How to manifest

Can a Horse magazine manifest horse ownership? Of course! And MUCH more!

When my son was in like 7th grade, his school was selling magazines as a fund raiser. I ordered one (or perhaps two) horse magazines. We lived in the suburbs, not near any farm, and my son didn’t even know I likes horses. “Mom, why are you ordering these magazines?” he asked in astonishment. I responded that I wanted a horse.

As far fetched as it was, besides being not economically prudent, I ended up with a special horse. A 10 year old Quarter Horse whom I had until she was too old to live a good life and had to be put down. She was my psychotherapist. I went on to learn therapeutic horseback riding, became an instructor and found a horse stable that I was instrumental in turning into a therapeutic horseback riding facility.

Buying the magazine was my first investment in this future. It was a declaration of my INTENTION.

You know the saying: “where intention goes, reality flows.” (Or something similar).

Now I haven’t been blogging much. I do intend to do so more regularly in 2022 so I bought this book called “Tarot for Writers.” I have several Tarot decks and teaching books (years worth). Maybe if I dedicate time to using it for blogging articles, I will learn it. Stay tuned.

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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