Is “seeking approval” keeping me from blogging more frequently?

IMG_0200Seeking approval (idea from Laura Walker 3/28/17’s Oracle Report) or dodging criticism? Let us put this picuter level.  Maybe one and the same? If I cannot feel comfortable expressing myself for fear of criticism, then it must mean I am only comfortable doing what will be favorable? Therefore am I not seeking approval? So let me begin to stick my neck out and express myself whether or not those who hear me do so favorably.

2012 seemed not to have happened. But those who read energy, express that the changes started.  Now, I do not consider myself psychic; however, Sonia Choquette, states that the word psychic means “of the soul.” She goes on to say “What is the pathway of the soul? It is the pathway of life lived with the belief and understanding that you are a soul, and that spiritual growth is your primary purpose.” (From THE PSYCHIC PATHWAY page 7.) Within that definition I am a psychic in progress.

I know I am a spirit having a human experience. I do have some knowings, just observations of feelings uncalled for and not describable by observable data. I often have a hard time expressing myself, more so verbally than on paper, because I do not have objective proof of what I call feelings (as opposed to documented knowledge). But I consider my feelings as knowledge. So my fear of criticism is that I am asked to justify my feelings/knowledge with objective facts which I cannot. I used to think it was just that my memory banks did not store the facts and my brain wasn’t functioning properly so that I could not justify my feelings/knowledge.  I do know that I describe myself as one who generalizes information I perceive; however on reflection, I am one who get feelings from objective material.

Cliff High at half past human researches the internet with a program he describes as: “Predictive Linguistics works to predict future language about (perhaps) future events, due to the nature of humans. It is my operating assumption that all humans are psychic, though the vast majority do nothing to cultivate it as a skill, and are likely unaware of it within themselves. In spite of this, universe and human nature has it that they ‘leak’ prescient information out continuously in their choice of language. My software processing collects these leaks and aggregates them against a model of a timeline.” (I put one sentence in bold text).  I spend a great deal of my time (maybe too much) trying to see where humanity is on the evolutionary scale. Usually by following alternative media. I garner information and it gels together and leads me to feelings.

My posts pretty much center around these feelings of mine. I plan to acknowledge and honor them; improving myself and be more active in expressing my feelings/knowings on this blog.

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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