which includes YOU. There is nowhere to go but within. The one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions is within. It is the unified field in which we all reside, the Masters, Saints, Sages, higher vibrational beings and yes the ETs all exist in that field. Expand in awareness and become the field. That is why the Buddha said you are the Universe, the whole Universe resides within.   Do you think the higher vibrational beings engage in all the competition and drama, the rumors and gossip, the planned opposition, controlled narratives? On the flip side do you think the regenerate ETs, darker forces inspire and influence it? All will be revealed and many will be shocked to see their icons are not what they be lie ved them to be. We are making popcorn watching it all unfold. That is why I for one have removed myself from most public venues spending a lot more time in nature. We are entering some rough times, prepare on every level, we don’t have the luxury of denial and lessor agendas. Imagine sitting on a beach, swimming in the ocean, walking in forests, planting trees and gardens working with nature while all this other nonsense is unfolding with a big grin on your face. That is where you will find us.   

Be well,  
James Gilliland https://www.eceti.org/

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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