Personal Growth:  “If we have ideas about how our practice should unfold, these will often get in the way, preventing us from honoring the phase that is actually with us.”  Jack Kornfield,  Page 178 A PATH WITH HEART.

This supports my negative feelings that quotes of setting goals, and having the determination and dedication to give it the hard work required will make your life dream materialize.   Which implies if your life is not as you desire, it is because of your lack of goal, determination, dedication and hard work.  That mind set forgets that life happens.

Maybe the best place to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually is in the space of acceptance and preparation for rolling with the ups and downs of life happenings.  That to me would be called inner fortitude. 

About Theresa Geise

I AM an elderly, female. I AM reflecting on this journey and purpose of life as a human being.
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