DISPELLING WETIKO Breaking the Curse of Evil by Paul Levy

Yesterday I finished the Book after 3 months! ! ! ! ! The first 11 chapters are describing the insidiousness of wetiko. What I would highlight as important are:

1) Acknowledge the existence of wetiko. You can call it by other names, but it is in our unconsciousness to be brought to consciousness so we can acknowledge it (shine the light on it), deny it as part of our Self, and rise above it’s call of fear and or control. Easier said than done. But call it out! Name it! Denying it’s existence keeps it in the dark and able to grow itself. Myself; if I have a thought that flies into my consciousness that I do not like, I acknowledge it, call it out as not being my thought, and in that way I have shined the light on wetiko that dispels it from my mind.

2) Try to avoid dealing with and feeding Big Banking (whole chapter 13 dedicated to that evil aspect of wetiko’s power). “The power structure in a wetikonized society is inherently fiscal instead of political, which is why political change doesn’t result in economic change. It is the banks that control the government, not the other way around.” Pg 234.  I moved my financial assets to a Credit Union. What little I have is not in the hands of big banks.

3) “Supporting our perceptions as having validity can be a vital phase in our healing.” “As some of us at certain points in our lives have had our perceptions marginalized and negated.” page 249.   This healing is what would help us identify wetiko and shine the light on it.  This idea of validating myself has increased my sharing the information that I find beneficial.

4)“Establish a genuine relationship with the living creative Spirit and deepen our connection with our soul, is fundamental for our health, vitality, and wholeness. To connect with our true nature, we don’t need any person or institution outside of ourselves to mediate the holy and whole-making spirit for us, as we discover that we can cultivate an intimate relationship with spirit that is based on our living experience.” pg 224.  I have this blog site in an attempt to address this.

“Wetiko is not only recognized to be a manifestation of our true nature, but actually evokes it. Once again we are at the mysterious place where the opposites become indistinguishable: is wetiko a disease of the soul that is getting in the way of our fully realizing who we are or is it an initiation into the very true nature that it is apparently obscuring?” pg 256   In my words;  wetiko is here for us to overcome and increase our power instead of stagnate.  Is it going to be our undoing,  or our evolution?

All quotes are form Paul Levy’s book Dispelling Wetiko Breaking the Curse of Evil on the pages indicated.

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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    This post is priceless. How can I find out more?


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    Fabulous, what a web site it is! This blog presents valuable facts to us,
    keep it up.


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