First to define the Problem that I am referencing: It is those who do not give EVIL the credit that it deserves. Thus today’s problems are viewed as just ‘ho hum, everyday political drama’. When I believe we are fighting, the LAST battle of many, for the sovereignty of humanity. It maybe showing up as a political dispute but that is just a diversion for us not to look deeper. So many are sitting on the fence and not picking a side in this battle against evil – not seeing any reason to question or do personal due diligence.

Now, something I recently came across is that our DNA was so messed with / compromised, that we do not know our power to even recognize and counter that which intends to enslave us.

The Human Race – Were we not created in the image and likeness to God? Of course, evil doesn’t think that aspect of us fits in their plans. Then we are so naïve that we do not believe in EVIL

The best I can offer is that main street media (MSM) has been the mouth piece of evil’s agenda to mind control the masses. There are not true journalist left on MSM who are calling out truth – they loose their jobs. The rest are bought and paid for. So who am I to be the small voice to offset their propaganda? I need you to be with me to not accept the lies and let it be known.

Time for Humanity to do clean up and BE the HEROs that we are waiting for. Take a stand.

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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