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Per Laura Walker of Laura delivered this message this morning. At her web site she has a sign up for you receive her newsletters.

I have followed her for years. Not that I understand Astrology, but I believe there are great messages there for us.

Today’s (11/10/21) message:

Hello Wise Owls —

The story continues…

From my Space Weather report on PIR:

A fabulous thing happens today. Mercury and Mars are conjunct to begin a new cycle while they are exactly square Saturn. This is a big deal.

This is astro-speak that means what we hold in our minds is combined with our will to manifest a structure. The structure is Second Renaissance or the New Free World.

The wisdom comes from the Sabian symbols, which depict stories of the frequencies of the zodiac. Saturn is currently telling the story called “beautifully gowned wax figures on display.” Superficiality, fake values, and anything that means nothing are described.

In a co-creation with Spirit, we are melting that world — the Old Slave World. The Will of We the People (of Earth) see the New Free World peeking out of the top, as today the Earth is located at “a new continent rising out of the ocean.”

No matter what else happens today, the true and real reason of TODAY is indeed a cause for celebration.

Now let’s go the facts that make this true.

1 – MERCURY CONJUNCT MARS AT 08 SCORPIO – “the Moon shining across a lake.” This is a placid symbol that causes us to reflect. We reflect on memories, which influences our present. How we feel about those memories transfers to how we engage the day. If we are hyper focused on how “now” is never going to be as good as “before,” there are things you need to learn. Primarily, the future is much better than the past ever was. Why? Because we were controlled. That is ending.

If you missed my Monday’s Oracle Report (“Underwater Torches”), this is key to understanding the full picture of what is happening now. Essentially, we have “accessed” underwater torches of light (of consciousness) in the language of the Sabian symbols of astrology.

Mercury and Mars are conjunct, which means that they are starting a new cycle together. They are starting a “New” phase, just like a New Moon in the eight phases of the Moon. It will take them until October 29, 2023 to complete this cycle.

Mercury rules communication, thought processes, and mental energy. Mars rules our will to manifest, physical energy, taking action, and actualization. This is the actualization of thought. What we think about today sets the intention for this cycle through October 29, 2023.

There is one other thing that describes exactly where this is targeted…

2 – SATURN – Mercury and Mars are conjunct and are squaring Saturn to the exact degree. In astrology, for most planets, there is a 3-degree range. This is happening for Mars and Mercury at 08 Scorpio and Saturn at 08 Aquarius. Same number. It means a lot when this happens. It implies the effects will be much more pronounced.

Since this is an aspect with three planets, we have triple the “threat.” The threat is to the nwo. Saturn rules structure. “Satan” is poised to fall like wax figures melting from the “torches” of “underwater currents.” The Old Slave World is falling. Our consciousness is aligned with what is rising…

3 – WE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH – who are aware now while many others are quickly awakening, are watching “a new continent rising out of the ocean.” It has been hard to see. We had to be “underwater” for a long while to see what was emerging. The “underwater torches” that we have been diving for (for a long while), have been brought to consciousness, and are now shining brightly for everyone to see what has come from beneath.

We have been inhabiting this “island” that (links Heaven and Earth) is emerging from underneath since April 11, 2021.

4 – THE EVE – Yesterday, Sunspot 2891 released a M2.02 coronal mass ejection. This sunspot has been active since October 26, 2021, producing several M-class CMEs. The Sabian symbol for the Moon (to ascertain the “message of the CME”) was 24 Capricorn, “a woman entering a convent.” While the CME was flaring, the Moon changed degrees and made exact conjunction with Pluto.

This symbol is about spiritual retreat from the pressures, disenchantment, or superficiality of the old world. On the eve of today, the woman (us) has turned toward contemplating inner thoughts and values THAT FORM THE STRUCTURE OF THE NEW WORLD (Mercury, Mars, Saturn). This is the world that is rising from the underworld (ruled by Pluto).

5- 13 DEATH – In the Sacred Calendar, today is 13 Death or “The Ascension of Transformation.”

The story continues, even when the falling archons want us to quit. The Houston “Satanic devotional ritual using many candles” a la the Earth at the New Moon, “a youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual,” expressed what the archons want. They said “see you on the other side.”

Well, I have been to the other side, and you archons were not there.

As I said, today a fabulous thing happens, no matter what else happens. We see the world of renaissance rising.

Much love —


Share the love.  Transmit this message like the Sun today at 19 Scorpio – “a parrot listening and then repeats a conversation he has overheard.”

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