May Day

May Day !  A celebration of new birth for Mother Earth in the northern hemisphere. My neighborhood of the world is having rain.  I view rain as a blessing: it nourishes growth.  This is the peaceful kind of rain.

I am trying to have a personal new birth.  As of yet, it is birth into the unknown.  What can I do to help humanity rise to the new vibration of these changing times?  Humanity, as a species, is breaking free of the power and control that has been orchestrating our lives for eons.  The weakness in the chain of power and control is awareness.  Awareness of the power and control.  So far, alternative news is only readily found on the internet.

Sometimes I feel the awareness is a dumbing down as I can’t see a way out.  Our lives are controlled by money.  Those who have the most and orchestrate how to get more through those who have to earn it.  We could have renewable energy, or a type of free energy – how could they (those in power and control) make money that way?   We could be healthy (physically, mentally, and emotionally) – how could they (those in power and control) make money that way?

Money owns the news channels and we are fed BS.  I read on-line that Trump bought the News Channels!!  They (those in power and control) would have to be hurting for money or BANKRUPT (?)to give up that control.  Wish I could verify that, but with all, time will tell.  This would be the beginning of the end of the system of power and control.  PS  I’m not involved in politics, not advocating for Trump or anyone.  I believe to date, it is all rigged and the campaigning is a sham, a distraction for humanity.

So back to May Day.  Let us celebrate the spring rebirth of Mother Earth and tag-a-long Humanity!





About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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