White Hats #1

Last night Phil Godlewski 2.0 was on Rumble, and I took notes:  Phil said children were not to listen to this broadcast.


My Recap:

7/17/22 Fauci resigned his position.   Resignation wouldn’t have happen if WH (white hats) weren’t in control.   

John Podesta involved in politics since Obama.  Phil went over Podesta, comet Pizza and his child abuse activities.

@37:37 Podesta is recorded giving an interview in which he describes his importance to the Obama Presidency.   All paperwork to and from Obama went thru him….  Example of his importance.   Then an audio (from Anthony Weiner’s laptop) of Podesta abusing a child – (visibly upset Phil).  Phil made the connection of Podesta being a deep state member keeping an eye on the deep state President Obama. 

@50:40   Why Podesta is important described in the Q Drop posted 11-1-2017:  

Above discussed as the arrest of Podesta is the START to kicking it off – EBS – and the chain of events.  THE arrest of John Podesta is what we have been waiting for.  (I believe there is time travel involved with Q posts –  remember the saying future proves past)

@54:50 SCOTUS has already nullified the 2020 election,  the public has yet to be notified.

@58.05 Phil says Podesta was to have been arrested yesterday (7/17/22).   Phil believes he has been dead for quite awhile.  A public arrest would have been optics.  OR    He is alive and we’re in this waiting game because they did not get him yet?

@1:04:00 to 1:08:27 Primary focus of OUR movement  –   the children.   We loose 50,000 children in the US  each month!

@1:09:50  with the announcement of 2020 election being overturned– requires that a new election has to happen within 120 day.   Phil was calculating in his head when that announcement would be to allow Trump to serve 2 years of Biden’s vacancy and still run for president in 2024 (since Presidents can serve 10 years – part of a term + 2 full terms).  Meaning he would take over Biden’s position in January…. needing to count back from there 120 days for this take down to be public.   

(then on Telegram,  Phil posted a date of Sept 22 that was sent to him from Todd Schneider.)  Somebody will have to take over and run the country until that special election.  Phil tentatively mentioned Grassley ?   Biden’s term won’t last. 

Phil thinks General Michael Flynn as VP.   Phil believes Gov DeSantis will have a big roll.   All 2020 candidates elected will have to go thru a re-election process also!  

end of my recap.

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I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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