Why I pay attention to alternative media

The good

The bad

The absurd

The ridiculous

The speculation

Main Stream Media (MSM) is what’s on your TV for the most part.  I do not consider that to be my window to the world.  Humanity, over eons of time, has wished for more than servitude.  Most of us have employment in servitude situations:  Slaves working to feed the consumerism machine, or just to put scraps of food on the table.   In the world today there is lack of water and sanitary conditions (let alone food and shelter).  We in the USA, for the most part, can’t relate and keep it out of our sphere of reality.

So, I beg to argue, isn’t humanity capable/deserving of being individually and collectively complete and whole mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally? Can’t our planet offer all of us equally a substantial life experience?   I believe yes!  But for some power and control structure that keeps us like mushrooms   … You know; “kept in the dark and fed shit.”  How easily to control a population without their awareness!  I say, “No,” to the concept of the “have” and “have nots”!

On alternative media there is the good, the bad, the absurd, the ridiculous, the speculation.   However, there are roses of hope, flicking lights of awareness, in the thorns of material:  Regarding better health, clean renewable energy,  prosperity and peace.  Awareness of heroes who have been persecuted to bring us the awareness of alternatives and injustices.

I dream of the day when the awakened populace of planet Earth look around in disbelief of the reality being revealed:  Who our higher selves are and are capable of.   I only hope I will be here to enjoy, with less shock and awe than those who only digest MSM.    Just call me a dreamer….  But, hey,  there are quite a lot of us!    Working on the 100th monkey syndrome!


About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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