Dealing with aftermath of Human Trafficking



The first 1/2 of this is Astrological overview for the current times and the meaning of Sabian Symbols that are attached.   Laura was a rape counselor and her advice  regarding this starts in red type a little over 1/2 way through this .  Please review her web sites for more information:  ORACLE REPORT ACADEMY    and   ORACLE REPORT

Laura Walker on Phoenix Rising Radio   2/27/18

The Full Moon on Thursday
The Gale Force of the “New Wind” since the New Moon on February 15
5G – Why Now?
The Minions of the Archons Falling Under the Righteous Force of Second Renaissance
The Passing of Billy Graham
Preparing for Mass Rape Trauma Syndrome of the Fellowship of       Humanity as Secondary Victims of the Global Pedophile Ring

L = Laura

P = Phoenix

L:   Hi Phoenix, I am doing well.  I’m ready for spring and it looks like it’s imminent.   That makes me kind of happy.  In the midst of all these other issues that are going on.

P:  Looking forward to spring too.  Crazy things going on.  We have a lot to touch upon.  What I wanted to talk about is the Cabal and Billy Graham  

L:  OK, listening earlier.  So many of the things you were talking about were in place back on the Full Moon on 2/15 started the cycle and we are almost at the midpoint this week.  One of the questions I have always asked is “WHY NOW?”  used to be prior to 2015 the answer to “WHY NOW?,” meaning why is this in the now.  Before it used to be good timing – better chances of success.  And now, post 2015 and our burgeoning 2nd Renaissance, we see difficult thing happening in the world because now because the cabal has to.   Why are things happening now?   Because they have to.  The time is past for them to have success.  

And so I think now the Sabian Symbols maybe even more giving us a direction.  Because they are so uncanny how it’s unfolded this month.  In fact, we’ve been talking about the Sabian Symbols for a lot of years and I don’t think we’ve seen a month/a cycle where the things that happened were so taylor made.  That’s because there is a plan, a blueprint here that the energetics that were in effect at the new moon provided us opportunity for what we are seeing now.  I spoke in my recording about the full moon that the cycle had a very high potential for a false flag and I said it would be a visual display;  Visual, because the Sabian Symbols were visual.  The other reason I knew that was because of the forensic footprint that I have been tracking/or stalking with the cabal for all these years now.  I know their moves and so I know they plan big operations, or they will take the opportunity for a big operation when the energetics are favorable.  Because who is planning this are at the highest level of the illuminate, who are astrologers.

Before I go into that sad story:   Let’s talk about where Venus was at the New Moon, the Sabian Symbol for its location at 7 Pisces ‘Illuminated by a shaft of light, a cross lays on rocks surrounded by sea and mist.’  This is about the relentlessness of spirit prevailing and Christ Consciousness spreading.  And I think that is what we have seen with the passing of Billy Graham.  When figures, who are larger than life pass, they become even larger than life; it is exponential.    And I think the timing of this is that not all of this is planned.  And I think it is rather kind of lovely that the cycles he passed under is such a strong symbol of hope and for healing, because 7 degree of Pisces makes a sextile to the Kyron Point; which is wounding and healing.  And so, from his life, as an astrologer, I would say that a great healing and teaching took place.  All of that work will now spread like wild-fire, the spirit of that.

P:  There are interesting things about Billy Graham.  He was born in 1918,  he was 99.  9 being the number of completion.  Traveled into 185 countries and territories.  Calculation are that he spoke to

220 million people.   He is lying in honor Feb 28 thru March 1, which is the Full Moon.  Only 4th citizen to lay in honor at the US Rotunda.   Believe his passing marks the beginning of a new age.  Very energetic, very spiritual. When we had the death of Princess Di, something happened shortly after that Mother Teresa passed away the day after.  And Mother Teresa’s death was overshadowed totally by the death of Princess Di.  Which was very then because she was a very humble person.  In the same way, Billy Graham is a very humble person will be on display and buried in a plywood coffin built by the inmates at the NC penitentiary.  With the tragedy with the school shooting, it is totally overshadowing this.

L:  Yes, and the only real way I know to begin to address this is thru the Sabian Symbol of the New Moon.  And any time we are talking about New Moon; remember that is the Sun, Moon and the Earth involved with that.  The Sabian Symbol for this cycle was ‘a tree felled and sawed for a supply of wood for the winter.’  And this is about I talked about the sacrifices and really it’s been a sacrifice on the tree of life, and the tree of liberty.  And the Sabian Symbol is with the purge.  I believe we have the intelligent sources at the terrestrial level, we have all of these ‘white hats’ if you will, some self-proclaimed ‘white hats,’ who are coming out to discuss and reveal the intelligence they have.  But like we said, it is an informational war.  Certainly the cabal has launched their little attack there with the purge.  Certainly signals they’re going on the end game scenario.  But at a higher level, we have intelligent sources as well.  And the language that goes on with that, some would call occultic or even satanic; any kind of esoteric knowledge. To me what it is ultimately is a method in the language of communication. Because the 99, he was 99 years old and in the most ancient numerology 9 is the lord of light.  9 = light , double light.  And I believe that when difficult things are getting ready to happen within the collective consciousness of humanity that great people pass.  And in some metaphysical way it keeps a balance where higher forces of light intervene and direct the process, otherwise we would have subcomed to the archonic influence thousands and thousands of years ago.

Laura agrees (with Phoenix) and we are in the Aquarius cycle, suspect that when we look back in history we will note that this midpoint/time period that I have been talking about, 2015 to 2020.  That this cycle shifted it.  In the Solken and Mayan Sacred calendar this cycle began on the day 1 Wind.  And that’s new wind, it’s the beginning.   So many Greats have passed since that eclipse (last Aug21st) and I had been talking about how people would be passing. Musician, just people who have had very distinct effects on people’s hearts, that people loved.  It’s a different thing as we are used to having certain people around, and he was 99.  So when people have a great love for people who are not around then it is a New World, a New Wind in that way.

P:   Billy Graham died on the Hebrew date of 7 of OBB which is attributed to the death of Moses. He was leading the people of Israel up the Jordan to where they would cross into the Promised Land. After Moses passed then they crossed the waters.

L:  It’s almost like we at the point now where the data and the way things are happening are irrefutable.   What are the odds that all these various pieces?  No, it is not coincidental, it is happening. And then the illuminate use it to their advantage. Why again?  Because they have to.  Because their time is running out.  Because that level of conscience, that low level control system, archonically dominated mind, cannot sustain within the energetics that the Sun and the Cosmic Winds are raining down upon us.  You can interpret that in Spiritual ways, meteorological ways, geological ways; it is all of it .  It is just so fascinating how if we are paying attention, and we notice the synchronicities and the repeats and the patterns; it’s there for us to see.  This is part of the awakening is that we get smarter.  We’re ascending in levels in Light, levels in consciousness, and in levels of information.   Can certainly take on much greater levels of information, masses of information now.  And when you can combine it and you can see.

I had messages start personal, spiritual messages beginning yesterday about.  Have to pay attention, lots of things happening, I won’t sleep and I didn’t sleep last night.  This morning when you (Phoenix) had said if I could come on tonight, within 30 minutes there were a series of synchronicities all around 4 different themes.   And so, it was clear that it was important for me to go on and talk about what it was I was supposed to talk about.  In the process of that in the course of the day, a lot of unfortunate things happened.  And that’s because we’re in a spiritual war.  And we need to understand that.

So let me go into the Sabian Symbol for the Earth. As I mentioned, it’s the Sun, Moon, and Earth that we are looking at.  Then when we will look at the New Moon we look to the Full Moon.  And then we look to the next New Moon because they are all linking.   And like you (Phoenix) said the Total Solar Eclipse/ Great American Solar Eclipse was the beginning.  And then all the little tic marks we can check since then.

The Earth was located at the Sabian Symbol for 28 Leo ‘Many little birds on the limb of a tree’ and that’s about chatter and we the people.  I talked about this being the second part of last month with the theme of ‘A large Aviary’   when we the people really started organizing.  And so that happened and so the counter to that is cabal/archon/illuminate ultimately in control, they have to counter, they have to do something.  They have made distinct moves and shown where they are going with this.  And this is happening rapidly.  The purge.  So we can see that with the many little birds – the chatter trying to be purged.

Going through these, when I do them at the beginning of the month, I naturally look at the opportunities that ensue from these energetics.  And remember these are harmonics; these are effects on gravity, effects on electro-magnetics; very complex. Just multi-leveled what it is, on why and how this works. Why these things are always the case.  But this time, as I was looking back at all of them,  it’s just like you can see how the illuminate just twisted all these energetics to go to the total negative polarity.   So, ‘many little birds on the limb of the tree,’ again cutting down the ‘tree felled and sawed.’  Cutting down the tree of Liberty, that is what they are doing.  There coming for freedom of speech, and the Second Amendment – The Right to Bear Arms.    

This is a test.  Mercury was located at ‘a mechanic testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer.’  And they are just floating the balloon to see what is gonna happen.   What the awakened populace does.

We mentioned Venus.  About the ‘illumination of a shaft of light showing the cross.’

Mars was at 13 Sagittarius at the New Moon; ‘a widow’s past is brought to light.’  This was scrutiny, grief, revelation, things that are due.  What we see from this is what Mueller’s indictments were really nothing.  Come to nothing.  The truth brought to light.  The cabal showing out with their moves.  Showing they are fully engaged in a full out assault of liberty.

The Black Moon was at ‘pheasants display their beautiful color on a private estate’.   That’s a visual display that is coming out of corners.  They are coming out of hiding.  The Black Moon is going to be conjunction with Pluto between May 12 and May 21.  So mark your calendars because this is going to be a tremendous time of change and revolution.  They will square the Aries Point, both of those Planets at that time.  And that is full on revolution.   Complete underworld and rebirth energy.   The newness. So really it is going to bring tremendous amount of light and transformation. But they will use that opportunity, because that is a powerful combination.

It’s also happening individually with people like projecting things.  When the moon is going into Cancer or Capricorn; until that time, because that’s the signs we’re dealing with with this conjunction, people are having a hard time.  So that was Sunday and Monday of this week (2/25 & 2/26).   Was a little crazy.  Not that today wasn’t but it was a little different.  Want to watch when the moon is in Cancer and Capricorn for the next few months.

Jupiter was located at ‘a rabbit metamorphosed into a fairy.’   The rabbit is a symbol of fertility.  The twisting has been the neutering, in the neutralization.  Again the purge.

Kyron, 27 Pices, ‘a harvest moon illuminates the sky.’  Means we are going to pay close attention to this Full Moon.  Which I’ll go into full depth with it.  But it is just a sign that is telling us pay attention to the Full Moon. We had the word illuminate is present in 2 symbols this month.  Shinning / showing out.

Neptune at ‘a lady wrapped in fox fur.’   This is all about security.   It always brings out themes of security.  Perfect time to insert a false flag.  Everyone is afraid.  And people who have children in public schools are afraid.  Because they put themselves in that situation, what would it be like?

The big one; the North Node: ‘a pageant moving along the street packed with people.’  Again that is displays.  Just to bring it all into a big light.



P:  Introduction after the break.

L:    Now we come to the Full Moon on Thursday (3/1/2018)in US (enters at 7:50 PM if anyone is interested). The Full Moon occurs at 12 Virgo ‘a bride with her veil snatched away’.  This is always about quick moves and you must act, there is no time for a choice, have to take a leap.  Often means the truth being revealed or the true self being revealed again.  Symbols, so many symbols, about the truth being revealed.  This is about bringing down barriers, proving ourselves, and letting our true self come forward.  That part is revealed.

P:  Inspector General’s report due out sometime in March and supposed to be exposing massive amounts of corruption, misconduct within the Dept of Justice, the FBI included.  Director of Home Land Security is releasing a report they worked on all year that had to do with the potential for voter fraud.  They went to 22 counties around the US and potentially 6 Senators that were elected there are going to be exposed disputes of false votes and fraud.  One of those counties may be Broward County.

L:  It is so interesting because the Sabian Symbol for the Pisces New Moon which starts March 17 is ‘a fertile garden under a full moon.’  Now this is the last month, the last cycle of the Solar Lunar Year, so the astrological year, the natural year.  So that means the last opportunity of the energetic of ‘a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the East Wind.’  The mind blowing things that have developed to all of us, me too, like everything has gone mind blowing.  The behavior, absolutely strange and criminal behavior, the weirdness of the end times here, the apocalypse.  Because this is so much about full light, ‘the garden under the full moon,’ and we just had all these symbols currently about illumination, remember that was in there 2 times.  And then at the New Moon; Mars at ‘the widow’s past comes to light’ and now at the Full Moon ‘the bride has her veil snatched away.’ So distinctively feminine, a widow and bride dealing with commitments and oaths and secrets.  The problem arises, the way we have problems in our lives with these energies, much less in the global or national spheres;  is our inflexibility, our inability to change or the desire to change because we don’t like it.  We are kind of traumatized.  So commitment issues and committing to something, getting on the right side of something, perhaps.  And being willing to change, because the bride’s veil snatched away says you have to act now, ok you are exposed.  We adapt and change fluidly as necessary, that’s what we need to remember.  It’s not that we can or will.  We DO. We DO it.  All Humans can, we are resilient.  It’s really important, that note – adapting to change and fluidly doing so when things are upon us.

The Aries cycle which begins on April 15th   that month beginning April 15 is a Cardinal Cycle.  We always have big shifts.  So for the last 6 weeks of this astrological year, it would be mind blowing.  It would not surprise me one bit if we get big news or it comes out in a much greater way about the pedophile ring,  because it is the mind blowing thing.   We begin in April with ‘through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.’  Almost like some things need to come out. We need to be aware of that and prepared.  OK, we understand that this Full Moon starting Thursday is quick, quick moves; things being snatched, taken, stealing.   You might have to act quickly with something.

At the Full Moon the Sun and Neptune will be conjunct and will either make things very clear or very murky and hard to see.  And it’s all this Pisces energy as you mentioned.  Water energy.

The Sun is at a ‘sword used in many battles in a museum’  and we have talked about this so many times over the last 2 years because Pluto has been toddling back and forth with that degree/symbol/energetic.

Neptune in Astrology represents spirituality and our connection to Spirit and so ‘sword used in many battles’  is about will and willpower and rightness.  And that’s where the Sun is.  Neptune at the ‘Lady in fox fur,’ again a lady, wrapped up/security, disguise removed. True selves are identified.  We want to focus on this positive polarity; allowing our true selves to shine thru and allowing us to guide us.  Like I was talking about all those synchronicities that were showing me things that I needed to do. That’s very Neptunian.

P:  As above, so below. How energetics above will manifest here.  Full Moons are completion. This Full Moon that is an unveiling of something that begins in action.  Which is counter Full Moon, more like New Moon.

L:    Now it is completely laid out that looks like a map of stragity that needs to be followed.  And we’re lucky enough to understand how this will unfold.  Which will provide some structure because these energetics and all of this change and all of these things coming to light really rock the field.  The information field and rock us, as people, with our bodies and all the different fields of our bodies.  To have something to have a higher understanding of it because obviously we do not engage in it at this level; we go to a higher level.  I was thinking today about 2001 a Space Odyssey.  That movie is Stanley Cooper, what a genius.  As smart as that AI got, Hal IBM, Dave wins in the end.

But I think it is important to have some grounding.  This isn’t chaos.  Because the illuminate want us to believe that it is chaos. They want to create the order out of the chaos that they are inflicting on us.  We are all in this together.  It’s pretty evident by the Sabian Symbols the’ little birds on the tree limb and in the large aviary.’   It is the 5%, I think we are going to have more than the 5% that the Colonies had that won the American Revolution, won the battle for Liberty.  I think we are over 5% at this point.  Certainly this month has been, and last month, this ‘Q’ phenomenon, whatever it is, has awoken a lot of people.  I have heard stories of people gathering before work to be decoding.  It’s quite interesting.

Kyron at the Full Moon is still at ‘a fertile garden under a Full Moon.’  Light.  Light.  Light.  Full Moons bring the fullest light.

At the Full Moon on Thursday, Mars is at a very tight trine to the Aries Point.  So Mars and Aries are twins; brothers and sisters of the battlefield.   The Sabian Symbol where this is happening where Mars is ‘a child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses’ would be a potential to misread or misunderstand things. We want to be careful that if there is another false flag, and it is a false flag on the Eve of, because how many times have we talked about it, Phoenix.   We talk about the potential for a false flag and it’s the Eve of.  It was the Eve of the New Moon when this one took place in Florida.   Don’t have any kind of knee jerk reaction to things or any revelations that are coming out.  You want to look twice to double check things, sources and all that kind of thing.  Because there is going to be a lot of things floated to misdirect any opposition to the purge, to make it look like, you know, people spouting fake news, apparently.

Jupiter comes to 24 Scorpio which is ‘crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.’  Do you remember that from last summer, I guess the 2016 summer.   The control of the narrative that is not getting attention because everything is on the students in Florida.   And this was also with Trump.  Trump was working fabulously during the election under that Sabian Symbol.

Black Moon will be at ‘a fire worshiper meditates on the ultimate reality of existence. ‘ This is about what is truth, what is true.  From what I understand the psyche, the consciousness of humanity, the fellowship, as I like to call it, is getting ready to face something in a big way.  This has been coming for a long time.  It’s been trickling out since 9/11 how the most horrible things about the child trafficking and the abuse ritual and the rings and how that’s so tied into dominate forces in government.  The sky is really the limit on how far that can go.  And I think so much of that Qanon stuff has been a priming, trying to get people ready to take that on board.

Just to say, what is this Full Moon going to be about?  If you’ve been working with the Sabian Symbols for awhile, you get used to them or you make friends with them.   But when hearing a bunch of them it becomes gibberish, just becomes a jumble.  The gestalt of this is adapt and change fluidly.  When the opportunity presents itself, and when something needs to be done and you know you need to do it – you’re being called upon.   And I’ll add:  me, myself, has been called back up to active duty now.  So I will be back on Oracle Report.  It may be in a different form, I am going to use my imagination.  But, we got to get busy here.

Sabian Symbols are repeating patterns over and over again and so what it does, it allows us to over-ride the program.  We don’t have to be at the mercy of these things because we are sovereign and so it’s good to know what we know.   What kind of weather you have for the day.   There is nothing I hate worse than people being tricked.  I think I had told you my dislike of magicians.  I don’t like the tricks, I can’t even have fun with it, because I have such a problem with tricks.  It isn’t that the Sabian Symbols are a trick, they are archetypical Being in and of themselves.   Probably it is just a language and so during the day ‘the bride with her veil snatched away’   you notice something about a bride and what happened.  It is one way the information field can communicate with us.  Communicate with something higher than ourselves.   And if you are a picture/word person, these are very nice.  All fine and nice.  But what we know, irrefutable, in my opinion at this point, the illuminate operate on a program, a blueprint, of the Sabian Symbols and the planets, and aspects between planets.  It’s not that hard to determine, if you study it for a while, because the patterns always emerge.  That’s what this is really all about.

Now we have talked so much about ‘a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the East Wind.’  If you knew the Sun was at that location that day; you might know you are in for something rather mind blowing.  Having that foreknowledge, that intel, you may respond differently; and not be reactionary.  That’s the danger here, the reaction.  What’s our reaction going to be, what is our response to all of the purge.  To me they are just going for it now, they are signaling we are coming for you.  We will shut down anyone who is drawing attention and garnering support, listeners and followers, anything that is  outside of this.  The reason is because they are in denial.

The illuminate, they are mad, they are insane.  They cannot distinguish reality.  They don’t understand.  They only understand that they are losing control.   Their liberty, their fortunes all could be gone in the blink of an eye, really.  So they make quick moves, quick, stealthy, rather giant, 9/11 type moves, shootings at a school, killing so many people; this is the shock and awe.   They understand how the maneillean mind works.   They understand that the true nature of humanity is not evil.  This discussion over good and evil, and that man has an evil nature; I don’t buy that a bit.  We are not that way.  The archonic influence has introduced evil, that is the responsibility of evil.  It is not our nature.  I dispute that heavily.

P:  Children are born innocent and loving.

L:   When evil is demonstrated, this is what breaks the hearts of humans, because they are sweet hearted generally.  And this is what we are preparing to deal with that on a more massive scale about what has been done to children.  Not just children, adults too.  Trafficking; there is no age limit on it, although people don’t last very long when they are forced into that slavery.

When we come back (after break) maybe we can talk a little bit about how that might look like,  how we can handle that and how we can help other people with that.

P:  And we will have to deal with this.  To help others and ourselves.

L:  Yes, and the time is now.


P:  Laura, we have a pretty good idea about what is going down with this Full Moon.  But the other side of this and where it all leads.

L:  It is all leading and the next 6 weeks , months too,  it is going to take a little time for it to unravel when it does start to break  the levee there, with the truth of it all. And we are finally going to be ending this condition under which we been living.

Child trafficking is an assault on all of us.  It was identified early on with the study of trauma victims, particularly rape victims.  When we talk about sex trafficking, that is what we are talking about.  This happens to have a commercial component with it. It was discovered that the loved ones of the victims (rape victims) often times went through the same stages in the aftermath of sexual assault that primary victim (the victim of the crime) went through.  In the criminal justice world, the primary victim is identified but the loved ones of the victim are also considered victims, secondary victims.

So as the story, as the horror and the nightmare of child trafficking comes out.  And beyond that even, even beyond belief, there is cannibalism involved in this when we go down to it.  And that will have an effect on the mass psyche of humanity.  And so because, as I said we are sweet hearted creatures, and we have empathy, if not archonically possessed, we are like the loved ones of the children.  And it’s all of the children, it is our children, and the empathy we have as humans.   So we are, in mass, kind of like secondary victims and can have triggers of trauma after we hear.  Because hearing about this is traumatic.  Understand that we are all kind of going to be like in this secondary victim mode.  And we might have certain reactions to it.  Because it’s out, it’s everywhere, or people are talking about it.

You may find as the news unfolds that you feel tremendous grief that’s expressed in your personal life.  So it’s a collective issue that we are expressing personally.  A lot of people have been sexually abused or assaulted in their lives, the numbers are utterly staggering, and trauma triggers trauma.  So when someone has a trauma, if they have had traumas in the past, it usually will bring that to the forefront.

Even unknowingly, trauma is very tricky, it hides out, you have to stalk that in addition to that. We find ourselves in a precarious position, a dangerous position, of getting locked in a loop of how we have been personally victimized in our lives.  Now anything that is related to any kind of sexual abuse, trauma  issues, or anything, it will press up victimization.  This is because it is such a powerless thing.  We feel powerless to be able to do anything, it is so mind boggling to even wrap your mind around.  How it could even happen; we get stuck.  We can get stuck there and wandering, wallow and woe that we get into victim mode, or disempowerment.  This is the key point, because this is the point of power, that moment.  The tattles for change enters, it’s the point of all points and it’s the way of trauma.  Trauma catalyzes change.  Again, adapting to change.

Next year Uranus is conjunct the New Moon in Aries, that means the whole year we will be adapting to change.  ‘Through imagination, lost opportunities are regained.’    Changes.  It’s more important than ever before to adapt to changes.  Understand that we may be begin to have a secondary victim kind of experience, some more than others.

The most important part; the most effective tool with this is education.  I know this because I did this for so many years.  I guess it has now afforded me to share with more people what my experience was with that.  I have talked about this before.  I worked in the rape crisis field for many years, much longer that most people.  I am naturally suited to that based on my astrology and my own personal astrology.  And so I have a little bit more stamina with it.  If we know how it goes, that is how we rise above it.  And this is how we treat victims of rape.  Not widely understood is how that actually works.  In the 80’s and 90’s if you were sexually assaulted, you could probably find some kind of clinical intervention; a therapist, psychotherapist or a psychiatrist.  But that’s not the case.  That started changing and the graduate programs stopped teaching about trauma as part of the core curriculum, it was only a specialty. And I saw this because I was supervising graduate interns who were going into becoming therapist.  And so the rape crisis movement developed in the 70’s;  I believe it was orchestrated in large measure, and we are seeing now the fruits of where that has come, that feminist movement and how that twist of something  that started as something very beautiful, because it is based on a peer to peer model , there is no hierarchy involved.  So it was straight, relating from person to person, whereas in the therapeutic relationship is a little bit of a different relationship ;  so you have a lot more leeway in what to discuss.  And how it is handled.

The interesting thing here is that the criminal justice system basically subsumed the rape crisis movement.  It was part of the women’s movement which we know was staged to such a large measure.  Now the reason for it to come under the criminal justice system because it can be controlled.  And you put it in a non-profit, 501(C)3, can’t talk about the government, can’t talk about politicians, you can’t voice any political opinion.  You’re a captive group of people there; not able to be totally free.  So the funding for these agencies, that were again part of the deep state Department of Justice, funds being dispersed thru the Violence Against Women Act and the Victims of Crime Act.  Federal money is filtered down to the states to barely keep, on a shoestring, rape crisis centers.  There are very few left now.  The crunch within the economy over non-profits ,  they have been merged into municipal government or  gone the way of the dinosaur.  It’s a sad thing in a way because it’s such a specialty that people begin to understand how to work with this, how to actually treat people that were having it, how to help them to get past it.  And so, it’s just very interesting to me how the whole movement has been manipulated.  Certain views are not tolerated.  It can be very anti-male, it can be very anti-female.  There were a lot of things that I had prejudice from my peers about, with it.  But, therapist and other clinicians would call us to have to ask us how they could help their patients.  What my point in all this is saying is that the information that has been distilled down about this through the educational, psycho-educational purpose, to help people understand the stages of the symptoms and what they will go through.  Because when you understand what is happening, it is a whole thing that is going on with your brain as well as your body and your feelings, you can rise above it.

With that long intro, keeping  in mind that I am saying this because you may have no personal knowledge of anyone involved in human trafficking,  but you may have had a trauma yourself and so when this big trauma comes out it may retrigger your own trauma.  Let’s  refresh on how we do that and relate it into what is called Rape Trauma Syndrome.   Yet it’s an offshoot of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder but it is really treated more as a syndrome, because the model is based on the assumption that people can heal from this.  And I can attest that people heal from this and they often go on to function in life in grander ways than before the assault happened.   That’s the rule; really the silver lining of this but no one ever believes is that people are often better afterward.   Just not new.

STAGES:  There are four of them.

ANTICIPATORY STAGE:  This was added on.   Originally rape trauma was laid out in the 1970, then in the 80’s it had modification.  I’m not a DSM (Diagnostic Statical Manual) person.  I’m familiar with it, had to use it obviously, but I am much more of a care center approach.   ANTICIPATORY PHASE  is when victim, the secondary victim,  feels like there is a danger; something is getting ready to happen.  That is kind of where we are now – we’re sensing ok this is starting to trickle out in a different way now and in wider sources.   We feel this.

STAGE I:  When assault is occurring or when it is happening – the whole thing is coming out and people go into FIGHT, FLIGHT, or FREEZE.  So when it starts to come out you might not notice it, but you might start exhibiting certain behaviors where in you are under a FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE kind of mechanism.

STAGE II:  ACUTE PHASE:  This is when physical symptoms emerge.  Immediately in the aftermath, it is a shock. People can become physically sick; headache, pains – back or stomach, sleep difficulties, insomnia, just a real hyper vigilance of the body (all the adrenalins are excited with this).  Physical symptoms happen.  This Is based because this is basically a threat, potential  for threat of bodily harm.  Someone is going into shock because they are going into a dangerous situation.

STAGE III:   After that Acute Phase and the immediate aftermath one goes into Reconstitution or an attempt to organize. Will try to process the event and what is happening.  There are 3 phases under this stage.

1st is Denial, and a Blocking or Minimizing.  So people tend as this comes out they will deny it, thy just won’t take it on board.   It will be Cognitive Dissonance for them or don’t pay attention at all.

2nd thing to come about is Symptomology.  This is where chronic issues are starting to develop.  Can last years for some people; especially if they aren’t given the sort of education early on. The body is under such stress and hyper-vigilant state that it begins to kind of break down and suffer with the immune system too.

3rd stage of that is all of the Feelings.  The anger , hopelessness, shame, depression,  loss, guilt, substance abuse, phobias,  wanting to stay inside (just hide), turning the anger inward (suicide),  thinking about the nature of evil, and becoming overwhelmed by this.  This is that netherland, where I was talking about we can get into this victim mentality, like this is such a big problem, how will we ever fix this.  First of all – how could it have ever happened?   With sexual assault victims that is their hardest thing; how could this happen; how could someone do this?  Should add, by the way, no sexual assault discussion is complete without discussing why it is not a quote ‘sex crime’:  Sex is really just the weapon that is used, it is really the most intimate or the strongest way or most invasive way to take power from somebody.  Because somebody is feeling so powerless and out of control.  That sort of attack at that level is really to the level of the soul, extracts a great deal of power from a person.  Not really, but in the mind of that criminal.

STAGE IV:   Reorganization, Integration, and Resolution.  This is when people can begin to integrate what has happen to them, they can regain  their boundary, rise above it, and seeing  and gaining strength from what they have come through.  It was always amazing to me to see how strong people were after that.  No one should have to go through that.  But people are resilient and it often brings them into a great experience of life and they go on to do really amazing things or they go into helping other people.  That’s the message though.  People can heal from this.

Don’t believe that these children are going to be ruined for life.  It is just not the case.  It isn’t easy.   And child trafficking is different in a lot of ways than sexual assault.  There are a lot of other things involved in it.  But it has the potential, we know this, it is this achilles heel – is our children. To think that we really can’t really predict how long it is going to take for it to ripple and for something to really happen.   But it will, because the truth is coming out.  This is why, why now, why they are doing all of this now.

This is why 5G is now.  We are conditioned to believe that discoveries or advances in technology happen in this linear type of way.  Oh, we discover it, do our product research and then we release it. NO.  5G has been around for a very long time.  Why now though?  Why are they introducing it now?  Because they have to.  Because that’s the level where they are being forced to control our beautiful minds.  It is the last frontier.  It is not going to work, all of this that they have been doing is not going to work.  They have been pumping in all of this ‘oh, we have to save the children’.   You know the guns, all about the children.  But what’s going to happen is that it’s going to blow back, it will boomerang back on them.  They have sacrificed children.  And have, it’s unconscionable.  What will it do?  Blow back on them because they are the ones who have built this all up, but they are the perpetrators of children.  So everything that they are doing now.   That is why I say they are just insane.   They don’t understand. They have lost grip of reality and they have really forgotten laws of physics of cause and effect in terms of action.  Consequences to this.  And so you are going to push this out?  You’re going to try to saw down the tree of liberty?  The tree of life?  Life will blow back on them.  We have to remember this because it is going to get very hard.  And not lose hope or feel such tremendous grief.   And fall back into our poor hearts of where our hearts have been broken.  This presses in on that again.  That’s the sad thing about trauma, it triggers other trauma.

I hope that knowing how this goes and what you could experience:  You might go into denial.  You might have symptoms.  You might start having some chronic stomach problems.  An emphatic person especially, you really pick up on others feelings, you need to be aware of this and start preparing.

The most important thing and biggest message I have to deliver:  The issue will be handled at a higher level of consciousness.  It is our job to do it; to prosecute, to handle it, the largeness of it all, the over-whelming of the psyche with it, can get to be too much.  If it gets to be too much for you, turn it over.  Pray to the Higher Power.  However you envision that, that is the saving grace that I have found.   And many rape victims found, they found that it was a spiritual core or root that helped them get through and not get lost in the land of hopelessness.

So over the next 6 weeks as I believe we will see more and more of this coming out, because it’s a clash coming up, Phoenix.  It’s like the 2 sides are just coming to a head.

P:  Podesta just posted on Twitter that Jarod Kushner better wear Kevlar on his back.

L:   They are going for it, they don’t even care.  They have no idea what they are doing, but we do.

How about some tips.  Tips are like things we kind of already know.  But the way that the archonic interference works in the non-local field, the easiest things to do or the most important  things that we need to do are the things that we fall off track with.  So by knowing that that we are drawn off our own course by these little things.  Maybe by just saying, reiterating, repeating  for the millionth time what everybody knows.  Maybe it’s a good way to close out.

So my tips are:

Go outside.  Go outside into nature and be at one.  Look at it. Enjoy it.  It is beautiful. Take in whatever weather you have.  It’s going to ground you, it’s sanity.  Sanity is found in nature.  Because this is insanity.  Podesta, can we believe that this is where we’re at!  When all the religions talk about the end times; the Kalaluga, Revelations, all of this, it is happening.  It’s all here.  So go outside, it’s your immediate go to.

Drinking clean water.  Making sure you are drinking water.  How many of us when a lot of things start  happening or a lot of things are thrown our way.  Especially if we are out there, kind of out on branches doing dances,  we let these things go.  I am guilty of it.  Drinking clean water.

Resting your body.

Moving your body.   You might have the Sun, Black Moon, or Kyron in Capricorn or Cancer and you don’t want to move.  You just want to go get in bed.  Mars energy is in effect again like I talked about with Mars being in tight trine to Aries Point.   Move the body.  Mars is active.  If you’re having anxiety or sleeplessness, or whatever, try that.  Stretch, move your body, take a walk.

Talk to someone about it.  Expressing anger appropriately, this is what happens; we project.  Things upset us, we really don’t know what is happening, we don’t know if something has triggered us and we project it on.

Be kind to others.  Be kind to ourselves.

Give yourself some space and some time to process stuff that comes up.  You don’t need to listen to all the details.  You don’t need to fixate and watch everything.  Know what is going on, know what’s happened, and deal with it.  There is no reason to go into deep levels of details of what is happening. If you feel like you can go there and do that, that’s fine.   Some people do it. Some people can.

Remember, healing occurs.  People are restored.  I have seen it over and over, and over again.

And the last thing:  Praying.  If it gets to be too much, turn it over.   This is something that is a collaborative effort to get all this stuff right:  Because it is multi-levels of consciousness.

I didn’t get to talk a lot about 5G and all of that. My point with it is: it is not new, it is not newly discovered.  It is being newly utilized again, because they have to.   Because now we are in frequency and information war.  That’s the final frontier for them.  We know, based on their erratic moves and  their stories that can just not hold up any more.  The only thing keeping all that back is the censorship and fear for people if they say anything – what happened in Parkland and this, and this.  They get shut down.  That is where we have to move past.

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I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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