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“A Perspective on the Big Picture” by A Lightworker – 6.9.22

By terrazetzz Thursday, 9 June 2022, 22:27 PM

Entry Submitted by A Lightworker at 8:52 PM ET on June 9, 2022

As mortal humans, it’s easy for us to get caught up in our immediate environment and life circumstances and completely fail to see the big picture. We are emotional beings with egos and when you combine those two it’s easy to see how we can get stuck.

My post will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers and incite controversy but I would urge you to set aside your emotions and ego for just a few minutes and allow yourself to view the thoughts and observations from a higher perspective.

I think it’s obvious to everyone by now that frustration, anger, disappointment and discouragement are growing at a rapid pace within the “awakened” community. The finger of blame shifts daily depending on the latest piece of intel that is revealed and people or groups are vilified for their inability to move things forward and give us the green light for the RV. But are they completely to blame?

It’s sad to see so many people putting their lives on hold, hanging their hopes on every piece of intel shared, waiting with abated breath for that anticipated email or post that says “It’s a go – here’s the 800 number” as if their entire existence depended on it. What would you be doing instead if none of this was happening? You are wasting your lives away when you could be doing something that brings you joy, expands your skills and knowledge because that’s why you’re here – to learn. You weren’t put here to sit and wait for some Divine Being to come and save you from the hole you’re in. How long have these so-called gurus been telling us that “it’s imminent”, “It’s happening this holiday weekend”, “the numbers add up to 17 – this is it!”, “the storm is upon us, brace yourselves!” only to be met with some obstacle and yep, more delays. How much longer will you sit there only to be met with more disappointments?

Did it ever occur to you that the reason for all the delays is because humanity isn’t ready?

Look around you. Is the world stable? Have the “bad guys” been removed or have all of their powers been taken away? Is there peace, harmony, acceptance and non-judgment in the world? Are people being kind, compassionate and acting with the highest level of integrity? Do you feel as though our leaders are working on behalf of your highest good so that you can live a life that is fulfilling, abundant and free?

Those of you who are waiting impatiently for that green light with your phones surgically attached to your bodies thinking the RV/currency exchange is going to solve all of your problems, I challenge you to look at the big picture.

The Bad Guys (___fill in the blank with whatever you want to call them) have controlled this planet for oh… millennia. You’ve heard this before but I’m going to restate it: Do you really think they’re going to leave without putting up a fight? They have NO conscience. If it were up to them, they’d blow this planet up along with all of its inhabitants to make sure nobody gets to enjoy its riches. “If we can’t have it, neither can you!”

So with that in mind and the state of the world today…. Do you really think your money and life in general will be safe if these creeps are still around? You don’t think they’ll have spies or moles who will be monitoring the people going to the redemption centers? Aren’t you in the least bit concerned about being tracked by these malevolents? I’m not trying to make you paranoid or saying it will happen, just that it’s not beyond their scope of M.O. And even if it’s not the DS players doing it… what about all the scammers and hackers out there who have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives than to lie, cheat and steal from others and go as far as committing crimes to get their hands on money? How many lottery winners’ lives have been destroyed, jeopardized or threatened as a result of their newfound wealth? Think of all the low lives that will come crawling out of the woodwork when they even get a whiff of your newfound prosperity.

Let’s say none of that happens and you’re one of those Zim holders with a newly loaded bank account and you start working on those humanitarian projects. Just as an example… let’s say one of your projects is to build housing for the homeless, retired veterans, single mothers or whomever. You don’t think it’s beyond their capacity to “mysteriously” have that neighborhood go up in flames overnight? Afterall, they didn’t hesitate to burn down the town of Paradise in CA destroying over 19,000 homes in 2021, or recently destroying 65+ food plants, or killing millions of chickens, (allegedly) poisoning certain food groups that had to be recalled or shooting down a bunch of Starlink satellites for that matter… and the list goes on and on. Just saying… You don’t think these psychopaths will try to sabotage your benevolent humanitarian efforts just because they can? Even if you’re not involved in any projects and have now bought a new house, fancy car or yacht with your newfound wealth, whatever tickles your fancy … you think people (especially the bad sort) won’t notice? You think you’ll be able to just transition to this new life worry-free as long as they’re around?

So many people are blinded by this fantasy that the RV will solve all their problems. Not if you’re financially irresponsible it won’t. Not if you’re forced to be hyper vigilant and take a plethora of extra measures to ensure your personal safety 24/7. Any amount of wealth but especially the magnitude of wealth that this RV promises, comes with enormous responsibility and judging by the amount of debt so many people are in, it brings up the obvious question. I see so many people’s comments in forums and social media platforms that blatantly betray a complete lack of common sense.

Do you want that money SO badly that you’re willing to walk around in fear, always having to watch your back? Potentially threaten the lives of those you love? Change your address, phone number and friends out of fear that you can’t trust anyone?

I firmly believe that the world needs this RV and NESARA/GESARA (assuming it’s real) because humanity has suffered for far too long and it’s exciting to be at the precipice of such change. However, it cannot happen until people can move forward in safety and all major threats are removed otherwise all of our energies (and money) will be wasted and we’ll be back to square one (or worse, several steps behind). But maybe that’s just me?

If you’re one of those who is facing foreclosure or having to sell all your possessions to make ends meet – ask yourselves: How did I get here? From one who’s been through my share (and then some) of financial struggle, I can only say this: You put yourself in that situation through your choices in life and you must take full responsibility for it. Only then can you be truly free and own your own power. Even if you didn’t put yourself in that position consciously, on a soul level you chose those challenges in your life in order to learn some valuable lessons (which will come in handy at some point even if you don’t see that right now). Unfortunately, we never learn or progress when life is easy. It’s when we experience some sort of crisis and our world falls apart that we make the greatest strides. Getting a scary health diagnosis, a devastating car accident that wakes us up, losing a job/home/loved one, having every door close in your face, facing eviction, and the list goes on. It’s unpleasant to say the least but to reiterate an old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and you can’t move forward in life until you’ve learned those valuable lessons. No matter how unfair it seems.

So before you continue your impatient rant of “are we there yet?” stop and think what kind of world do you want to birth your newfound prosperity and new life into? And are you truly ready for it? A small amount of money will pay your rent or mortgage for a couple of months but a huge amount of money will give you that and possibly more headaches and anxieties than you bargained for if the timing isn’t right. Do you want to have to hire bodyguards to escort you everywhere you go? Some people mentioned that they plan to rent a car and hire a security guard to go to the redemption center with them. Ask yourself: Why is this even necessary?  Short answer: Because the world isn’t a safe place!

Wouldn’t you rather wait until it is?

Simply put, if there are still wars going on, if corrupt leaders are still “in power” (whatever that means these days), if 3-letter agencies are still conspiring with the baddies, if your livelihood is being threatened in any way, shape or form – then the world is NOT ready for the RV. Not saying we have to wait for the world to be perfect but many of the imbalances and traumas have to be dealt with first. That includes taking personal responsibility for your own issues and working through them before the “big day” because this is about the energy of the collective consciousness creating a new world for all of humanity, not just about getting a truckload of cash. The overall balance of energies has to lean towards the positive. What do you think would happen if you put an entire harvest of freshly picked apples into a basket of rotting ones? Would you plant healthy tomato seedlings into soil that is infested with maggots and bugs and expect those plants to survive, let alone bear fruit for you? If you’re broken and hurting inside, do you think that you’re ready to meet your “soul mate” and have a healthy relationship? Unlikely… so why do you think this is any different? There’s a reason why they say timing is everything.

Which brings me to this: what you focus on grows. Waiting around creates more waiting around. Worry and anxiety creates more of the same. Is it any wonder that nothing changes? There’s a reason why we’re stuck. You know that saying? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”. Time to change your focus to something other than waiting around.

All this said – I firmly believe that the RV will happen. I also believe that NESARA/GESARA is real despite any allusion to the contrary. I don’t believe however that it will happen until it’s safe for humanity. Call me an optimistic pragmatist. For those of you who are still miffed and think this is all BS, think back to your own lives. Surely every human being must have at least one event in their life they can refer back to that didn’t happen when they wanted it to and when it finally DID happen, it kind of fell together without too much effort or hassle. Had that ‘thing’ happened sooner, do you really think you would’ve been ready for it then? Emotionally, spiritually, financially, intellectually, etc? Be honest with yourself.  And then there are those ‘things’ that DIDN’T happen despite you wanting them so badly. Now that you look back in retrospect, can you see how that actually worked out in your favor?

There is Divine Intelligence at work in all events in our lives – big or small. I think we can all agree that the sheer magnitude of the historical changes that we are all experiencing is beyond anything that’s happened in millennia. And no, God is not going to come swooping down from the heavens or send his angels to bail us out. We have to do this – each and every one of us has to get their act together otherwise we’ll just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. We all signed up for this life experience which at some level implies that we have the ability to get through this. It’s never fun to be in the middle of a storm but just think how much stronger and wiser we’ll be when this is all over. Yeah it’s frustrating to wait but the best things are worth waiting for (even if only appreciated in retrospect).

So please… use your common sense and try to connect the dots to see the big picture. When you leave this existence, the only thing that will be important will be “what did you do with your life? What did you learn? Who did you help? Did you learn to love and accept yourself?
Did you learn compassion, courage, love? Did you let go of your judgments?” Therein lies your true wealth, not the millions in your bank account. Trust that everything else will come too but don’t make that your reason for living.

Instead of waiting around for that 800 number, find something productive, creative and fulfilling to do with your time. Explore your hobbies. Get those things that you keep putting on the back burner done. Start a journal and spill all your rants into it. Learn a new skill. Get to know your neighbors.  Time flies when you’re doing something you enjoy and if you do that often enough, guess what? That 800 number will be waiting in your email before you know it and you’ll have enriched yourself and your life in some way on your journey to that phone call – and you just might be ready for that cornucopia when that happens.

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I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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