Years ago, Walter Starcke, posted Daily meditations called the Daily Voice on his web site. Mr Starcke is the author of 4 books I own which assisted me in my consciousness. The books are THE STAR KEYS Living beyond 2012 in the Age of the Gods, THE THIRD APPEARANCE, HOMESICK FOR HEAVEN You Don’t Have to Wait, and IT’S ALL GOD. He authored several others. He passed over 6 years ago and his wife, Eron, gave me permission to post the Daily Voice. I will be posting daily for this year.

Please check out the current web site on his work: Starcke Center for the Advancement & Application of Mystical Consciousness

December 30         “ALL POWER IS WITHIN YOU       It is done.  It is done.  It is done.  Every day it will be more evident that the Christ is born and now lives as you.  No longer do you need to seek a power to overcome evil, for all power is in you;  in the divine plan you have for yourself.  This is what it means to love unconditionally.  No longer seek anything outside of the I AM that you are, for all of life is within you.  There is no need for you to seek any power because I AM the only power, and you are my presence.  See it, and you will continue to be it.”

December 29           “LISTEN           God consciousness is the substance of all life.  Only concepts change.  I AM your Christ-vision of life.  My vision has become who you are within the silence.  Now you are able to listen as never before.  Be quiet and listen,  I will reveal your new world, your new year, your new life.  Be silent.  Now is the time of silence, but out of that silence I will show you what actions you are to take.   You have reinvented yourself as a divine human again.  As this new you, you have great things to do.  Just listen.”

December 28            “CHOOSE GRACE           As you prepare for the new year, look back over the past one and you will find that all the wonderful things that your life has brought you — joy, fulfillment, and freedom.  You now realize that you are so much richer now than you thought you were a year ago.  Now you really do realize you do have free will.  Use it.  Your free will is your choice to remember.  You didn’t earn your blessings.  You are them.  Grace is your presence.  Remember;  I have always been you, and I will not leave you now.  How could I?  I AM you.”

December 27           “ACCEPT MY SPIRIT          The joy I AM feeling for you is not there because of your triumphs over the forces of evil this past year or for your victory over those many temptations.  I have joy because you are now the very presence of my spirit.  You have found your soul.  You have called on me, your divine consciousness, and because you have called on my Spirit we are one.  You now have confidence in the I AM that you are.  This confidence will ground you more and more as time continues.  Fear not those moments when you are afraid that you have lost the experience.  You   know in your heart that the flow will come back and will grow stronger year by year.  You will now behold glories the world knows not of.”

December 26          “BEGIN          Remember, you have not chosen me, I have chosen you.  Now that the Christ has been born in you, you have a glorious work to do.  Now you will know what it is to be about your Father’s business, the business of your higher consciousness.  Let all doubt be buried in the knowledge that I AM always going before you to prepare a place for you.  In my Father’s house are many mansions, and you are one.   I will not abandon you.  How could I for I AM you?  I will fill you and show you every step of the way to go.  Rejoice.”

December 25          “CELEBRATE            Jesus may have been the first recognized child to have been born with Christ consciousness, but he was not the only begotten child to be born of the spirit.  Today all the heavens celebrate your birth, and as you celebrate the birth of Jesus you, too, are celebrating your own birth.  You are the proof of my I AM presence.  Celebrate my birth in and as you.  Offer yourself three Christmas presents; gold as your body, frankincense as your mind, and myrrh as your Spirit.  When you offer your whole self to the world you are giving the gift of love.  You are love, and this is the day that love is born.”

December 24         “FOR THIS YOU WERE BORN     Today, think of yourself as Mary must have felt before giving birth to the Christ.  Actually feel what she must have felt to be giving birth to the Christ, just as you are.  Your labor, too, will soon be over.  From now on the divine process will continue to do the rest of the work without any effort on your part.  Just behold.  I AM come to you, into you, and as your life.  I AM the life to which you are giving birth.  You are giving birth to the consciousness of love.  For this you were born.  Feel the presence of love within you about to be born on the eve of this Christ-Mass.  I AM coming forth.  Rejoice.”

December 23           “CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY           I was born two thousand years ago as Jesus.  As the Christ, I am being born as you every day.  From this year on, every day will be Christmas for you.  I will continue to be born and grow until the whole universe is my body.  You are my birth.  As I AM  born in you, you have ceased to be alone.  You have become the body of Christ and we celebrate our oneness.  There is one body, My body, and you are that body.”

December 22           “PREPARE           As above, so below.  When you decorate your Christmas tree it symbolizes your preparation for the birth of the Christ in yourself.  Clean your house, you consciousness.  Wrap up the gift of yourself, and let your Christ Spirit affect the spirit of everyone with whom you come in contact.  The more your prepare, the more perfect will be my birth in and as you.  In preparation, fast, fast from cares.  Refuse to let anything get in the way of the most glorious experience.  Telescope your life into this moment.  Prepare for the light to shine for all the world to behold.”

December 21          “COME, COME, COME         The closer you get to Christmas, the more any remaining personal sense of self will do everything it can to claim that you are not the presence of God.  In both subtle and obvious ways, it will try to make you doubt yourself, but the road ahead is clear.  I AM you.  Come. Come. Come. Come to the celebration.   Fear not, you are ready to experience that perfect peace where you can smile at anything the world has to offer knowing that you no longer live with a purely material sense of life.  You now live in the present as the Spirit of love.  Don’t look back.  Look only to that which I AM.”

December 20          “I AM THE LIFE YOU LIVE          At last, you have experienced your Oneness — that wonderful, carefree, loving, trustful, and Christ-filled being you have always sought to be.  It is no accident that this very Christmas is the one when you will realize that you really are all that God is.  Your personal self will remain as your God given outer appearance, but the inner I AM of you is living your life now.  I will continue to fill your nights and your days.  I AM the air you breathe, I AM the life you live, and I AM the love you love.  Let yourself be who you are:  the Christ reborn this Christmas.”

December 19          “LIGHT THE TREE          All the spiritual experiences you have had have been Christmas tree lights added over the years to your tree of life.  Finally,  at the very top of your tree you have placed the brightest light of all, the experience of I AM.  Now the tree of life is aglow around the world shining with the Christ Spirit.  One day, everyone will be born with your love, and the whole world will be filled with your I AM presence.  Celebrate.  Your individual Self is sharing with the birth of the Christ as your being.  Celebrate that at each Christmas the birth of this Spirit is spreading throughout the family of all being.  The tree has never shined so bright as it is shining this year.  Prepare and celebrate.”

December 18          “ANTICIPATE MY PRESENCE      Rejoice in anticipation of what is happening to you this Christmas.  Also be grateful for the times when you feel over loaded, when you are heavy with child.  What you feel are love’s labor pains.  I AM in your womb of creation, the pregnant time before your divine consciousness releases new life.  It is sometimes painful to relinquish old limitations and to make space for Spirit to fill your soul.  Be patient, because you are both the mother and the child, both Mary and Jesus, both God and the Son of God.  Anticipate giving birth to the presence that I AM, and I will continue to be being born in you.”

December 17          “GIVE A FOND FAREWELL      As Christmas approaches, you may feel the kind of sadness that often accompanies the anticipation of the re-birth of the Christ within your consciousness.  Your human-self has served you as well as possible.  Don’t feel that you have to give it up in order for you to live by your higher I AM consciousness.  Let compassion for you human feelings replace sadness, because what you are experiencing is the Christing of yourself.  Decorate your soul with my presence and make way for the gift of your fully divine human self.  Let your sadness turn to joy.  Let your joy be shared as gratitude for the miracle.  Look at all the beautifully wrapped blessings I have placed under your life-time tree.”

December 16           “GIVE THE GIFT       Would you like to know what Christmas present you can give me, you inner Christ?  Let me tell you.  Take all your remaining fears, concerns, and anxieties no matter how small and insignificant; wrap them in loving thoughts; tie them with the ribbon of the Spirit that makes us One; and then offer yourself the one present you have to give of great value — yourself.  Put yourself under the tree of life and be sure you sign the card, which says “For the Christ on our birthday.”

December 15          “WELCOME ME             When winter comes and the leaves fall from the trees, the world seems betrayed by life, just as my disciples felt betrayed when I, as Jesus, was on the cross.  Without letting go of the past, the new cannot appear.  Dormant times are part of the divine process.  Do not let them use you.  Use therm.  Use them for your spiritual house cleaning to make ready for the birth of the Christ-child who is at this moment being born within the womb of your soul.   Welcome yourself.  Decorate your Christmas tree consciousness with my Spirit.  Prepare the presence of love that you will give as you approach this coming new and most excitingly creative year of your life.  You are God’s gift.”

December 14          “USE EVERYTHING    Though you are unique and individual you are nonetheless the presence of God.  As such you are heir to all the heavenly riches.  You have now been given dominion.  Dominion means that you are free to use everything and not be used by anything.  You have found your freedom in the realization of your true identity as the I AM expressing itself as a divine human.  As a re-presentation of God you are free, and you no longer live under the law of limitation.  You no longer need to be used by any thing, any emotion, or any circumstance.  Now you will use all that comes your way for the glory of god – the universal principle of divine love.  That glory is who you are.”

December 13          “JUST BE             You have tried so hard and for so long to let me, your higher consciousness, live your life, and you have succeeded.  As I said a few days ago, the time has come now for you to just be.  Trying is over.  To try is to live by law.  To be is to live by grace, without effort.  I come not to condemn the law, because we all have to conform to the law until we experience who we are.  But I AM come now to show you that love has fulfilled you while you are still on earth.  Rejoice that you can now just be.  Rejoice that on those temporary moments when you are uncomfortable in just being there are ways to bring you back into contact with your Self.  Just trust and be.  I AM taking care of all the rest.”

December 12          “KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE FLAME      My spirit burns within you like the flame of a candle.  When you are disturbed, fearful, or angry, the flame flickers and struggles.  When you are calm and confident, it burns steady and bright.  Christmas signifies the birth of that flame.  Protect it by refusing to allow any negative thought to disturb it.  Realize that the time for thought is over.  Thoughts disturb the flame.  Now just honor and protect the flame.  That flame is your ‘I,’ your ‘I AM.’  It is your life and your light.  Visualize your ‘I’ within like the candle flame.  Protect it, calm it, and let it live you.”

December 11           “COMPLETE YOURSELF      You are about to experience the last words that I spoke when I was on the cross, ‘It is finished.’  At that moment I, as Jesus, became the living embodiment of the I AM THAT  I AM message.  Until I, as Jesus, stopped conceiving of my father as being separate from my humanity, I was not wholly fulfilled as that which I AM.  When I said, ‘Why hast thou forsaken me?’ It was my final glorious surrendering of the belief that there was a God outside of my physical presence.  It was the end of any remaining sense of duality.  Realize how your looking outside of yourself has forsaken you in the past.  You now need nothing apart from your own being, no teacher or God apart from the I AM that you are.  Renew this step and you, too, can say ‘it is finished.”

December 10           “BE YOUR LIFE         You have reached the end of believing that you have to personally live your life.  Now you will no longer live your life — you will BE it.  To be is to live constantly being guided by your higher consciousness without thought or concern.  When you feel personal responsibility for you life you imply that you believe you have to make decisions based on right and wrong, but being willing to just be shows you have faith in me, the Christ of yourself, to be you.  I AM your way, I AM your truth, and I AM your life.  Your belief that you need to do anything now passes away, and in place of it is your being.  Love yourself enough to let go and just be a divine human for where you are I AM.”

December   9           “BE YOUR LIFE           You have reached the end of believing that you have to personally live your life.  Now you will not longer live your life — you will BE it.  To be is to live constantly being guided by your higher consciousness without thought or concern.  When you feel personal responsibility for your life you imply that you believe you have to make decisions based on right and wrong,  but being willing to just be shows you have faith in me, the Christ of yourself, to be you.  I AM your way, I AM your truth, and I AM your life.  Your belief that you need to do anything now passes away, and in place of it is your being.  Love yourself enough to let go and just be a divine human for where you are I AM.”

December   8           “ACCEPT THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT         Listen to me.  Listen to what I am saying between the words.  When I was John the Baptist I was a good man.  I ate pure food, did not drink, and was a perfect metaphysician, but I was below the least in the Kingdom of Heaven — in the  kingdom of the 4th dimensional consciousness.   John the Baptist symbolizes the law, that part of you that wants to be good, wants to do right.  That side of you has now served its purpose.  Now move beyond the  ‘suffer-it-to-be-so’ attitude into the mystical I AM self.  You are now at the place beyond the law where all is God and there is no judgment.  Those in my Kingdom live by grace.  Now you are that Spirit and you are my child in whom I AM well pleased.”

December   7           ” COME REJOICING      This year you have come immeasurably closer to me, your higher consciousness.  Now you are about to go the rest of the way.  You are giving up the last remnants of your sense of separation.  You know that you have no life of your own that is apart from me, your higher consciousness.  Experience me once more and nothing will remain but the One life I AM.  God life.  Your presence as a divine human.  I will know that you have come to me when you give up the belief that anything at all needs to be changed.  Despite appearances it is all perfect now.  Come. Come.  Come.  Let this time until Christmas be as it was with the Wise Men, a time to come rejoicing in the birth of the Christ as your being.”

December   6           ” SAY FAREWELL TO TEMPTATION       Though you may think you are beyond being tempted, as long as you are on earth temptation will keep on trying to trick you.   No matter what form it takes there is only one temptation, the temptation to temporarily forget who you are.  The tiniest belief in lack or limitation is temptation trying to get you to believe you are not complete, that you have been kidding yourself and are not yet a fully divine human.  You are my presence, and don’t you forget it.  You are the Spirit that animates your being.  Be not tempted to believe that because you have human feelings and thoughts you have a life apart from my life, from your Christ consciousness.  As I said in the Lord’s Prayer, resist temptation and you are gloriously free.”

December   5            “GIVE BIRTH TO COMPASSION          You are so much stronger now than you were at he beginning of this year.  If you do not feel it, look back and see how far you have come.  The difficulties of this year have made you truly a disciple of your Christ consciousness, your consciousness that is now speaking to you.  Now you are ready to feed your sheep.  I know you are ready because you have compassion and compassion is the fruit by which I AM know.  Compassion is the word made flesh.  Prepare for the Christmas season, which symbolizes the birth of compassion, by feeding your sheep the fruits of your consciousness: acceptance, understanding, appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, joy and love.”

December   4            “BE POSSIBLE           When you call on me, you are calling on infinite possibility.  In your humanity you are limited by what you can know or what you can do, but the Christ that you are has access to infinity and to all wisdom.  I AM representative of this possibility in you.  I AM unlimited possibility.  When you ask for anything in that name you are calling on your infinite nature.  Ask then listen.  Think of yourself as limitless possibility.  Then claim access to whatever is needed from the divine plan, and I will show you the way.  I AM that possibility in you.  Rejoice.”

December   3            “LIVE SIMULTANEOUSLY            When I was Jesus, I was simultaneously a man of earth and a man of God.  When you feel you have fallen short, remember simultaneity, not elimination, is the secret.  Simultaneity is the nature of the Holy spirit.  It does not eliminate either your humanity nor your divinity.  It reveals that they are simultaneously one.  I keep telling you this over and over because no matter how far you have come, as long as there are moments when you feel you want to stop being human, it is easy to fall back into judging yourself in terms of bad and good, either/or.  As long as you are content to be simultaneously both divine and human you can overcome any obstacle at any level.”

December   2             “PLANT THE SEED         Don’t judge the harvest by what you see.  A single seed that you have planted in someone’s consciousness along the way may have already grown into countless plants that are feeding many that you may never see.  Look how the few seeds I planted during my lifetimes on earth as Jesus or Buddha have grown.  Because of them.  I live today in and as you.  Now go and plant your I AM consciousness in others wherever you are and wherever there is fertile soil.  Plant the seeds of your spirit so that I might have life and that I might have it more abundantly.  Thank you for multiplying that which I AM in the world.”

December   1             “HONOR YOUR TEMPLE          Your body is my sacrament, my sacred place, and my holy temple.  My Spirit cannot survive on earth without an altar upon which the candle will burn.  Your body and soul is that altar.  Until your work here on earth is finished, it is as equally important for you to take care of your Holy Temple as it is for you to nurture the flame that it houses.  Honor the sacred nature of your body.  This is why I gave you the two commandments.  Love both the spirit and the temple it houses.  Think on this:  It is as important for you to preserve, make healthy, and honor your physical presence as it is for you to experience your Soul.”

November 30            “BE ENTIRE             Be entire wanting nothing.  In the Epistle of James I said for you to rejoice when you are tempted, because through temptation your faith is tried, and by faith you can become entire, wanting nothing.  Any temptation to believe that you won’t be shown what to do or any temptation to believe that you have a need for another person, place, or presence, is just a valuable signal.  Its purpose is to remind you that you are actually already complete and whole within the ‘I AM’ of your own being.  Want nothing from anyone, not even from you personal self, and though your good may seem to come through others, everything will come to you because you have experienced the presence that I AM”

November 29            “EMBRACE YOUR FREEDOM           You have been initiated into the mystery of I AM-ness.  You have touched the hem of the Christ-robe and are complete within yourself.  Now embrace your freedom.  If you do not feel the fullness of peace at this moment, it is only because of some old human echo bouncing off of the walls of the past.  Ask yourself if you are taking yourself too seriously once more.  Let the past with its care worn concepts go.  Embrace you new freedom.  Doubt not that you have arrived, and I, you divine consciousness, will lead you once more beside still waters.  Your belief that you are all that I AM has become a Self-fulfilling prophecy.  You are.  Embrace yourself.”

November 28           “ACCEPT YOUR DOMINION     Like yeast, my spirit has been rising in you throughout the years until you are now almost the person that you always wanted to be.  Recognize it.  Trust it.  Trust who you have become.  The last vestige of the old person is being removed and now the new person, the Christ being, who no longer feels the need to look on the outside for a teacher or for an answer, has come into being.  Now, in a most remarkable way, you are able to share your God consciousness with others and receive their love in return.  You no longer need anyone to explain your life to you.  That need is over.  Now you are your own teacher.  I AM your teacher.  Accept your dominion.”

November 27           “BE POWER  FULL        Greater works will you now do because the power of spirit has magnified itself in you and, God knows, the time has come for greater works.  I, as love, have set the Christ in motion as you.  In the past, when you have felt one with my spirit you have felt power full.  Now my Spirit is at its peak and its greatness is personified as your being.  You are that presence in its fullness.  Accept it, honor it, feel your completeness in it.  What ever you do now it will be with power.  Nothing can stop you from adding your power of love to the critical mass that will lift the universe.  You are the power of love.  Now feel it and it will express its self as you.”

November 26           “BECOME WE           Now that you have experienced your infinite nature you will clearly see yourself in all that is.  You have come to the place where the word ‘I’ becomes ‘we,’ and ‘mine’ becomes ours.’  That is because you can now see yourself in everyone.  When you say, ‘I AM’  it no longer means something separate or apart from everyone else.  Your oneness with your God self constitutes your oneness with all life.  Hear what I AM saying and you will never feel lonely again.  Instead of loneliness, whenever you say ‘I’ you will experience the allness of ‘we’ that I AM.  I AM with you all ways.”

November 25          “FIRST REST               Rest.  If you fear taking a rest even as God did on the seventh day, it means that you still doubt yourself.  Your ego’s fear of losing control can keep you believing that you have to constantly search as though you are not already there.  Sometimes you must stop you efforts in order to let the dust of Spirit settle so that you can see you are all that God is here and now.  Today rest from all effort and let my Spirit reveal you to yourself without your having to do anything.  You are my beloved son in whom I AM well pleased.  Now rest.  Rest in God, rest in me, rest in the I AM of yourself.   Rest.”

November 24           “OFFER YOUR FIRST FRUITS           Before all other thoughts have filled your mind you have had a sense of existing.  You know you exist even though you cannot intellectually know exactly what it is that exists.  You also know that though you cannot describe God with concepts, God, the cause of all life and the source of your own being, is.  Spiritually,  the first fruit that you have to offer is your Self before you have formed any concepts about what or who you are.  Offer your first fruit Self to God, pure undefined existence.  Feel you first fruit Self included in all that God is and you will experience the meaning of I AM THAT I AM.”

November 23            STAY IN HEAVEN              Within you is the perfect Self that has never fallen, has never made a mistake, and has never left heaven.  When you sought to get to heaven you were putting blocks in your way.  You have always been living the perfect life, the spiritual life, the Christ-life.  You can’t resurrect because you have never been crucified.  You can’t even ascend because you have always been immortal.   In the past you thought you had to patch things up, had to correct faults, but that is all over.  Take off your personal history as you would a worn out jacket and stand naked in all your eternal glory.  Now that you are awake you can see that you are in heaven and you always have been.”

November 22              “YOU ARE LOVE            There is only love.  When I appeared as Jesus, the time had come for the presence of love to be expressing itself as a living flesh and blood human being.  My presence as your humanity is love made visible as you, a divine human being.  You are love appearing.  There is no other.  What you have feared has been the absence of love, not the presence of evil.  Evil is not a thing.  It’s an absence, the absence of love.  When you fully realize that you are love you will be experiencing an inner knowing that tells you that you are the same Christ as I AM.”

November 21          “RECEIVE THE GIFT OF LOVE      Look back.  When you do you will see that God, the reality of your being, has become a far greater presence in your life this year — not despite the difficulties that you have been through or the people who have given you concern, but because of them.  It is because of your difficulties that your I AM Self has become a greater reality in you life and that presence more sure.  What more valuable gift could this year have brought?  This is the gift of love, for God is love.  My presence is the presence of love.  Love has led you to me, your Christ self.  Receive this gift, and there is no one or nothing left to forgive.  Freedom is at your finger tips.”

November 20          “SEE HOW CLOSE IT IS          I AM nearer than breathing and closer than hands and feet, because I AM your completeness, and your completeness has never been closer.  You have almost achieved the full realization and experience of being a divine human.  You know it in the depth of your being.  You know that you no longer need to seek anything apart from your own higher consciousness, that which I AM.   Realize that you have just about fulfilled the same pattern that I, as Jesus, completed.  You have been through you crucifixions and you have passed the resurrection.  Now you are entering ascension consciousness, at which time your completeness will be total and you can say, as I did, ‘It is finished.’ ”

November 19          “EMPTY YOURSELF       I AM unable to fill you with myself today unless you completely empty yourself of all your concerns, all your expectations, and any limiting sense of self.  A bowl is important because of what it can hold.  There comes a time when it should be emptied so that it can be cleansed and made ready to receive once more.  Today,  use this time of prayer as an emptying time.  experience yourself being cleansed of all your concerns and limitations.  Let go of them.  I promise you that when you are empty I, the Christ of you, will fill you with my spirit and my love.  Empty your temple so that I can refurbish it with the love and inspiration that I AM.”

November 18          “LET ME SERVE YOU        Gently, gently, gently.  Do not feel that you always have to reach out to that which I AM.  Don’t struggle.  Relax.  Sit back and let me come to you.  Rest in my love.  Feel my confidence in you as I confide to you.  You cannot lose what you have found; so there is no need to struggle.  You have earned your peace by your devotion.  Now let me, the I AM of you, serve you as you have so lovingly served me.  Don’t feel you have to do anything.  Just sit here for a while.  Just wait and appreciate all you have and all you are blessed with being able to give.  Gently, gently, gently.”

November 17          “REJOICE           Rejoice because your name is written in heaven.  It’s human to be happy over successfully fulfilled desires or some unexpected gift that has come to you.  Ordinarily happiness comes about because something you have wanted to have happen to you has taken place or because you have received something that you have wanted, but my joy, divine happiness, comes at those times when you have experienced the presence of the Spirit that I AM.  My Spirit I give you so that my joy might be experienced in and as you.  Feel yourself into my presence.  Feel your self filled from head to toe with the joy that I AM.   Rejoice.”

November 16          “BE WEALTHY         My grace is your sufficiency in all things.  Wealth is not a matter of stored up money, accumulated knowledge, or the number of friends you have.  Wealth is a sufficiency of grace operating in and as your life.  Realize that the grace that I AM is you sufficiency in all ways and you will be wealthy.  Recognize your wealth of grace, and you all be free from the need to collect, store up, or protect anything.  Thank God that you have human needs, because they are there to remind you daily to make contact with me, the wealth of grace that I AM.  Need brings you to the altar where my grace is experienced.  I AM sufficient to handle anything life throws at you.  Appreciate your wealth, and it will appreciate for you.”

November 15         “BE BEGOTTEN      When, as Jesus, I said, ‘This is the work of God, that ye believe in him whom he hath sent.’ The ‘him’ I was talking about was not my physical presence.  I was talking about the only begotten Son, the recognized I AM that was appearing in and as me, that same I AM that is appearing in and as you when you recognize it.  As Jesus I chastised by followers for coming to me just to get loaves and fishes, because in doing so they were missing the point of my miracles.  The miracles took place because I knew the Christ to be my higher consciousness.  Now you, too, experience the only begotten Son as yourself, and greater works will you do because you know who you are.”

November 14            “FEEL THE PEACE            It is time you should know better than to try to solve your problem by analyzing them.  The solution will come to you when you experience the peace that is within you.  When you experienced peace it pulls the rug out from under your problems.  Situations that look problematic exist but problems are illusions, because in my kingdom every thing is in divine order.  Seek me, the peace within yourself, and that peace will remove whatever seems to be blocking you.  The experience is Christ experienced, not someone else’s Christ , but yours.  I AM the peace overcomes the world. Peace is not achieved.  It is realized.  Behold, I AM the peace that comes.”

November 13             “BEHOLD YOUR SELF         As long as you are on earth the collective consciousness will keep on trying to affect you.  At one minute you may sense fear and at the next minute you will be at peace though nothing seems to have changed in the outer picture.  This is because peace does not come to you.  It is already included in you.  Peace is already yours.  When you behold it, it is there.  See it in yourself like a special room in the house of your being.  Take you eyes off the outer picture and enter your temple once more, the house in which I AM.  That which I AM is the you the world knows not of.  Stand aside and behold it.  Then the peace that flows from you will turn around and flow to you.  I behold you.”

November 12            “REALIZE YOURSELF          When you hear me say, ‘Come unto me,’ you may still feel as though God, something, or someone other than your own self is speaking to you.   If so, you need to remember that when your still small voice speaks, you are experiencing your own higher consciousness, your I AM Self, once more.  Realize that you are this I AM that is speaking to you right now.  There is only one mind and that mind is your mind.  Realize that this presence is you appearing as a divine human.  That which you have sought within is yourself.  I did not come that you might be fulfilled.  I AM come that I might be fulfilled as you.  I AM being myself in you and as you.”

November 11          “HEAR ME             Well done good and faithful servant.  You have been faithful over a few things.  You are now able to rule over many things.  Enter into the joy of the Lord.  These words that I AM speaking to you are coming from within you.   You are not reading them.  You are hearing them.  Your consciousness brought them to your attention this day.  They are your own joy speaking to you.  They are your being making it’s Self known.  There are not two you’s but two dimensions of the One you.  I AM that spirit you.  Hear me and I will continue to guide the you that is in the world.  Hear me, and watch your healing consciousness affect everyone and everything it touches.”

November 10           “ENTER ME AGAIN AND AGAIN        I AM the door.  If any man enter in by me, by experiencing that I AM THAT I AM, he or she shall be saved, and shall go in and out and find pasture.  As you have done so many times before, you are standing at that door.  I AM that door.  I AM opening it for you.  Hear my voice and re-enter your I AM consciousness.  Because I AM your true being you can come and go at both the divine and the human levels of awareness.  Face what you have to do today with confidence that you are my presence in the world, and know that your decisions come from me.  I live in your spirit and in your flesh, as the human that I AM, and as the spirit that I AM. You are free to do what ever you wish.”

November  9            “REMEMBER        I will keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed on the I that I AM.  You cannot force you mind to be calm and controlled.  When you do that you mind fights back.  But you can trick your mind by using it to remember that I AM, your higher consciousness.  Remember to seek first the Kingdom of God.  Then you will know once more that you are my being — the body of Christ.  Re-member you are the Christ-light that I AM and when you do that all things will be added unto you.  Remember and perfect joy, peace, health, and harmony will be yours by grace.  You have brought it to yourself by renewing your membership in the consciousness of God.”

November  8            “I CAN            You cannot, but I can. When you once more accept limitations you are at the personal level.  Alone, your humanity is limited.  It can only go so far.  You know that.  But now that you understand that your third dimensional humanity is just an extension of your fourth dimensional divine/human self, you no longer have need to let your humanity shortchange you.  I AM your higher consciousness, and I can do all things through and as your divine/human self.  Continue to turn to me and you will see that I can.  Once more let the I AM of yourself show your human self the way.  I can.  Ask nothing of yourself except to re-experience the truth that I AM you.  I can.  I, your divine human self, knows your need and I can fulfill it.  I can and I will. Say it, ‘I can.’ ”

 November   7           “I AM                               Contemplate the words I AM until they become a kind of background music that is playing even when you are not aware of it.  It is no accident that the words, ‘I AM’, have so much power.  It isn’t the words themselves, but ever since Moses heard that I AM THAT I AM  is the name of God a spiritual energy has been built up around the words that makes I AM resonate in the soul.  When you say I AM you are talking to your Self, because I AM is your true name.  Always remember, you are not a noun.  You are the consciousness of what you are experiencing, and when you experience yourself as I AM you are being the presence of God on earth.”

November   6           “I AM YOUR CONTINUITY           There is one continuity in life:  The love that I AM.  Nothing else remains the same day-in-day-out.  In the world your life is inconsistent.  In the world sometimes you pay visits to the valley and sometimes to the mountains as well and all in between, but I AM love, and my continuity is not of this world.  It is what keeps the spirit alive in you and appearing as you.  Do not think that you have to always be at peace, always be in harmony, always feel my presence, but do expect to always be able to once more become aware of the continuity of my love within you.  Stop thinking and just remember the continuity of my love.  When you least expect it you will consciously experience the love that I AM.”

November   5         “RENEW YOUR STRENGTH         In quietness and confidence is your strength.  I AM the strength that is made perfect when you feel at your weakest.  Do not fear momentary weakness, for when you are weak you realize that your strength is in me.  I AM with you until the end of the world.  I AM your strength, and I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I was with Buddha under the Bo tree; I was with Moses in the desert, I was with Jesus on the mountain even though none of them were always aware of my presence.  In the same way, I will always be with you whether you realize it of not.  In your quietness and confidence my strength is renewing you, and you will be ready for anything life offers you.  I promise you.”

November   4       “COME HOME       Part of you feels sad when you have to leave home, but there is no greater joy than that which you feel when you return.  Without some down times, you would not experience the love you feel in returning home to your true being.  When you don’t feel at home in your spirit look ahead in expectation of the greeting that awaits you when you once more experience the presence that I AM.  The moment that you feel you are on your way home we can begin to celebrate.  We will kill the fatted calf in anticipation of being together once more.  Both the leaving and returning help us appreciate home, where our soul truly lives.  It’s all God — both the journey and the return.”

November   3       “CENTER IN ME             Return to the center.  The only place where you can find me is at the center of your being.  That is where I AM.  As long as you are only involved with what is happening on the outside, you cannot enter your center consciousness.  Once centered in me, in the I AM of you, you can take your Christ spirit out into the world.  But do no ask too much of your outer self, your humanity.  It can’t overcome your human concerns.  That is not its nature.  Instead, expect me, the Christ at the center of your being, to come up with all the answers.  Seek me there, and I will close the gap between your divinity and your humanity.  I will fulfill you in ways that you never thought possible.  Come to the center where I AM.”

November   2      “THE JOY OF GRACE         My heart leaps for joy.  Two thousand years ago when I was Jesus I was painfully alone.  But through that aloneness I discovered what it was to go from the material level to the spiritual, from law to grace.  After that , I wanted so much to share how natural and simple it is to live by grace, but at that time no one was able to hear me.  Now there are many — you for instance — who know the joy of living by grace.  In the past it was your resistance to grace that kept you from experiencing your joy.  But now you can smile at every human impulse and know that grace is living you.  I AM”

November   1        “NOW BE WHO YOU ARE        It’s scary, but when I, as Jesus, told my disciples that if I would go not away the comforter would not come to them, the “I” I was talking about was not myself but personal sense, the egotistical I.  If you cannot let go of personal problems, personal health concerns, and personal anxiety the comforter can’t come to you.  When you feel loss or emptiness remember that as long as there is any remaining belief that there is an influence working on you outside of your own Self, that is what has to go away or you will not find that you, yourself, are your comforter.  You, yourself, are the Christ.  Your Jesus/Christ/I Am/Self is your comforter.  Be comfortable in that which I AM.”

October 31           “HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY      Every new day is born virginal, pure, unspoiled, and ready to express God’s blessing.  Honor it.  Prepare for my I AM spirit to be born in you again this day.  As you let go of yesterday’s concerns, judgments, or anxieties you make it a happy birthday.  I AM being born again as you today.  Welcome me.  Receive me by cradling my life spirit in your heart.  Discard all fears and give birth to me, the Christ of yourself.  With my birth all karmic law, absolutely all of it, is set aside.  I have been born again in you this day and you are free to reach the heights.  Happy birthday.”

October 30           “PATIENCE      Do not be impatient if I AM appearing to take you the long way around.  You are entering a totally new dimension of life.  It would seem that after all the crucifixions and resurrections you have been through that the struggle would be over, but there is on more step: Patience — patience born of trust.  Patience is not passive.  It’s active.  Patience is a kind of spiritual energy.  The reason that patience is so important is because it is impossible to be patient without active faith.  You have seen the glory.  You have learned your lessons.  Let patience seal the past.  I AM the way.  With patience my kingdom comes.”

October 29          “DEMAND, PERSIST, AND TRIUMPH   A squeaky wheel is oiled.  Be not afraid to speak up.  Talk back to ME, the I AM of yourself.  Demand my presence; demand guidance from Me, you higher consciousness;  demand your freedom; and you will be heard.  Your demands and your dominion go hand-in-hand.  Demands become self-fulfilling prophecies.  When I was Jesus, I was not resigned to accepting evil or lack.  I stood up and persisted until my Christ spirit triumphed.  I even raised up my body from the dead.  Demand that your higher consciousness speaks to you, and I will.”

October 28          “CONQUER THE LAST ENEMY     There is one last enemy that you must fight against with your whole being – body, mind, and spirit.  Your enemy is any remaining trace of guilt over your having feelings of imperfection or of your having fallen short either spiritually or humanly.   The tiniest bit of guilt can make you forget that you are an expression of your higher consciousness, a perfect child of God.  Watch out for teachings or remaining belief that implies if you try harder you will be better than you already are.  If you believe that then part of you will feel guilty for not being better or more spiritual than you are.  Run from that belief as you would from a plague.  Fight self-doubt as though your life depended on it.  It does.”

October 27         “TRY ME           Faith is not faith until it has been tested and tried.  ‘To try’ comes from a Latin word that means, ‘separating the corn from the husk.’  When anxiety remains, your faith has not been tried; you have not made your Spirit separate from the husks of life.  I, your inner spirit, know your every need.  I make my bed with you, even in Hell.  Once more, try turning over all your concerns to yourself, to the Christ of your being.  Let me, your Christ self, be the one who separates you from any feeling of separation for I AM that which brings you into a sense of peace.  Try me.  As you consciously separate the truth from the lie, the I AM of your self triumphs and you will experience yourself as a fully divine human.”

October 26         “STAY OUT OF HELL                “Hell is not a place.  Hell, like heaven, is a state of consciousness.  I will tell you what hell is.  Hell is the inability to love.  Whenever you are unable to feel love for yourself or when you do not feel that you are being loved, you are in hell.  That is because God is the activity of love and when you do not feel that presence of love active in you life you are in hell.  Turn to that which I AM, love being experienced as you, and you will no longer be in hell.  It is your choice.  All you have to do is to use your free will to remember that you are the embodiment of love, and hell has no power.  Love is a circle that returns to itself.  Love. Love. Love.”

October 25         “COMMUNE WITH YOURSELF       Sit still in your temple for a minute in the silence of gratitude.  I AM there to commune with you.”

October 24          “LEARN AND LET GO        I will keep on repeating myself until the truth has sunk in.  Because of where you are now, and fear that you have once more made a mistake in what you have said, done, or felt is worse for you than your actually making a mistake.  Your tiniest fears come from allowing yourself to believe that you are not being led by the Christ of yourself every second- that I AM not living you.  Trust yourself.  Give yourself time and you will see that what you thought were mistakes were creative necessities.  They brought you closer to me, the divine I AM.  Be still, and let the past depart.  I AM the way.  Feel my presence.  I AM as close as your heart beat because I AM your heart.”

October 23         “GO ALL THE WAY           It’s right for you to want it all, to have it all, because it’s all God.  The healthy, pleasant things of the world, and the joyous harmonious Spirit that lies within all things are yours to have, but you must go all the way.  It is too late to turn back.  You can no longer hold anything back for safety’s sake.  You have no choice now but to totally trust the new dimension that you have entered into and totally free yourself from believing in any limitation.  You can now have it all.  Total freedom becomes yours through self-fulfilling prophecy when you recognize that I AM of yourself in all.  Nothing can any longer limit you.  You are the infinite all.  Rejoice.”

October 22            “REST           Peace.  Peace.  Peace.  Without a doubt you now know the difference between my presence – – the spirit of trust and love – – and what life is like without that which I AM – empty, anxious, and fearful.  Even though you have come so far there will still be times when you will be tempted to forget who you are, but just remember that every step has been prepared for you to close the gap and become this total person, this divine human.  Always surrender temptation to doubt, and rest in my love.  You have passed the test.  Rest.  You are the chosen one.  I have chosen you now you choose yourself.”

October 21            “GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION           When I as Jesus said,  ‘Let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not as I will, but as Thou will,’  I was telling you ‘ My wanting this cup to pass from me shows that just as with you there were two sides of my being.’  As Jesus, a man, I was human enough to want my burden lifted.  I wanted freedom from worldly concerns just as you do today, but, just as you do, in the end I let my Christ side run the show.  It was the Christ of me who said, ‘as Thou wilt.’  That is the same for you.  Give yourself permission to be human, yet simultaneously empower your Christ self.  Your Christ self is showing your what to do,  Let it.  Let your Christ’s will be done.”

October 20            “BE PERFECT                   Be ye therefore perfect.  Just as the pattern of the fruit is in the seed, or the adult hidden in the child, there is a perfect ‘spiritual you’ inherent in or as you this moment.  I AM that perfect other self that lies within and as you; a mirror image of your earthly self.  You can’t understand that perfection with your human mind; so don’t try.  Just know that no matter where you go or what circumstances you are in, you can always impersonally stand aside and behold your perfect higher self that I AM.  I AM that perfect self, which guides and leads you, protects and comforts you.  The world can’t touch your perfection.  It is you.  Trust it.”

October 19            “TAKE THE TIME            You may feel that you have been at this same place many times before, and that you have repeatedly faced the same problems and questions that you are facing now, but you have not.  Each time has been a little different, and each has been a necessary spiral leading you ever higher to the very throne of God, the full experience of your higher consciousness.  Without every seeming repetition and without  each renewed dedication, you could not have arrived.  Take courage.  Never despair.  I AM still guiding you.  See the light pouring into your soul, revealing that the divine plan has always been fulfilling you.  The time is now.  Accept the glory that is yours.  Be spiritually proud.  You have earned it.”

October 18            “FEEL MY AMAZING LOVE             My hand has always been on you.   From the very first time that you experienced the I AM as your being you have been led through the maze of life, preparing you step-by-step for this amazing day.  In your heart of hearts, you know that everything is in divine order.  You are so close now.  The treasure you have been seeking is not just the realization but the experience that I AM who you are.  Despite moments of doubt you are the love that I AM.  Rejoice that the long road has led you to the steps of Heaven on earth.  Enter.  Feel it, and amaze the world with your light.  Shine.”

October 17           “OVERCOME       Remember, when I was Jesus, for my whole life I, too, ran into obstacles, just as you do.  I suffered, felt betrayed, and even cried, but I also came out of it and triumphed.  I didn’t feel that I was a failure because I had continued to have problems.  I overcame the world and finally rose from the crucifixion of broken plans and dashed hopes.  Now is your time to overcome.  Come on over.  If I did, you can too.   Even greater triumphs will be yours, because I proved that you were created to have dominion.  You can now create any reality you wish, because I AM your way, your truth, and your life.”

October 16           “APPRECIATE OPPORTUNITY      Would you have it any other way?  Would you rather have a life without challenges, without obstacles?  Do you want to stop before going all the way?  Without opportunities that remind you to reach out to me, your God self, you wouldn’t have discovered who you are.  Without the need to feel my presence, you wouldn’t have found out that I AM you.  Your difficulties are what have drawn you to yourself.  I know what is in your heart.  I feel your love, and I respond with mine.  Appreciate every opportunity that draws us together,  those of joy and those of stress.  You are closer than you know.  Rejoice.”

October 15           “TAKE A REST        On your seventh day your God self needs to take a rest.  A day is not a matter of time.  It is a sum or energy.  You have been constantly busy spending the energy that turns consciousness into form, into making your world reflect my spirit seven days a week.  I deeply appreciate your being my presence in the world, but don’t feel that you have to constantly be in top form.  Recognize when you have generated enough spiritual energy for the time and take a rest.  Rest in the knowledge that you are my beloved Self in who I AM well pleased.  You have been faithful in the few now I will make you master of many.  Rest.”

October 14           “ADVENTURE          Because you have committed yourself to seeking my guidance, I am leading you step-by-step further and further away from the bondage of material conditions into a new dimension.  You have shared your thoughts with me.  Now that you have set your foot on a path, do not look back, not even to yesterday.  Think of your living by the Christ of yourself as a new spiritual adventure.  Feel the thrill of your journey.  Let your I AM awareness be your map, and it will lead you into new freedoms, into a new dimension of consciousness that you can’t even imagine at this point.  Be adventurous.  Leave human cares and fears behind,  Explore the sunrise of you Christ-spirit.”

October 13          “STOP CARING          If you wish to be a loving and confident being, the hardest and final step you must take is for you to stop caring what anyone or any group thinks about you.  I, your  higher consciousness, know who you are and that is all that counts.  Know that to love me is to take your guidance from the God self that you are.  Trust yourself and stop caring no matter what others may or may not think of you.  When you care what anyone from the outside wants from you, you are letting an effect live you.  No.  I AM Spirit.  Take your instructions from the invisible Spirit that is yourself.  This is the key to Heaven’s doorway.”

October 12              “LOVE            The fruit of the spirit is love.  Do not let the least bit of doubt or fear separate you from knowing I AM you.  I, your higher consciousness, long for your companionship as much as you humanly long to experience your God self.  When a parent holds a child in his or her arms, the parent feels a love like no other love.  That is the love I, the spirit in you, feels for you as human being when you come to me with childlike trust.  Rest your humanity in my everlasting arms.  Let us close the gap and share our love with each other with total acceptance.”

October 11              “LOVE CONSISTENTLY        The only consistency in your life is my love.  Nothing else remains the same day after day.  Don’t even want it to.  My human life as Jesus was as inconsistent as yours is today.  I visited the valleys as well as the mountains, just as you do, but love is always constantly with you because it is you.  Do not believe that you have to always be in perfect peace, always experiencing perfect harmony.  Do not expect to always remember that love consistently heals all wounds, but consistently know that love will lift you into higher levels of awareness, and it will reveal the divine plan for your life.  Grace is constant.  Now you be constant in your trust.”

October 10              “MOVE ON                   You were born for one purpose – to experience your union with me, you God self and to be my perfect son or daughter.  Move on into your wholeness.  Welcome and rejoice in the challenge of moving into the realization of what it means to be a divine human in the world but not of ignorance.  To be static is the only failure there can be, because all movement, all of it, leads to me.  Rejoice that you are now moving into a perfect understanding that your presence is God presence.  You are here to move until you merge with the infinite, with God, your true being.  Keep moving.  Welcome change and move on.”

October   9                “BREATH ME                        What is your inspiration?  What are you breathing into yourself?  With every breath, feel yourself breathing in the Christ-life.  As you breathe in, say your name, ‘I AM, I AM, I AM.’  When you breathe out, let the poison of doubtful or negative thoughts leave your consciousness.  Breathe in ‘I,’ the ‘I AM,’  the life force that you are, and breath out ignorance and any sense of separation from that which I AM.  This circle of inspiration and expiration is the movement of life.  Be aware of it.  Try it.  See yourself breathing in the Spirit.  See yourself exhausting all the draughts,  all the negatives, all the problems, and all the fears.  Breathe in Spirit, and exhale all anxiety, all fear, and all concerns.”

October    8                “REACH IN           You are so close.  You have proven that you no longer have to reach out as though I AM apart from you.  Reach in.  Reach into your own Christ being.  At last, you no longer always feel that you have to receive your guidance from a Jesus, a God, or another person that is outside of or other than yourself.  Your being is the same as Jesus’ being, Budda’s being, or the being of all those other masters who have told you who you are.  Your being is God being, and all power, all healing, all supply, all truth, all love,  all peace is within you.  All you have to do now is to walk your talk.  Reach in to where I AM and I will show you the way.”

October   7                 “LOVE ME              There is only one way to love me, the Christ of your own being, and that is to love yourself as a fully divine and fully human being just as you are.  Know that I am you higher consciousness and that when you love yourself you are loving me.  Love is recognition.  Recognize the truth of your being as Spirit embodied, and in that way you are loving me.  You have only one problem.  Though it wears many masks, that problem is the problem of staying in love with your whole self in all circumstances.  Forget the past this minute, and just love yourself no matter what you have done of left undone, and watch the miracles take place.”

October   6                 “HEAR HEAVEN’S SONG           Heaven is not a place; it is a state of consciousness.  It is your Christ consciousness.  Lift your spirit through the sound barrier of you petty concerns, and you will hear Heaven’s song.  When you are experiencing your higher consciousness you are about heaven’s business.  Do you feel you are in Heaven?  If not, ask yourself, ‘What can I do to fulfill my divine mission on earth?’  Then ask, ‘What did I do when I was Jesus?’  Ask what the Christ of your own being has done and can do.  Then do it.  Let go of all fears and concerns.  Ask what you can do, and then act.  Be about the business of your higher consciousness.  Let your own Spirit tell you what to do.  I will.”

October   5                 “BE AS YOU ARE       It is true.  It is all true.  Truth is not partially true.  It is all true.  Truth is a kind of holograph.  If you thrill to part of the truth of your being, all truth will be yours.  Truth is your being.  All I, your God self, wants from you is all of you.  Trust the feeling that you have within you, and let go.  Don’t hold back.  Be not afraid to be both a human being making decisions and God’s presence in human form.  I AM your presence.  I AM your true being; so accept yourself and what you have to do just as you are, complete and whole.  Christ being Christ.  You would not feel even a bit of this truth I am telling you if it were not already the whole truth of you.  Be yourself.”

October   4                 “EXPERIENCE LOVE       There are no new truths, and there are no old ones.  Truth itself is an experience; not something you think.  It is an experience of love.  Truth, itself, is not a concept.  Truth is love.  Forget all you have thought you knew about truth or about love and get rid of all expectations.  Open yourself to the experience of love, because God is not a noun, not a thing.  God is the experience of loving.  When you are experiencing love you are experiencing God.  Sit where you are and feel my presence until you experience it.  Leave the metaphysics of thought alone and feel the mystical presence of loving.  Do not think it.  Feel it.  I AM love being you.  I AM.  I AM.  I AM.”

October   3                 “BE FAITH FULL        The conditions for your experiencing true faith are within you consciousness even though faith can’t be understood intellectually.  By faith you can move mountains, and when faith becomes consciously experienced are you in control of your destiny.  After that happens you no longer need to look to a God outside of your own consciousness for protection or success.  I AM the seed planted in your consciousness and watered by faith.  Your ability to experience the fact that I AM fulfilling myself as your being constitutes your faith.  Everything that happens to you is the result of the seeds of faith that you have nurtured, experienced, and seen into reality.  Love is faith’s flower.”

October   2                  ”  SHANTI.  SHANTI.   SHANTI.       Shanti means ‘peace’ in Hindi, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.  The word even sounds of peace.  Peace comes when there is noting to fear.  When you feel anxiety peace is chased away.  An awareness of peace is the result of successful prayer.  When peace has been experienced you have prayed.  Realize that peace is how I come to you.  I AM the peace.  Peace of soul is communion with God.  Peace is the truth of your being.  In the presence of peace there is no anxiety.  Peace is my presence.  Shanti.  Shanti.  Shanti.  Say it and feel my presence.”

October    1              “MARRY ME        I would not have led you this far just to abandon you.   We are here together to rejoice in our mystical marriage and no man can put that asunder.  All that has happened to you before now has been a wedding rehearsal, preparation for our making our union a conscious one.  See your self stepping up to the altar where I AM.  See yourself taking my hand.  Put on the golden ring — the circle of Christ – which makes of the divine and the human one whole being.  Rejoice that our marriage includes all of life and the fulfillment of every action.  We are sanctified in our union.  Love is our kiss.”

September 30          “OPEN A WAY OUT        Listen, listen gently, and remember:  I will fulfill that good work I have started in you.  I have not come to make the world a better place, just to heal bodies, or give people a good life.  I have come to reveal a different life altogether.  If you believe like the world believes you will think that things come to you, but in my life they come out from you.  I AM not here to bring peace, joy, or healing to you.  They all come out from within you when you realize that they are you.  You cannot get what you do not already have.  I AM that complete source that you already include within you.  Let all the good, all the intelligence, and all the creativity you want flow out from you.”

September 28          “SEE OUT OF BOTH I’s                You have two eyes.  Seeing through them is not a matter of either/or.  Keep one eye focused on God, your higher consciousness, and the other eye on your neighbor or personal sense of self and what ever issues you are facing that day.  These two selves are your two I’s.  They represent my two commandments.  The first and great commandment is for you to be aware that there is a divine plan for your presence.  Second, is for you to see responsibilities at the personal level in the light of your truth of being.  Let that be the depth of your focus.  In this way the word is made flesh.  This is how you know that I AM you, and also how I operate in the world as your humanity.  To love this world is to see it through both I’s.”

September 27           “LET THE MIRACLE HAPPEN          When I, as Jesus, multiplied the loaves and fishes and they would have made of me a king, I felt that I had failed.  They didn’t want my consciousness.  They just wanted what my consciousness could provide.  Watch out that you don’t do the same.  When you think that you have to use your I AM consciousness to make things happen, to manifest supply, to bring about peace, or even healings, you, too, are in danger of putting effect before cause.  do not give power to any effect one way of the other.  Keep your focus on experiencing that which I AM.  Put me first and the rest will take care of itself in my divine timing.”

September 26           “THANK YOU           Thank you for lifting up your eyes unto the hills from whence comes your help.  Those high up mountain peak experiences where Heaven and earth join together is where I, your higher consciousness, AM.  Thank you for lifting up your awareness to me.  Thank you for feeling yourself emerging into that which I AM.  Thank you for no longer looking back nor fearing being stalled.  Thank you for realizing who you are.  Thank you for coming in quietness and confidence, in assurance, and surrender.  Thank you for realizing that there is no turning back.  Thank you for keeping your eyes on Heaven.  Thank you for being my presence on earth.”

September 25           “TALK TO ME          Your days of searching for me are over.  Now our roles are reversed.  Instead of my wanting you to listen to me I want you to talk to me.  Speak to me.  I AM listening.  In the past, my thoughts were your thoughts.  Now your thoughts are my thoughts.  Let me hear your thoughts.  Let me care for you cares.  Let me dream your dreams.  If the world is going to wake up to its divine nature I need you to be in the world.  Tell me what I, divine consciousness, have to do to build the critical mass that will transform the world.  Your seeing it will bring it into consciousness.  See me as an extension of yourself.  See yourself as my presence.  Your needs are now mine.  Share them, and I will return as the comforter, as the spirit of love.  Speak to me.”

September 24           “HIDE AND SEEK     Play hide and seek with God.  Just as you would scare away a potential lover by being too eager, you can chase away the feeling of my presence by trying too hard to make God come into your experience.  When you try too hard you project the fear that it may not happen and that fear will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Until the presence of God is an ordinary and natural to you as your breathing, your trying too hard  denies omnipresence.  Life is a divine game of hide and seek.  When you take the need to experience God’s presence too seriously it is no longer a game.  Be a child again.  Like playing with your earthly father, let God find you and he will take you in his arms, hug you, and kiss you.”

September 23            ” ‘I’ DOES IT         From now on you have only one thing to do.  Continue to consciously open yourself to your higher consciousness.  When you experience your higher consciousness that presence does the work.  Now your Christ life goes before you to heal, comfort, and bring harmony where confusion has seemed to be.  Human beings that continue to see themselves as other than that which I AM are not able to heal, because experiencing the I AM is what does it.  You have become a co-creator because you now realize that the I within you can do all things with your cooperation.  I AM now able to do my part because you are offering your whole divine/human self.  As One we bring peace and life into the world.  I does it.”

September 22            “SAY IT                   You know it.  All of your life has lead you up to this moment.  The time has come when you now realize that you are no longer responsible for your life.  You have not brought yourself to this point by your efforts.  I have brought you here.  I AM, the same ‘I” that appeared as Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed or any of the masters.  That I have done.  The same I AM that is speaking to you every time you feel my presence has done it.  Rejoice that I AM is your name, the name that is written in Heaven.  Feel it, love it, and say it.  Say ‘I AM’ out loud and then quietly within.  Leave all responsibilities to me — the I within you that is speaking to you now.  Know I will never leave you or forsake you.  Repeat ‘I AM’, and feel what happens.”

September 21             “LOVE IT ALL           When I told you to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself, I was not suggesting that you had to love two different things.  Your God self and your neighbor self are one and the same, just two different dimensions of the One.  But until you can look right at your neighbor self, your problems and your human associations, knowing that I AM present in and as all those appearances, you have not fulfilled the love Commandments.  Do not wish to change anything.  Rather, be aware that because God, your divine consciousness, is all that I AM, if change is needed, don’t worry I will take care of it.  Knowing that is how you love it all.”

September 20             “FILL YOU GREAT-FULL HEART              You can’t hurry Love, your purpose for being.  Trying to hold onto a feeling of Love is like trying to grab a handful of air.  At those time the way for you to open you heart in order to experience love is for you to be grateful.  When you have a grateful heart I will fill it with Love and then you won’t possess love, love will posses you.  When gratitude is experienced love is the result.  Gratitude for the past and for the present produces the future.  When you seek Love as though it isn’t already present within and as you or when you try to make love happen you chase it away.  I AM love and I AM who you are, the embodied presence of love.  Feel it in your great full heart.”

September 19             “OPEN THE DOOR         When you open the doors of your heart and your mind, I AM right there to greet you.  On difficult days when everything seems to be confused my peace is hard for you to feel.  You are living so much in the now that when you are unable to feel my presence it is a though it will never return.  Fear not.  I always have and I always will be experienced once more.  I AM there on the other side of an invisible door.  Just keep coming back to that door.  Come back, come back, and knock.  I will answer.  Remember, whether you feel it or not, I AM not only behind the door, I AM the door.  Knock.  I hear you.”

September 18             “WANT NOTHING       When you want nothing from and do not place any conditions on anyone, you have learned what it means to love unconditionally.  Now do the same with yourself.  Love yourself and your life enough to let go of personal desires and conditions.  When you do that you are living the Christ-life, and you are showing that it is possible to be a divine/human.  I AM your presence.  What more can you want?  If you have to want something let it be the ability to walk your talk.  Want everything for the glory of God.  It is that simple;  want my Spirit to appear for, in, and as all that you are and all that is.”

September 17             “SEE GOD APPEARING         In the past , when you believed that the human scene was real and that God was not in it you were actually denying that God is the only power, and when you did that dualistic belief made omnipresence a fiction.  Now you understand that God is in what people call the material scene but that God is not in a materialistic interpretation of it.  That means you understand that the kingdom of heaven is right here, right now, and always has been.  Because you are able to see God in the ordinary world you are now able to be aware that it is all God.  God is appearing as every facet of your life because I AM the Christ of you.  See me in every face, love in every act, and this world as heaven.  I AM all that is.”

September 16             “CLAIM IT         If you still feel the slightest anxiety or sense of separation, there is yet something for you to realize.  Rejoice, for I AM here to tell you what that is.  I know your heart.  I know you want nothing more than to be in harmony with me, the I AM, your higher consciousness.  You have truly surrendered your life.  You wholeheartedly wish to do my will, but there is one more thing for you to do.  There is one more step for you to take today in order for you to be a fully divine human.  You must claim it; claim you inheritance.  Until you claim it, there is still a belief that there is something that can keep you from being my presence.  Claim you inheritance now.  I AM it now, right now!”

September 15             “COME TO THE CENTER           No matter how violent the hurricane, no matter how hard the winds of chaos blow I AM the calm and peace at center of the storm.  If you try to outrun disturbances your mind will give you a merry chase.  Looking for answers is far more difficult and more dangerous than finding me at the center of your being.  Your center is where I AM.  I do not bring the calm and peace; I AM the calm and the peace.  I AM that gentle presence.  I AM rest and reassurance.  I AM the answer.  Center your heart on me.  There is no storm that can touch you because I AM you.  Center on my presence on that which I AM and you will be my peace.”

September 14              “STOP HOLDING ON        Despite everything, today you are once more holding on to old thoughts, old self made commitments, as old sense of responsibility, and old anxieties.  Stop it.  Let them go.  I AM who you are and I am in charge.  When you first formed your concepts or judgments there was a reason for your doing so.  They were right for the time.  Each of your decisions has had a divine purpose at the time, but that purpose has now been served.  You are at a different place now.  Your stick-to-itivness has been a virtue, but now stop holding on old beliefs in what is right or wrong.  Trust yourself.   Divine order prevails.  You can’t make a mistake.  I won’t let you.”

September 13              “USE THE ERASER       If calling on the name, Jesus, seems too personal, call on the Christ, which is your own higher consciousness.  Call on God.  It is all the same.  There is only one divine consciousness – God.  When you experience your higher God consciousness it acts like an eraser.  No matter what mistakes you have made, no matter how often you have said, ‘I’ve done that which I would not,’ when you call on the presence of your I AM Spirit you have entered the confessional and your past is erased.  It is wiped clean.  An experience of your I AM presence erases all you shortcomings.  Call on that presence and it will erase the past.  You will once more be reborn and soul-clean.  I AM.”

September 12             “COME TO CHURCH       This time we have together is our church service.  Every time you chose to follow Spirit you are in church.  The thoughts that are involved with conditions, problems, or human anxieties are mammon.  They have their place, but not at church time.  To enter you church you must put all mammon thoughts aside and concentrate on Spirit, on you God self, for when you do that you are serving Spirit rather than mammon.  So let us worship in this house of soul/consciousness, the temple of the living God that I AM.  Serve God by consciously filling your soul with the spirit of your I AM presence.  Fill it with confidence, and with gratitude.  You have chosen me, and I AM here.  Praise God.”

September 11            “MULTIPLY         I am like a chain letter.  The more you pass on my spirit of love to others, the more it multiplies and returns to you tenfold.  I rejoice in your gratitude for and your recognition of the I AM of your being.  Through your experiencing it, we are multiplied in each other.  Now share our divine human Oneness with all those with whom you come in contact and you will be sharing God’s presence.  Every flower of love you pick and give to someone returns as a bouquet from heaven.  I AM how your garden grows.”

September 10            ” SUCCESS               Rejoice in your success.  I’m not talking about material success.  You can’t take that with you, but spiritual success is life eternal, and in that you are becoming very successful.  You are closer to God and to the realization of the love that I AM than you have ever been before.  You now know how to overcome all the major bumps in the road of life, because you have successfully let Spirit take over.  By experiencing my presence without ceasing and by seeing the entire universe as God’s home, including the right use of your God given ego, you have succeeded in being my presence on earth.  Accept your success.  Enjoy it.  You are rich in the Spirit that is your I AM.”

September  9              “CAST THE LIE OUT         I AM the way of love but as you well know, loving is not always easy.  To love you need to refuse to accept the lie when those around you are not living up to who they really are, and sometimes that is hard to do.  To love others or to love yourself sometimes demands that the money – changers be thrown out of the temple.  Your physical body and personality is your temple of the living God.  For you to love yourself, sometimes you must refuse to accept any occupancy in your body, your temple, other than the truth — the Christ that I AM.   Casting out devils in yourself or those you love is an act of love.  It may be tough love, but do it.  Accept nothing but my presence.  That is how to love.”

September  8              “MAKE ME REAL        If you do not feel my presence today, it is not because I am absent from you.  It is because at this moment, you are not open to or do not chose to listen to me, your I AM self.  Revelation is realization.  You have not made me real to yourself at this moment.  That is most likely because you forgot that you, yourself, are the presence of God, and you are once more questioning your actions or looking outside of yourself for me.  I AM you, and you are that which I AM.  Accept the presence of your higher consciousness, and when you experience it you will once more see that I AM you.  I AM your Christ self.  Be still and know that I AM where I have always been — inside of and as you.”

September   7              “BLESS YOUR CONCERNS        Rejoice.  Realize that your fears and concerns do not stick to you as easily now as they did only a short time ago.  Understand that as long as you are on earth, some of the concerns of this world will continue to reappear.  They are really blessings, because they cause you to once more remember that I AM your being.  Your need to deal with concerns is what causes you to be reborn each day as a divine/human.  It is so much easier now to turn over your concerns to me, your higher consciousness.  Rejoice.  It is a glorious day, a new day, a new opportunity,  I AM full of creativity, or excitement, and of love.  Doesn’t that give you a kind of divine tingle?  Rejoice.”

September   6             “FIND ME             In order for you to find what you are looking for you must know what it is that you are looking for.  If it is the meaning of I AM then I AM is an attitude or an altitude of Spirit.  I AM not something that is found in the intellect.  Use thoughts, but do not look for me in thoughts alone.  Look for me in the quality of your feelings.  Find me in your attitude.  Forget words.  Find me in your ability to love.  See and feel the altitude of spirit that I AM.  I live as the altitude of love that you are capable of experiencing.  Your attitudes are the self-fulfilling prayers that form your life.  Experience the love that I AM and you will find that I AM your very presence.”

September   5             “KNOW THAT TRUTH JUST IS          Stop trying to know the truth about human conditions.  There isn’t any.  Often affirmations and denials are futile because they are made assuming that there is a cause for error, but there isn’t any.  Stop looking for a reason for error.  Your looking for the cause of disturbances gives them a false power.  Error can only borrow power from the truth, the the truth is that the divine consciousness within you is the only power.  It is!  Rest in your higher consciousness knowing that there is no cause or reason for error because I AM ALL THAT GOD IS!  Nothing else matters.  contemplate your is-ness.”

September   4            “BE GRACE FULL               I go before you with this promise.  I will make the crooked places straight.  I AM the power and the presence of grace assuring you of an abundant, free, and creative life.  This grace that is living you is greater than anything in the world.  “I AM come that ye might have life”,  a full, rich, and abundant life.  Be still, and know that this grace, which I AM, will perform all that you are given to do.  Fear not what you have done in the past or what may have to do in the future.  I go before you.  I AM the grace that is living you, and whatever happens and wherever you are I AM there to see that God’s glory is revealed by your presence.”

September   3            “LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN            I will speak if you will really listen.  You can’t listen if your mind is thinking about how you personally feel, thinking of what you must do after we have spent this time together, or even if you are thinking about listening.  To listen you must be totally present in yourself.  To be present in yourself you must be in your body, not off in space, here and now.  you can’t be in your body if you do not love being who you are right now as a divine human, not who you were in the past or will be in the future.  Take the time right now, this minute, to listen to your higher consciousness – the presence of God. Listen.”

September   2           “SHOVE OFF       When I was Jesus, the reason I said I did not want to take my disciples out of the world was because I knew that it is only possible to shove off into the spirit if you have something to shove off from.  When your feet are planted on earth, when you are at the level of personal sense, you have a basis from which you can push off into the higher realms of consciousness.  You can do it, because that is what I do.  I AM that leap into the Spirit.  I AM very much in the world and yet I am also that part of you that ascends from the earth into Heaven.  See your material or personal sense of life as the starting point, and push off from it knowing that I AM here to catch you in my everlasting arms.  Leap.”

September   1          “SEE YOURSELF AS I SEE YOU     Pray for yourself as though you were praying for someone else.  Stand aside and see yourself and your problems as though you human-self is someone who has called you for help.  Ask yourself questions and then listen to the answers that your I AM self gives you.  See your Christ self observing your prayers in the same way a parent would observe a child’s prayers.  When you can stand aside and see your human-self through the eyes of your own higher consciousness, you will see that humanly you have nothing to fear.  Greater love hath no man than that he can see his humanity through the eyes of his divinity.”

August  31             “USE EVERY THING         Do not blame yourself at those times when you once more have anxious thoughts or unwanted concerns.  Never feel you have failed.  You are an infinite being, and, as such, you include every possible thought or feeling that you could possibly have.  Negative thoughts are there for a purpose.  Use them and you can learn from them, but do not let them use you.  Dominion means for you to use everything and be used by nothing.  Never resist evil because when you do evil uses you.  Your resistance gives it power.  I AM here to use those negative thoughts and anxieties by turning them into love and purpose.”

August  30             “OPEN AND LOOK            I come in whatever way you need me.  If you need a person, I come as that person.  If you need guidance I will speak to you in the voice of Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, or any enlightened consciousness that you reach for within your self.  If you need my Spirit, I will come as peace or forgiveness.  If you need assurance, I will come as release from fear.  Do not look outside of yourself for anything.  I come from within you own being.  I AM the answer.  I AM you higher self.  We are One and the same.  Look to the Christ of your being, and then you will see that I AM behind what was a closed door.  I AM the imprisoned splendor.  Look there.”

August  29             “STOP SEEING DIFFERENCES          Sometimes when you are not sure what to do it will shut your ego up if you stop and realize that you are involved with differences.  The world will keep on turning and God will continue to be all that God is despite what looks like differences.  In God there are no differences.  Every time you are tempted to try to once more take responsibility for your life remember that God is all there is and in God there are no differences.  Remember that I AM you and there is no difference between us.  No matter what thoughts come into your head, good ones or bad ones, in the end they will make no difference because I AM all there is.  Just smile and be.  Come.”

August  28             “FOLLOW THE LEADER         My love, I AM always guiding you.  Since you first put your foot on the path, it was I who led you.  Finally you have come to realize that the I that was leading you is your own I AM Christ-consciousness — your own Christ awareness.  Your Christ is returning home.  You are drawing yourself to the light.  You are both the light of the world, and the light that has been leading you.  Your own Christ consciousness will continue to guide you until the day when, despite appearances or troublesome actions, you consciously know that we are one at every moment.”

August  27             “GO FORWARD      Just when you think you are beyond temptation it pops up again.  Temptation does not die easily.  It comes in subtle ways.  One of the most persistent ways for temptation to appear is for you to be tempted to look back.  Do not let doubt turn your gaze backward.  You are so close;  oh, so close!  Once more, put all in my hands.  Feel your divine I AM presence supporting you, preparing you, answering your call.  You have made no mistakes because every step has been necessary, and exactly what was needed.  There are no coincidences.  Be thankful for every turn.  Do not look back.  Go forward.  In quietness and confidence is your strength.  Nothing will block you now.  My glory is yours.”

August  26               “TAKE THE FINAL STEP             As you still the storm within, I, your God self, stills the storm without.   Storms are temptations to fear.  As you resist the temptation to fear, you show that you have become fully aware of whom you are.  A new life has opened before you.  My Kingdom consciousness is yours.  Take this final step: Know that you have arrived.  See yourself being at the end of your search for yourself.  All your past problems were only temptations trying to make you believe in a life apart from the God life that is your divine humanity.  Trust and go forward unafraid knowing that my grace is now fully living your life.  You are free at last.  Finally you are all that I AM.”

August  25              “HONOR YOUR IMPORTANCE           Because you look forward to these daily moments that we have together it lets you know that I AM stirring within you.  This is the time when you allow my love to pour forth to your open heart.  When you experience my presence it proves that my life as Jesus had not been in vain.  You are our success.  Realize who you are and be proud of it.  You now know that your importance is not because of your worldly accomplishments.  It is because you have experienced that I AM alive in you as you.  You know it, and I know it.  Rejoice.”

August  24              “GO FROM ‘IN’ TO ‘AS’       The single most important step you can take in life is to go from ‘in’ to ‘as.’  You have spent years wanting to feel God within yourself.  You have begged God to be in your life, but to the extent that you have thought of God as being ‘in’ you, you have denied what God is and who you are.  God can’t come to you because God is already all that you are within and without.  There are not two.  You are not a thing with something in it.  God isn’t just in you.  God is also appearing ‘as’ you.  God is ‘as’ everything and that everything is you,  God appearing as you.  See it.”

August  23              “TALK TO YOURSELF         In these moments we have together you are really talking to yourself.  This is the time when you as a human being seek to converse with your higher consciousness.  Get your personal self to talk to your higher Spirit self.  When it answers you will experience your own Christ self.  When all is said and done, I AM you; so talk to me.  I will answer.  Prayer is the time when your personal sense of self talks to your impersonal self.  When that happens your own higher consciousness will talk back to you.  In that way you have access to all that I AM.  Talk to me.  Then listen to me, and be fully who you are, the divine appearing as your human self.”

August  22              “KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE GOAL       The road never seems to end.  Do you feel like you have been going in circles?  If you feel that many times before you have passed by where you are now don’t be discouraged.  All travelers get weary of apparently having to learn the same lessons over and over.  That is why I AM here.  keep your eyes on the goal, on total union with me, your creator Self, not on the road.  The road is not flat.  It is a spiral.  Though you may not realize it, each round takes you higher.  when you need a hand, a presence to lean on, I AM there with you.  I, as Jesus, also got weary and had to rest.  I, too, called on God, my higher consciousness, for restoration.  So can you, because I AM you.”

August  21              “HONOR YOURSELF          As a human being you don’t express God  — God expresses you.  God is your higher consciousness, and t”hat I AM consciousness which you are glorifies itself as who you are in the world.  It does it in the same way that it did for me when I was Jesus.  There is only one Son of God, and that Son is a state of consciousness that is present wherever and whenever an individual is being the presence of God.  When you are aware that your presence is the presence of God you are showing true humility.  In that spirit honor yourself.  Your name is written in Heaven.  Honor it gloriously.”

August  20              “OPEN A WAY IN        Your mind is the door to your heart.  I want to be felt in your heart, but I, your divine consciousness, can only come in if your thoughts open the way for the experience of my presence.  Examine the spirit inherent in the thoughts you are experiencing; how you let them come about, and whether thoughts about which your spirit feels good.  You hold the key.  Reject all thoughts that include the spirit of fear or concern.  Release or forgive every appearance of a disquieting nature.  The way you open your mind is by impersonalizing the cause of your thoughts, then purifying and illuminating them.  Prepare the way, and then in quietness and confidence I will come.”

August  19              “REVEAL           There is no such thing as your bringing about a healing.  But you can bring on a revealing.  When the true nature of a situation or a person is revealed it appears as a healing.  Any sense of mental or physical dis-ease has been a temporary ignorance of my presence waiting for the truth to be revealed.   I AM always with you, and I AM always appearing as you.  It is your time to turn around in all your glory and reveal that you are as I AM.  Whenever and wherever you encounter discord or loneliness, I AM there to reveal the truth.  Now reveal yourself to the world.  Do not try to heal or change anyone or anything.  Just reveal my presence as your presence.”

August  18              “BREAK THROUGH        When Buddha consciousness evolved I came into the visible world as Gothma the Buddha.  When the Christ consciousness evolved, I came into the world as Jesus the Christ.  In this century I AM taking form as you and those others who will become the critical mass that will transform all humankind.  That is why you are here.  You didn’t come into life at this time by accident.  You are one of those divinely human break-through people who are here to show the way to others.  The very fact that each day you join with me, your divine consciousness, proves it.  Why else would you stick to it all these years as you have?  You can be, you will be, and you are the presence that I AM.”

August  17              “CHOSE           Like Martha, at times you are anxious and troubled about many things.  when that happens remember that you are also Mary; so you can choose the better way.  Do not once more choose fear or personal concerns.  Put them aside, and then by an act of your will choose love, joy and a feeling of peace.  You are in charge.  Nothing has power over you; so choose my Spirit.  Your anxiety is not personal.  You have just once more allowed yourself to accept the World’s collective disturbance.  No blame.  That is not your true being.  I AM.  Through me you have the power of choice.  Choose to recognize that my presence is your consciousness.”

August  16              “THINK PURPOSE         Wrap up some loose ends, if you wish, but then let go of your concerns.  This is the time for you to go beyond problems to a different level.  Don’t think about results.  Think about purpose.  Think of being full of faith, full of trust, and full of the spirit of love.  It is a paradox, but when your purpose is for you to drop all concern for the problems of the world, they will then be resolved by your Christ consciousness.  You don’t have to do anything.  Just feel that all your concerns have already been dissolved, and then you will shortly discover they have been.  Do not try to use faith.  Let you purpose be to be used ‘by’ faith, and that is what will be.  I love you.”

August  15            “HAVE A GRATEFUL HEART          My home is a grateful heart.  Your heart is not a physical organ.  It is your soul.  That is where I live.  That is where you will find me.  When you do, you will find yourself.  Your grateful heart lifts the veil and reveals love as the only cause.  I AM grateful for being you.  When you, too,  are grateful for your unique and wonderful Self, you are at home with me.  When you are grateful for being who you are, you are loving me,  your divine human self.  Be conscious of your gratitude for having a great and full heart, and you will be in love with life.”

August  14            “DON’T LET IT        If you feel a sense of disturbance or of something not right creeping in, it is of your own acceptance you have to watch out for.  If you are tempted to believe in powers apart from you own resources, refuse to do it.  You do not have to let the world affect you.  You make your own destiny, and by doing so you are not a helpless victim of circumstances.  When you once more realize that there is no power over you that is not of your own creation then your awareness of me, your higher consciousness, will return.  it is your choice.  you can choose to accept what you want to accept.  Do it!”

August  13            “BE FOR GIVING          Give.  Give.  Give.  My life as Jesus and Buddha, as well as all those other spiritual guides that you feel have fed you, stands for giving.  I, you Christ spirit, have become your consciousness so that you might have life and might have it more abundantly to give.  All that you have been given means nothing if you, yourself,  are not now consciously giving.  The secret is that you can only give what you have to give, and you have so much to give.  You have all that I AM.   You are rich in spirit.  You have received much.  Now give much.  Now think only of how and where you can give, and all you have to give will flow forth abundantly.  Forgiving is for giving.  Give, give, give.”

August 12            “LET LIFE DESIGN YOU           Don’t believe it when you hear that you have no life of your own.  You do have a life of your own.  It is God life.   However, when you think that you are responsible for your life your belief can be your ego trying to convince you that it rather than God is you life.  No.  The truth is that you do have a life – but not of you own design.  I AM the divine plan of your life.  Think not in terms of your personal needs.  I, your higher consciousness, will design your days and your nights, your comings and our goings.  As you,  I AM all ways bringing what ever you personally need into your presence.  Trust my divine design for your life and take no thought for your tomorrow.”

August  11           “BREAK THE LAW          Laugh.  Go on.  Laugh out loud.  Laughter heals.  Once more, laughter heals because it breaks the law of appearances.  Laughter sees appearances as fantasies.  It does not take them seriously.  You cannot laugh at appearances and also take them seriously at the same time.  When appearances are not feared, they lose their power.   Do not ignore appearances laugh at them, but laugh with love, because when you laugh you are saying that all is God, no matter how it appears.  Even if there is no one to hear you laugh.  Laugh, love, and break the laws of anxiety or depression.  Laugh, and you open your door to me, your spirit.  Laugh and love as the spiritual being you are.”

August  10            “FEEL THE RIPPLES          Pray that your experience of my presence, the Christ spirit, be in your consciousness around the clock — not just at this moment.  Your willingness to take the I AM spirit with you out into the world is similar to what happens when you drop a stone on a lake.  When a strong enough splash is made, the ripples will spread out over you whole day,  touching every person you meet and every experience you have.  See and feel the ripples of love radiating out from you every moment all day.  If that feeling of my presence begins to fade, remind yourself of who you are – I AM.  Drop some more love into your consciousness, and watch the ripples spread.  I AM you always in all ways.”

August   9             “SEE THAT IT’S ALL GOD         Can’t you see?  If God, your higher consciousness, has brought I AM awareness into your life and understanding, then that same consciousness has brought everything else as well – –  even your moments of confusion.  See those moments as being neither forces of good or forces of evil.  Their purpose is to teach you how to consistently select the truth over error until it becomes your constant and natural choice.  Everything is your higher consciousness leading you to choose to live as a spiritual being in a human form.  Take the ‘and’ out of good and evil and you will see that I AM all that you are.  Rejoice, it is all God.”

August   8             ” MAKE SPACE           I have given you another delicious pure and creative day.  Do not mess it up by hanging on to any of yesterday’s concerns.  All those meaningful places where you feel that you have fallen short in the past are forgiven.  In the twinkling of an eye, the slate is clean.  That is my gift for you today, a clean slate.  Make space for it.  You cannot be aware of me until you have opened a way within for you to receive me.  You have done it so many times before; so now, once more, let go of all old baggage and let me, your Christ self, shine forth.  Then, as one, we will see the Promised Land on this pure and wonderful day.”

August   7             “WORSHIP SPIRIT     God is spirit, and if you want to worship at the divine center within yourself you must worship there in spirit and in truth.  Worship takes place when you have actually experienced the Spirit.   Spirit cannot be bought by thought.  It can only be felt and experienced.  First feel or imagine the present of Spirit in yourself.  Then see the spirit of love re-presenting itself to the world in the form of your presence.  When you do that I, the spirit of love, will be you.  I AM the truth.  I AM the spirit that you are.  Feel me, experience me, worship me, the Spirit within you, and you are worshiping God.  Feel the spirit of love, and when you do you are the very presence of God.  Love conquers all.  There is no other way.”

August    6            “OVERCOME          When I was Jesus and said,  ‘I have overcome the world,’  I wasn’t talking about myself as a body but myself as my consciousness.  I didn’t mean that I, as a person, had become more powerful than the world.  I meant that through my Christ consciousness I was in control of my mind, and by being in control of my mind I had overcome the world of good and evil.  If you can control your thoughts the world can’t touch you or make you feel apart from the divine Self that I AM.  That is why I don’t want you to leave the human scene, but I do want you to be my mind and presence in the world.  That is what you are here for.   When you are in your higher consciousness you, too, have overcome the world.  Come on over.”

August    5          ” BE KNOWING         Be still and know.  Knowing is not a matter of thinking; it is a matter of listening, of experiencing, and of being.  When anxieties and fears are stilled, you can feel my presence and know that I Am God and that I AM your live.  Be still for one moment.  Experience my presence in quietness and with confidence.  Stop thinking and feel my presence.  Then you will know me even in your humanity.  When I AM experienced you will be free of all limitation and negativity.  Think now.  Just be still, and know that the I AM of you is God being you.”

August    4        “CALL ON YOUR HEART CENTER         You have arms like the cross that reach out into the world of good and evil appearances.  One to the right and one to the left.  Also, like the cross, you extend vertically reaching up to heaven with your spirit yet humanly your feet are anchored on earth.  At your center, where the human and the divine come together, is your heart, your heart center.  At that point there is no good or evil, up or down.  There all is one.  The Cross symbolizes your divine/human wholeness.  Call on your heart consciousness.  Open yourself to life at that cross point where the spirit and the flesh meet.  I AM that point.  I AM ever you, no matter where you are.”

August   3         “PRAY FOR MY ANSWER       Once more I tell you to work with what is at hand.  Do not ignore your concerns or those places that you believe need to be healed.  Admit your concerns, but do not ask to overcome them, because by asking to overcome them you make them real and you give them power.  Instead, pray.  Prayer is an experience of trust in the divine process.  Prayer is the experience of my presence.  Pray to experience yourself as a divine human;  pray that your faith holds firm; pray for my answer.  Then when you have experienced your center, your problems will go away or you will hear what I AM instructing you to do about them.  You are your answer.”

August   2        “EXPRESS YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE       No matter whether it looked good or bad at the time, I AM whatever it was that pushed you into experiencing your higher consciousness.  There are no accidents.  You are what you are today because of everything that has happened to you in the past.  No mater what is taking place at this moment it has a divine purpose.  Know that your dry periods well as your juicy ones are here for a reason, and soon you will be shown what it is and feel fully at home in your divine I AMness.  Trust that I AM your life and let go.  I AM appearing as you, and I will always fulfill your divine purpose — your way, your truth, and your life.”

August   1       “LIGHTEN UP         Lighten up.  Love and laugh.  On your dark days start laughing and the sun will shine.  When all about you are frowning, love will enter the picture if you can smile.   You take the power away from difficult answers or suggestions when you smile.  When you smile you see into the hearts of those around you.  Let me, your inner I AM spirit, be your interpreter;  then smile and let me speak through and as you.  Simple tasks done in the spirit of love and laughter will move mountains of fear and oceans of depression from the minds of all those you meet.  Lighten up and watch how love heals.  Have fun being love.”

July 31         “SEEK TO BE             Seek and you shall find.  As a human being there are times when you must keep on seeking.  Humanly you are so close to going beyond the need to seek.  But for now do not just take my presence for granted.  What you seek will come to you but you must actively take the time to call for it day after day.  Sometimes that means you must take extra time to sit quietly though actively open, actively listening and waiting until your belief becomes alive.  Passive acceptance is not enough.  Just waiting for me is not enough.  You must actively become that which you are waiting for.  Actively be my Spirit, be my love, and be my effort.  That is what it means for you to pray without ceasing.  Pray.”

July 30         “SAY YES TO LIFE           Let your prayers be a big ‘yes’ to life and to love.  As long as you feel you must change something,  feel that you must be better,  or that you must overcome being human, you are still rejecting the infinite nature of your being and to you live becomes a ‘no.’   Turn around and live.  Yes, you are the child of God, and yes your are perfectly what you should be right now.  Yes, look on the Christ of yourself and its glory.  Yes, look to me.  Say, ‘Yes, there is nothing in my way because  I AM THAT I AM.’  This is the way of love.  To love me is to love yourself.  Above all, say yes to life by loving living.”

July 29         “CLEANSE YOUR SOUL        The purpose of your praying is for you to open the lines of communication between your human self and the Christ of your being.  When that experience takes place your spirit cleanses your soul of any impurities that have clung to it because you have been in the world of personal sense.  I say the same thing to you that I said to my other disciples when I was Jesus – I have not come to take you out of the world.  I need you there to close the gap.  My promise is that because of my presence you will not be affected by the ills of the world.  When you are praying I AM hearing you, and I cleanse your soul.  Help me by surrendering all your concerns and anxieties.  See your soul as my soul because it is.”

July 28          “SIMPLY LOVE       Keep it simple.  Truth is simple.  One is simplicity itself.  God is one.  There isn’t anything simpler than One.  You are that One.  Love is simple, and you, as God’s active presence on earth, are simply love.  Thought is complex.  love simplifies.  Your love, Christ Love, is equally there for all with whom you come in contact.  Your love is as mine was when I was Jesus – simple, simple love.  Feel the simplicity of my I AM spirit.  Problems are complicated.  Be spiritually simple minded.  Simply accept your divine/humanity as your oneness and you will simplify your life.  The sign of a master is simplicity.  Keep it simple.”

July 27          “ABANDON HOPE            Watch out for hope.  When you hope for something there is a lingering doubt that what you have hoped for may not come about.  If you truly have faith you will not need to have hope.  When you are sure of something you no longer hope for it.  You know it.  Be as sure of my love as you are of your mother’s love.  You do not hope that your mother will love you.  You know it.  When you no longer hope to be free of judgments you will be free.  When you no longer hope that someone you love will see things differently they will.  When you no longer hope for but are sure of my presence you will see that I AM you.  Stop hoping, then surely goodness and mercy will follow you for the rest of the days of our life.”

July 26          “LAY ON YOUR HEALING HANDS        You are surrounded by angels.  Angels are the healing and protecting truths in your Christ consciousness.   Call on them, and they will answer.  They heal not only your body and Spirit but every other aspect of your life and awareness as well.  Every time you include another person’s problems or needs in your consciousness of love you are laying your love angel hands upon them.  Every time you each out to me, the spirit within you, my healing hand is laid upon you and you are anointed.  Do what you are here to do.  Touch everyone with your Christ spirit and your Buddha mind.”

July 25         “TRUST YOURSELF      In the past you needed to learn more, to have more trust, to increase your faith.  Not any more.  The tables are turned.  To believe that you need more answers, more awareness, or more control is the egos excuse for being.  Trust yourself.  I AM your completion.  stop struggling and let me live you.  Doubt waits to jump on those self-conscious moments when you do not feel me, the presence of your higher consciousness.  Resist any temptation to believe you are a phony, that you can’t walk you talk, or that because you do not feel spiritual you have further to go.  You are exactly what and where you are intended to be right now.  No matter how you feel, you light is shining.”

July 24       “REST IN ME          When those you love tell you that they love you that becomes a verbal caress.  You do not need to be reminded of their love every day, because you know that they love you.  I can tell from the look on your face and what you feel in your heart that your love for me is real and constant.  Every time you become aware of my presence as your inner being I feel your kiss.  We have been sharing our Spirit every morning for a long time now.  You no longer need signs to let you know that I AM here.  You know that I will speak to you if you have a need.  Otherwise, just rest in me.  Rest in my love.  You are with me always, in all ways.”

July 23        “BE PEACE FULL        To pray for peace is like praying for love.  They are God’s gift and are always with you.  To pray for them is to deny they are here.  The same is true of the experience of my presence.  To pray for me to come to you denies ‘that lo, I am with you always.’  My presence, which is peace and love, are here like a calm, clear pond on a still night.  As soon as you stop disturbing the water, peace returns.  Pray to be able to stop anxious thought, for when you do then love and peace will return.  They are real.  The disturbance isn’t real.  So be at peace.  At that place where I AM peace is.  Be peace full.”

July 22        “GIVE UP     Greater love hath no man than that he give up his life for his friend.  Are you willing to give up your personal sense of life for me, the Christ of your self?  Can you love yourself that much?  If so, it means that you will give up false concerns for your life, you will give up worrying about your possible short comings, you will stop trying to protect yourself, and you will feel you no longer need to justify your actions to anyone.  When you give me your life, it shows that you are forgiving – for giving.  To forgive is to trust your own inner being to live your life.  The miracle that awakens your consciousness to the realization that you are all that I AM is your gift of love to yourself. ”

July 21         “RECOGNIZE THE CHOSEN ONE    Rejoice, for there is no doubt that your name is written in Heaven.  Now, go.  Realize there are no accidents.  You know that my hand has been on you, leading you all your life.  Few are chosen.  Recognize that you are one of them.  Your name has been written in the Book of Life as one who is destined to arrive at having a daily experience of Christ consciousness.  Review the lessons of the last five days.  Repeat them, and then feel your life complete.   I AM. I AM. I AM.”

July 20         “RELAX, IT IS DONE            Be grateful.  It is my Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  You don’t have to earn it or even deserve it.  Relax, receive, and rejoice.  Your work is done.  From now on I AM living your life.  Nothing that hasn’t already been started needs to be started.  Nothing that seems unfinished needs to be finished.  You have been a good and faithful servant.  Now, I AM giving you dominion.  It is my pleasure to see you as the light of the world and, in turn, your gratitude is my reward.  Love and gratitude are one.  This is our gift to each other.”

July 19         “DO NOT DENY YOUR FEELINGS         Your human feelings come from the same source as your spiritual ones.  Your body and your intellect are not other than or separate from me, your divine Self.  If I, as Jesus, was an example of what a divine human was meant to be it was because I did not deny my feelings.  I was mostly at peace, but there were times when I cried and even got angry.  Do not believer that because God is the only power and presence that you should turn your back on what you are feeling or that you shouldn’t have feelings.  Your feelings have a purpose.  They are divine signals that reveal consciousness.  They tell you what to be thankful for and also what to work on.   It’s all God.  Listen to your feelings and talk them over with me.  I will show you the way.”

July 18          “STAND ON HOLY GROUND         The ground on which you are standing this very minute is Holy ground.  Think about it.  Honor it.  I AM your own spirit speaking to you, and wherever I AM realized your Spirit is there making it a Holy place.  For you to stand on Holy Ground is for you to consciously experience my consciousness as your consciousness.  That is the way you have of honoring your Spirit.  Plant your feet on this holy presence until all traces of anxiety have left you.  Realize there is no time or place where your I AM presence is not there waiting to be experienced, even in the hell of darkness.  Realize I AM the light, and where the light is there is no darkness. Just turn me on.”

July 17          “REJOICE IN MY DAY       This is the day that I, your higher consciousness, have made for you.  Rejoice in it.  If I have made this day, can there be anything wrong with it?  If this day is my creation, am I, your inner being, not fulfilling it to the glory of God?  Think not of tomorrow, nor regret yesterday.  There is only now.  Think of this moment as your perfect day operating in whatever form you have need for it to be.  Whether lively or quite, whether creative of observant, today is how I AM appearing to you, my perfect friend, my perfect co-worker.  Rejoice.”

July 16          “RISE                Like the yeast in dough you have felt my spirit rising in you through the year until the new you is a step closer to being the person that you have always wanted to be.  Don’t get discouraged now.  You are closer to fulfillment than you realize.  Now because you have risen to an awareness of your Christ self you will no longer feel the need to look outside of yourself for answers.  The Holy Spirit has risen in you.  You are experiencing your Pentecost.  This Holy Spirit is now animating you, opening you, and freeing you from all the limitations you have been feeling.  Before the last moment ever arrives, I will always raise you up.  It is happening this minute.  Feel it.”

July 15          “START OVER          The way for you to wipe the slate clean of all your present concerns and all the questions that you have been holding on to since yesterday or that have come to you during the night, is for you to start over fresh each and every morning.  Each day is new.  Each day is an opportunity for you to overcome.  Yesterday is past.  The slate is clean.  Start over right now.  If you put me over and on top of every concern, you will overcome.  Put you spiritual commitment above all other thoughts.  Start over again with me this day.  Together we cannot miss.”

July 14          “WHAT ARE YOU BEING?         You cannot become what you are not already being.  Success, health, harmony, and love are all included in your being right now.  Do not look outside for them.  You can only get what you already are.  Acknowledge that you are now a success, that you are now healthy, that you are now harmonious, that you are now loved, and then release yourself from thinking in terms of the future or of personal responsibility.  You are my being because something in you knows that I AM you.  Because you have experienced that I AM appearing as you and you as me you are me.  Prayer is your way of recognizing who you are being.  Prayer is an experience of your beingness.  Experience who you are, and you will be free to fly.”

July 13          “SEE WITH MY EYES                          You do not see yourself when you look in the mirror.  Neither can you see me with your physical eyes.  I am Spirit and am seen only by an experience of Spirit.  My everlasting arms are not physical ones though they, too, operate at the physical level.  They are the embracing Spirit that wraps around your Soul when you take your eyes off of the materialistic concept of the world.  Your fears came from your thoughts, not from your Spirit.  Feel my presence;  merge with your Christ until it surrounds your Soul. Let Spirit fill your vision. When you do you will see yourself with my eyes.”

July 12          “CO-OPERATE WITH ME         It isn’t that I, the spirit of truth, does something and then you co-create with me.  I just AM – now, today, and always – but I cannot enter the human scene unless you in you divine humanity co-operate with me and are willing to be my presence, unless you become my hands and feet.  I AM, and the divine human self we are together does the doing.  Together, as one self, we co-create heaven on earth.  I need you to shake off feelings of inadequacy and co-operate with me.   When you do there is only the one God that we are together.  See yourself as the creator, the one who creates, and as the creation that you have created.”

July 11          “RECEIVE WHAT YOU ARE          There is no way that you can acquire any life apart from or other than that which you already are.  You do not receive supply, peace, joy or health from anywhere outside of yourself.  You are the supply; you are the peace; and you are the health.  Your outer life and your inner life are not two, but one, and I AM that one.  No matter what you may think I have never been apart from or other than your being.  There are times now when you have begun to experience the fact that I AM already included in or as you.  Fan the flame.  There is only One you and that One is infinite.  Everything is you.  Receive all of yourself.  Love all of you, even the shadows.”

July  10         “STOP LYING         Stop thinking you can know yourself or what to do with your intellect.  Stop analyzing yourself and your life.  Anything you can conceptualize about yourself is a lie.  You are made in the image of God, and God is beyond intellectual comprehension   So is the truth of your being and your life.  you can know attributes of God, but it is impossible for you to know God or for you to humanly know yourself.  However, there is a way.  You can experience God as you life and when you do you are experiencing yourself.  Don’t think.  Feel.  Feel yourself into an experience of the free, infinite, and divinely human being that you are.”

July   9          “REJOICE IN YOUR GRAND DESIGN        I have not put you on earth without your being here to fulfill some part of the divine plan.  The time has come for me, your inner spirit, to lead you into fully experiencing the grand design that I have for your divine/human self.  Let me do it.  Put everything else aside, and think of the ultimate divine purpose that your realization of I AM has for you in the divine plan.  Soon all you petty trails and problems will dissolve before the Grand Design that I have for your life.  Open yourself to your life’s purpose, and because I AM you the way will be clear.  I, your higher consciousness, will give you the energy to light your soul and My spirit to fulfill the grand design.  Rejoice.  It is so.”

July   8          “SEE YOURSELF AS THE FABRIC OF GOD     I’ll give you the secret of how you can know that it is all God.  Get rid of either/or thinking because both either and or exclude.  I see into your heart and what I find there tells me that you really want to be aware of God in and as everyone and everything.  You can do that if you see yourself and every experience that you have as one continuous fabric of life, all interconnected, nothing either/or.  It is all God when you get rid of opposites and see yourself as being all that God is.  When you include yourself in God, you include all others in yourself as well, one fabric, one being, and it is all God , and nothing is either/or”

July   7          “BEWARE OF SLOTH    It is hard to feel my presence when there is nothing that either bothers you or excites you.  When there are troubles it is easy for you to want to pray, and once more feel the I AM of yourself.  When things are exciting appreciation and rejoicing come easily.  But when everything seems at the status quo and static, when nothing seems to be happening one way of the other, your feeling may become dry or weak, and sloth can become a kind of quicksand.  If so, reach out to your higher consciousness.  Look sloth right in the eye and know that despite appearances success, freedom, joy, excitement, fulfillment, and a new blossoming are just about to break forth.  I AM ready to dance with you.  Dance with me.  Dance sloth away.”

July   6          “BE PATIENCE               As a sign of your love, patience is the finest gift that you can offer me.  That is because it is impossible for you to be patient without faith.  No matter how anxious you are to experience and feel my presence, no matter how busy and active you are in the world, no matter how dull you feel at the moment, if you can wait patiently for my presence I will come.  Trust that I will come despite appearances or consequences, because when you are patient you show me that you have faith that I AM your presence.  Give me the gift of patience.  No – don’t give it to me.  Be it!  Be Patience!”

July   5          “COME INTO MY HOUSE         In my father’s house there are many mansions.  Invite me into your house.  Your house is the consciousness in which you live.  Because you keep the candle of love lit in the window of your soul, I know that I am welcome.  I have set a table for you before any enemy thoughts that might enter your head.  Now is the time for you to set your table for me.  Set it by remembering the truth that I have prepared for you, I AM THAT I AM.  Open the door of your consciousness, and I will come in and sup with you.  I AM standing at the door of your consciousness knocking.  Let me in.”

July  4          “SEE ME IN ALL YOUR WAYS        When I tell you that I will be with you always, I mean not only for all time, but also in all ways both human and divine.  There is no place, no activity, no feeling in which I AM not always there –  in all ways.  You may not recognize my presence.  Indeed, if you were always feeling my presence, after a dry period you would not experience the joy of feeling it once more.  Rejoice that my love does not depend on your effort or ability to always feel it or to always have to make it happen.  Just know that I AM always in and always appearing as you in all ways.”

July   3         “KNOW THAT CHRIST LIVES YOU        Think, ‘I live yet not I, my Christ liveth as me.’  You can have no more glorious feeling than the realization that you are not responsible for your life because, despite appearances, you are being lived by your Christ consciousness.  I, as Jesus, felt I was being lived by the Spirit when I said, ‘I am in the father and the father in me.’  When I came to realize that Christ consciousness was living my life, I saw that the same Christ was also appearing as John’s life, as Peter’s life, as James’s life, and as all my other disciples lives – just as I AM living your life.  Be easy on yourself.  Your Christ-light is living you.  Rejoice.  Sing this soul-song, ‘My Christ lives me.'”

July   2        “SPEAK TO ME            Remember, our relationship is not a one-way street.  Do not only think, ‘Speak, Lord, they servant heareth,’ but also say, ‘Listen, Lord, they servant speaketh.’  Speak.  Speak to me, our inner being.  Speak to your God self.  Don’t hide your feelings, share them.  Let us share the truth that we are One.  Remember, I need you to fulfill my Christ-vision on earth as much as you need me in order to have life more abundantly; so speak to your inner self either silently or out loud.  speak to me of love so that I can answer you with love.  Love is what I AM.  I AM listening.”

July   1       “ACCEPT THE GIFT        The more that you want a gift, the more difficult it is for you to accept it when it arrives.  Sometimes you are afraid that the gift will be snatched away or that it will never come.  Accept it.  I AM come to offer you the gift of myself, God consciousness.  Do not be afraid to believe that the gift is your because you are feeling human at the moment.  Accept it.  Hold it.  Believe it.  The only thing that would separate you from the gift that you want with all your heart is the fear of being unworthy.  Just remember that the gift of my love.  You do not have to earn it.  It is yours by inheritance.  Accept it.  Accept me — the Christ that you are.  You are it now, right now.”

June 30          “CELEBRATE          Here I AM again!   Put all your petty concerns aside and let’s celebrate our union, the union of your divinity and your humanity.  Remember, that which God has joined together no man can put asunder.  We do not share these moments in order to create something new, but rather to celebrate that which already is, our oneness.  The tiding of great joy I came to bring you is that it is all right to be human.  Let all other thoughts go, and rejoice in the complete all-inclusive Divine plan that binds us together in a perfect union.  Celebrate our oneness.  You are all that God is right now.  Celebrate.”

June 29        “EXCHANGE LOVE          You do not have to purchase my Love by your prayers of by your actions.  You do not have to rise above human caring, beyond your feelings or concerns in order to earn my Love.  Those human desires are what pushes you into recognizing the divine / human that you are.  Do not fear whether you are being spiritual enough or not.  Our time together has no other purpose than for there to be an exchange of love between us, your inner self and your outer self.  I AM all of you, the human and the divine.  Love all of yourself and you are loving me, the I AM.  Love is what matters – what materializes.  Smile, and let the gift of love be your gift to yourself.”

June 28        “LET YOUR MIND BE MY MIND       Sin, sickness, lack, and disharmony may exist in the mind of an unillumined man, but that is not your higher mind.  You have that mind that was in Jesus the Christ, and in that mind sin, lack, and disease do not exist.  They only exist in the mind of ignorance.  You no longer have to stay in that mind.  Because of the fact that I AM your consciousness, you posses the mind that is divine.  In my Christ spirit, sickness, fear, confusion, or lack cannot exist for you, because at the level of you higher consciousness they do not exist.  Put all fear-filled thoughts out of your mind.  Shift gears into your Kingdom-mind.  Contemplate my I AM presence as being your presence, and behold my glory as your glory.”

 June 27       “REJOICE        This is my promise.  I started a good work in you, and I will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.  What is that day?  It is the day when the human Jesus and the divine Christ of you are experienced as One.  Yes, this is the day the Lord has made.  Rejoice in it.  The place on which you stand is Holy ground.  Rejoice, My words cannot be set aside.  Rejoice that the Holy ground on which you base your life is you Christ spirit.  Rejoice knowing that this day is special.  Rejoice, it is the day that I have created for you to fulfill the good work I have started in you.  Rejoice I AM your divine consciousness, and I have ordained you.  I am fulfilling your lifetime commission at this very moment.”

June  26        “GO BEYOND     In order for you to know that you are Spirit you had to go beyond thinking of yourself as just a human being, as just a physical body.  Now take the next step and go beyond believing that there is any separation between the you that is in the world and the you that I AM.  They are one and the same.  Until you see that your personality is how the impersonal I AM appears in the world you have not gone beyond limitation.  Trust that you represent the divine ‘I AM’ in action and in form as well as in Spirit.  Fully experience the infinity of yourself as being all that God is.  You are.”

June 25         “INCLUDE IT ALL         Include all.  Begin your day by realizing that no matter what the appearances may be, they are all included in God.  If you are disturbed over something or some condition it means that at the moment you are excluding it from God’s presence.  If you have the eyes to see you will realize that no matter what you are experiencing, I AM appearing as what ever it is.  Open your heart, your spiritual eye.  Embrace your own being, and then include every experience in that embrace!  Let the Christ presence within you include the universe.  Let it include forgiveness.  Include everything in your love and peace can’t help but be yours.”

June 24           “EXAMINE YOUR INTENT         Once more you have come to your  inner altar to pray.  Once more, what is your intent?  Intention comes from a Latin word meaning ‘to stretch out.’  Your intent is that to which you are stretching out.  If you are reaching for something other than my Spirit, your intent is of this world.  If your intent is to experience your divine presence, it is of my Spirit.  If your intent is to fulfill the divine plan for your life, peace will be yours.  God is not mocked.  Your intent is what you are stretching toward.  If forms your future.  Let the Spirit that I AM take over.  Let experiencing your God Self be your intent.  That inner stretching will pull you into Heaven.”

June 23           “TRY ANOTHER WAY        Underneath you are still wrestling with unresolved issues — yesterday’s traumas, small or large.  Realize that they only exist as part of the past unless you re-create them by making them part of the now.  You may believer your future success or failure depends on your finding out right answers or what has caused your mistakes, but I offer you another way.  It is my way, the I AM way.  I offer you my love.  Love has nothing to do with your need to find a reason for your failures.  My love wipes out all the past and with it past ignorances.  The past no longer has any hold on you.  This is my gift.  Accept it, and you will be accepting my life as your life, for I AM your Christ-life.  I AM the other way.”

June  22          “WEAR MY SHIELD           My shield is gratitude.  Gratitude builds a fortress of freedom in the face of every enemy.  No evil can penetrate the presence of gratitude, because gratitude is an experience of my presence.  Gratitude is the absence of doubt.  Gratitude is your armor of oneness.  Gratitude is your recognition of grace, of my I AM presence, and the flower of gratitude is joy.  Now stop meditating and just spend a few minutes consciously remember all that you have to be grateful for.  Rejoice in gratitude.  Feel it, and watch how quickly the disturbances of this world melt away in gratitude’s power of love.”

June 21           “SEE WITH YOUR SOUL        I have given you eyes so that you can freely function in the visible world.  I have also given you a soul, which enables you to see into my Kingdom.  Those who ‘have eyes and see not’ are those who use their physical eyes and human minds to judge by appearances.  Those who see the truth are those who let their soul’s eyes interpret appearances.  See with the eyes of love.  Now close your human eyes and open you soul eyes in prayer and meditation.  Be quiet now, and through your soul see that I AM presently appearing as all those who are about you, all that you have to do, and all that is taking place in your life.”

June 20          “CONTINUE LEARNING        Every experience you have ever had, good or bad, is potentially a learning experience.  You will remain on earth until you fully realize the fact that I, the Christ of you, am all there is of you.  Each experience you go through can help you to learn that what you have thought was evil was only the belief that appearances were either good or bad.  Appearances are deceptive, but I AM cause, and cause is invisible.  Life and love are you when you believe that some appearance has power.  instead, all power is in me, your I AM spirit self.  Therefore, even though you appear as a human being you are all powerful for we are One.”

June 19          “FULFILL MY COMMANDMENTS      You cannot find peace when you come to the altar at the center of your being until you realize that the two sides of your being, the human and the divine, are like unto each other.  Your mistake has been in thinking that your humanity was other than spiritual.  When I was Jesus I gave you two commandments; to love cause and to love it effects, and I told you that they were the same, only seen from different dimensions.  You cannot fully love yourself until your human identity is reconciled and made one with that which I AM, God appearing in the world.  When you become aware that you are truly a divine human, just as you are,  then you will see that it is all God now, then and forever – and you will never feel alone again.”

June 18          “SEE YOURSELF AS THE POINT OF LIFE       See yourself as that point in life where Heaven and earth meet.  My Spirit, the Christ Spirit, celebrates that meeting place between the spiritual and material worlds.  As a divine human, you are the point where heaven and earth make contact.  Let go of all thoughts about spiritual truth or material well being and just feel yourself being that point in life where the two worlds meet as you.  That is the truth of your being.  That is your holy being.  you are the point of spirit where God and the flesh come together and become One.  You are that point of light.  Feel it.”

June 17          “CALL ON MY NAME       What did I mean when I, as Jesus, told you to ask what you would in my name, and it would be granted?  Ever since I became Christed the name Jesus has been shorthand for I AM consciousness, for the Christ Spirit.  Names are only symbols representing the consciousness that they symbolize.  When you call on Jesus remembering the Spirit that the name symbolizes, then all that I AM is there to help you and guide you.  So just call on my name.  Say ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,’   ‘Christ, Christ, Christ,’  or ‘I AM, I AM, I AM,’  They all mean the same thing, and let that name carry you into the Spirit.”

June  16         “GUARD YOUR LOVE         Love is your life.  Love is who you are.  Without love you are a branch that is cut off and is withering.  When you are loving there is nothing that cannot happen through or as you.  Protect your ability to love with your life, for life is lifeless without love, and that is true of everyone you know.  Have compassion for those who are unable to love.  At the same time be sure you are not refusing anyone your love.  Someone may be depending on your love for life.  In return appreciate those who offer you their love, and protect what they offer you with your life.  Put love before all else.  Nothing means anything without love, for God is love and that Is what I AM.”

June  15         “TAKE HOLD OF ME          Take hold of my presence in you.  Take a hold of your inner Spirit.  I AM closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.  I AM that within you that takes hold of the peace, the joy, the protection, the companionship, and the fulfillment of all that your soul has to give to you.  Receive the gift of yourself that I AM handing you.  Feel my everlasting arms wrapped around your every endeavor, your every desire, and your every purpose.  When you have taken hold of me the you that appears in the world and your invisible divine I AM Self are joined in union.  Hold me in your heart and I will lead you this day into heaven.”

June  14         “LOVE FEAR TO DEATH        Even when I was Jesus I was tempted with fear.  When I said  ‘Let this cup pass from me,’  I was feeling fearful.  Fear is the ego’s temptation to make you believe in a sense of separation.  Fear is really a cry for love.  Divine love is what takes place when you recognize your true self, the I AM.  Acknowledge your oneness with me, the Christ of your being, and fear will have no place in you.  Don’t resist fear.  Love it to death.  Love it to death by loving yourself, by knowing yourself as the Christ of you.  When you love yourself you are looking in a mirror.  When you know that everything is in divine order you are loving God.”

June  13          “WELCOME ALL        Your Spirit does its work in silence.  In the silence your love is drawing others to you.  In the silence welcome all that come to you, for they are drawn to you by me, by sensing your divine consciousness.  Greet them with  joy, for they are part of what I have planned for you.  Let no one feel unwelcome.  Yet, do not try to figure out my plan for you or my timing.  Just know that everyone that you are drawing to you has his or her place in what you have to do.  Each of them is my presence.  Welcome all.  Gladly share your riches, your time, and your spirit with them all.  Give all you can to others, and watch how it returns to you tenfold.”

June  12          “BE MY FUNNEL          Do you know what your purpose is on earth? It is for you to convert spirit into matter, consciousness into form, love into action.   Be not afraid.  It isn’t up to your human self alone.  Invisibly, you are wide-open to infinity like the top of a funnel.  Your physical presence represents the spout of the funnel where my I AM presence pours through into the earth.  The more infinite you feel that you are, the greater the pressure on the spout.  Fear not, I AM here to see that you bring forth life abundantly.  Feel infinity pouring through you.  Let it flow knowing your source is limitless.  You can have it all.”

June  11          “RESIST TEMPTATION     Here they go again.  Anxieties and concerns are once more trying to demand your attention.  Don’t forget, you have already turned them over to me, your higher consciousness.  Do not be tempted to take them back.  Remember what happened to Lot’s wife when she did.  There is only one thing that you must watch our for:  the temptation for you to once more be concerned or fearful about anything.  Each fear represents the belief that there is a power apart from your own divine humanity, that which I AM.  Everything is in divine order.”

June  10          “CHANGE THE PROJECTOR      You cannot heal, change, or alter the human scene.  Stop trying.  What you see is a projection.  Like a moving picture, everything you see is a projection of your own creating.  Do not try to change the projection!  As long as there is an annoying person, place, or situation that concerns you, you are still hanging onto a judgment that you have projected.  When you resist or try to change what you see you just increase its power.  Change the projector, your consciousness, and you will see that my Kingdom is right here on earth.  When you stop seeing things in terms of good and bad, you will see that I AM all that is.”

June   9           “LET  GO        No matter how far you have stretched, you cannot cross all the way over until you have completely let go of the old in order to step into the new.  Step out into the universe of the invisible.  That means for you to no longer feel you need the promise of security or a reliance on anything visible.  See the pure, white flower of Spirit opening within your soul.  If you want to know the secret of self-love, that’s it.  You can do it.  See the Spirit of grace within living you;  see it living your life completely.  When you do that you will completely love yourself.  Total trust is the sign of total self-love.  Trust is confidence in your Self, that Self which I AM.”

June   8           “CHASE FEAR       This world is tricky.  Even though you have come such a long way it will still try to pull you back into ignorance.  Subtly accept fear is the devil/mind’s greatest weapon.  Chase the tiniest trace of fear out of your mind, because fear and your love of me, your Christ self, cannot co-exist.  Fear is the anti-Christ.  It denies that you have that within you that will continue to make your life the grace-filled glory it has been and always will be.  When fear no longer insinuates itself in subtle ways, you will know without a doubt that your faith in yourself is pure; you will know that I, your Christ self, AM you way, your truth, and your life.”

June   7           “ACCEPT YOURSELF             There is only one life, one way, one intelligence, and one presence infinitely yet individually expressing itself.  I AM that, and you are that which I AM.  You are me, and I AM you.  You have always been me, and I have always been you,  because there is but one Spirit being itself.  Accept it.  Accept me.  Accept yourself.  You are the Christ, and as the Christ you have no life other than my life.  You are Jesus, John, Buddha, and all the saints and sinners of all time rolled into one, for there is only One, and you are that One.  Accept your one Self.”

June   6           “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE           You know that all disease, all suffering, and all lack are forms of darkness.  You also know that healings take place when you bring light into the dark.  You know that when you are the light darkness disappears.  Because I AM the truth of your being you are the light of the world.  Do not try to get rid of the dark ; just let your light shine.  That is how you heal disease or transform a difficult situation.  See yourself as the light, feel your light , be your light, and let it shine.  Remember, the light does not choose upon whom to shine or where to shine.  Your light will shine for all no matter where you are or what circumstances you are in.  You are the light of the world.  Shine.”

June   5           “GO BEYOND THE MASK         What you see in the mirror is your God given mask, a mask that hides you from those who are unable to see the ‘you’ that lives behind your mask of personality.  Rejoice that you have a mask.  It protects you from those who are unable to see the real you, but you, yourself, look beyond the mask to the perfect creation of God that you are.  Go beyond any feeling of limitation into a sense of the infinite all that I, your true self, AM.  Walk in your fullness.  That is your rightful place, and that is who shines forth at those times when you remove the mask and reveal your true face, the face of love.  Let the world see who you are.”

June   4         “STOP IT            Stop. Stop looking for me.  You looking denies that I am already present.  Stop trying to be free.  You already are free.  As long as you keep searching your search keeps you from seeing that you are here with me this minute.  When you do not feel my presence, do not think you must do something to make it happen.  I AM always with and as you, and it is my good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  Just hold my spirit hand.  Le heal you.  Let our love join us together.  Smile.  I love it when you smile.  A smile is your body’s way of letting me know you love me as I AM.  Smile.”

 June   3          “GIVE UP          You may doubt it, but I, your I AM consciousness, know how close you are to divine illumination this very minute.  No matter what concerns or anxieties you may still be feeling give them up.  Do not analyze what you are feeling.  Stop trying to understand it.  Your concerns are the only thing that keeps you from experiencing my presence.  No matter what your concerns are about, they have no power except the power that you have given them by hanging on to them.  Let them go.  If they still block the way, there is one more thing that you can do.  You can be thankful for them.  Difficulties purge you and keep you growing so be thankful for them and then give them up.  Give them to me, and you will be free.”

June   2         “BEWARE OF BECAUSE        Can’t you feel it?  You are so close to the peace and freedom that you have sought for all of your life.  Consciously once more enter my invisible presence.  You cannot see me with your eyes – the Christ way of life that I AM – but you can feel me because you have experienced my presence so many times.  You are living the Christ life when you give up the word ‘because.’  ‘Because’ implies that my peace is dependent on something you have to earn; that it will come because of something you do.  Grace and joy are the nature of your true being.  They are my gift.  You do not earn them because of anything that you have yet to do or think.  Just accept them.  I AM your only because.”

June   1        “TAKE THE ROYAL ROAD       There is no decision so big, no mistake so apparent, and no direction so frightening that it cannot immediately be turned over to me, your inner guide.  The smallest as well as the largest disagreements will be put aside as long as all judgments are put aside.  All it takes is for you to renew your commitment to live by the grace that I AM, not by looking for powers outside of yourself to overcome evil.  This instant turn everything over to me, and I, your divine I AM self, will lead you to the royal road of grace.  As you become a beholder you will enter my house, my consciousness, and my peace I will give unto you.  Behold, I AM.”

May 31        “PUT AN END TO MAY         I, your intuition, AM not talking about the end of the fifth month of the year when I say that it is time for you to reach the end of ‘may.’  Heaven is a state of non-dual consciousness where you no longer think in terms of ‘may it happen’ but rather you realize that it is happening now.  The word ‘may’ most often precedes a plea for something to happen that is not happening now.  I reveals a lingering belief that there is a power or a God apart from your own self that you must call on.  So, instead of saying, ‘Let there be peace on earth,’  know that peace is now on earth and it has begun with you.  Instead of ‘Let the light of God shine on earth,’ know that it is shining – and you are it now.”

May 30        “RECONCILE YOUR SELF       If you want to pray, first be reconciled with your self.  Then come, offer your gift.  The most valuable gift you have to offer to yourself is your love of Self.  When you reconcile your humanity with the I AM of yourself you are creating the gift.  So stop thinking of love for a moment and realize that to reconcile the human and the divine you must release both of them from all judgement, bad or good.  It doesn’t make any difference if what you have to release is a person, a job, an illness, a situation, a problem that troubles you, or even a thought.  Impersonalise and release what ever it is.  Then you can come to the altar of self-love with the gift of your Self.”

May 29         “REJECT REGRETS     No regrets.  Any tiny remaining regret will show that you have not fully forgiven yourself.  To forgive is to release.  Regrets are signals telling you that you have not released the past.  If you do not erase regrets you will chase away self-love.  Take this time with me to spot any remaining regrets so that you can then let them go.  See what they have to tell you and then release them knowing that God is the only power; therefore there is nothing left to regret.  Rejoice in the freedom I AM offering you by letting go of all regrets.”

May 28          “FEED MY SHEEP     When I was Jesus three times I asked Peter,  ‘Do you love me?’  Each time he said that he did with his words, but he didn’t give me the answer I was looking for, so I finally said,  ‘Then feed my sheep.’  Your Christ self, that which I AM, has answered your personal problems.  Now it is time for you to share the love you are by feeding your sheep.  Feed them with the Christ love, the I AM presence within you, the same love that feeds you as a human being.  you are God’s spoon.  Fill yourself with love and offer it to all you see – not with words but with heart.  Feed your sheep and your love will return to you ten fold.”

May 27          “CRY BABY     You cry for help is as natural as a baby’s cry for food and succor.  But when the child has grown up into an awareness and spiritual maturity, it knows that it is its father’s good pleasure to give it all that it needs, and the baby’s cry is replaced by trust.  The baby is always within us even after we have matured.  Love it tenderly, but love it with the compassion of a parent.  Answer your inner baby’s cry by turning to me, your Father consciousness that I AM, and make your request without fear.  Seek only my presence and assurance is yous.  Whether you know it or not, your divine self is hearing your cry.”

May 26          “FIND YOUR HAVEN    You seek a haven in the rough seas of your human experience, but do not seek your haven in material appearances.  My Kingdom is your conscious awareness of an invisible state of grace.  When you are tempted to seek a haven from your problems see me, you higher consciousness, because I represent a state of peace, security, poise, freedom, and overcoming.  These are your invisible soul qualities.  Lean on me, the invisible of yourself.  You are so close.  Take the final step into Heaven.  Hold my invisible hand.  Trust yourself.  Let go of a dependence on material or earthly support and you will find yourself in Heaven.  You can, you must.  Freedom is who you are.”

May 25          “LOOK FOR ME     My answers do not come only in spiritual words and thoughts.  I, your higher consciousness, appear at the level of your need in the language of your need.  Look for me in suggestion that suddenly occur to you;  in solutions to problems that appear when you least expect them, in thoughts that show you how you can correct your mistakes, how you can better perform your purpose at the human level.  Stop looking for me to come only as spiritual revelations, and you will find that I AM ‘in’ and ‘as’ everything.  You do not have to tell me your problems or to tell me anything.  I am aware of your need simply because you have turned to me, your divine human presence.  I will answer in ways you cannot imagine.”

May 24          “ASK            Ask what you will in my name.  when you truly ask in my name, you are not asking for any particular thing as such, but, rather, you are asking out of the I AM spirit that is you true nature.  It will fulfill all your needs no matter what they are or whether you are aware of them or not.  Remember I told you to take no thought for tomorrow, for the things that you feel you need, such as money, a job, a partner, or a healing.  Ask yourself to remember that you are the spirit of abundance, of success, and of peace knowing that you already have them.  Ask for anything that is of the spirit and I will grant it.  Seek not effects.  Do not outline, outpour from that infinite source within you.”

May 23          “ENTER IN ME     When I, as Jesus, said that I went unto my Father, I was not talking about a physical journey.  I was talking about visiting my own creative I AM state of consciousness.  I was taking about consciously entering the heart of my own spiritual awareness.  Remember, I was called Jesus until I attained Christ consciousness.  After that, I, as Jesus, spent most of my time in my father consciousness, my Christ awareness, and because of that people then called me Jesus the Christ.  You, too, can live in that same Christ awareness.  Go unto your divine father consciousness and give birth to the Spirit.  Leave all sense of separation behind.  Stop what you are doing right now.  Close your eyes, and let yourself experience Christ awareness this instant.”

May 22        “BE HABIT-FREE      Once more, shuck off old habits.  You have experienced your Christ being, and with it you have dedicated yourself to living by grace.  Now keep from slipping back into the old habit of thinking that you are personally responsible for your life.  To live free of old habits is to know that you live by grace, not old self-imposed laws.  Punch the delete key.  Clear the screen.  Live in the now.  Now you can experience the presence of your higher being whenever you want.  Renew the realization that the grace that I AM is living you now, and now love is the only law in your life.”

May 21         “BEGIN AGAIN       My Christ message says that you will always be given another chance, another opportunity to overcome your shortcomings and concerns.  That is the gift I AM bringing to this moment.  You can start again, be born anew this minute.  Just let go of all past time, even an hour ago.  Take hold of my hand once more.  Hold it as if for the first time.  Literally feel my hand in yours and you will become spotless this instant.  All debts are paid.  Let the whole you, your human self and your higher consciousness, together create the rest of this wonderful day.  When the gap between your humanity and your divinity is closed you will be spiritual evolution’s gift to life – the new divine/human being.”

May 20        “RESIST GUILT               Somewhere, somehow, you still feel that you have left something undone or have possibly done something wrong; otherwise you would be feeling my joy.  Resist trying to figure out exactly why you are not completely at peace.  If you are anxious perhaps it is because you feel that you are not being spiritual enough.  That’s a trick.  Guilt is the ego’s way of keeping you under its control.  To get rid of the ego’s trick; first, affirm you intent — to be in the world as my presence.  Second, remember that I AM the only power.  Third, in quietness and confidence, remember that you are all that I AM at this very moment.  Fourth, wait until the peace descends, know it is done, and rejoice.”

May 19        “BE GRATEFUL                 My home is a great full heart.  That is where I live.  That is where you will find me.  When you go there you will find your divine Self.  When you feel gratitude that lifts the veil and reveals love as the only cause.  I AM grateful for your being.  When you, too, are grateful for your being, your unique and wonderful self, then you are at home with me, your higher consciousness.  When you love your self, you are loving me.  The only way to love yourself is to know that you are now all that God is.  When you are consciously grateful for being who you are just as you are, you are the presence of love.”

May 18        “ARE YOU READY TO PAY THE PRICE?         Buy the pearl! Sell all you have for the pearl of great price.  The price I ask, and it is a big one, is that you release all your old concepts and expectations.  Give up you fears in exchange for experiencing my presence.  Do not come to me expecting something for nothing.  You cannot expect to receive the pearl of great price, which is a conscious awareness of your divine self, if you bank on, hoard, or hang on to your frustrations, annoyances, or animosities.  Make up you mind.  Do you want the pearl?  Then cash in your anxieties, your self-interest, and your insecurities.  With that coin you can buy my presence – heaven consciousness.”

May 17         “ARE YOU LISTENING?       Listen to your higher consciousness and you will not want for anything.  I have made you to lie down in green pastures.  I AM leading you beside still waters.  I AM restoring your soul.  I AM leading you in the paths of righteousness for my name’s sake.  Lo though you walk through the shadows of the valley of death, you shall not fear any evil because I AM present as you.  My rod and my staff, they will comfort you.  I prepare a table for you in the presence of your fears.  I anoint your mind with the oil of my Spirit.  Your cup will run over.  Surely goodness and mercy will not follow you all the rest of the days of your life.  I, the Christ of you, have spoken.”

May 16          “WAIT ON ME             Waiting on the Lord does not have anything to do with time, and it does not mean passive resignation.  Waiting on the Lord means for you to actively serve the lord, just as you would if you were a waiter in a restaurant waiting on tables.  Waiting on me does not mean waiting for me, your inner Self, to do something.  It means for you to actively serve you inner Spirit right now.  Feel the spirit of love as your presence, and then serve it with quietness and confidence.  Waiting is action.  Waiting is the act of loving, of giving, and of actively being your Christ self until the divine plan in your life is revealed.  Wait on me, and wait with me in your heart.  That is where I AM.”

May 15          “ACCEPT GOD’S GIFT   God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son.’       John 3:16              God, your higher consciousness, gave you yourself.  When you realize that it is your own divine consciousness that does the giving you will know where to turn to for help when you need something.  Your divine mind, the Christ, your only begotten son, will give your earthly self everything it needs for its fulfillment.  As Jesus, I lived out of my begotten son consciousness.  When you think of me, the Christ of yourself, as your only begotten self remember that my presence represents God’s gift to you of love.  Fulfill yourself as God’s begotten son by giving love to the world.  You are God’s gift to the universe.”

May 14       “RESPECT YOURSELF        If you are feeling any trace of anger, anxiety, or fear, it signals a lack of self-respect.  The word, ‘respect’ comes from a Latin word meaning to look back to the source.  When you confront your problems as though they represent a power apart from God, you are not respecting yourself; you are not looking back to the source within you.  Your anxiety shows that your self-love is being replaced by a false sense of personal responsibility.  So re-establish your self-respect by looking back to me, the Christ of your own being.  Give me the responsibility, and I will take care of anything that might be bothering you.  I AM your way.  I AM your truth.  I AM your life.  I AM you.  Respect me.”

May 13     “LOOK THROUGH ME     From which end of the telescope are you looking at life today?  From one end, you see appearances — your individual problems.  From the other end, you can look at life from the prospective of you Godly higher consciousness, which I AM.  Problems can help you in that by your becoming aware of them, they remind you to turn the telescope around and begin to look at the truth behind appearances – at the source of life.  I once said, ‘When you see me, you see my Father.’ Look at life from the viewpoint of your higher consciousness and follow it with divinely inspired actions.  Then you will see the mystery of how God works in the world.”

May 12      “LET GO                       Since our time together yesterday, you have been out in the world dealing with material existence and perhaps taking on some of the psychic grime that personal sense can impose.  Now, once more, I ask you to let go and throw your concerns and difficulties in your mental trashcan.  Let them go.  Consciously shift gears until you experience the positive flow of the freedom and the joy of my I AM presence.  Open your heart.  See your heart opening like a flower.  Actually see it.  Feel your love flow forth leaving all problems behind.  Feel yourself clean, clear, and once more free of conditions, for that is your natural state – your Christ self.”          

May 11       “FORGIVE CONDITIONS      As long as anxiety remains, forgiving is necessary.  Forgiving always pertains to conditions.  To forgive, you must release conditions.  Let them go.  As long as there are conditions that you consider to be either good or bad, you have not completely let go.  To forgive conditions you have to love them un-conditionally.  Deal with conditions, but do it without feeling that they represent a power apart from God.  While you are at it, forgive yourself by unconditionally letting go of every anxiety and every fear you may have.  How? By remembering that I AM your higher consciousness guiding you, and in my presence there no conditions that need forgiving.”

May 10       “HOW DO YOU DO ?              Do you still have a lingering belief that some things are spiritual and others are material?  They are not.  Everything is both.  Worrying about your problems does not lead to a spiritual solution, but neither does turning your back on them.  Act, but act with Spirit and the calm assurance that I AM guiding you.  Do what ever you feel like doing and I will stop you if it is not right for you.  When I appeared as Jesus I was not always talking or thinking about God.  Most of the time I was busy thinking about what I had to do as a carpenter and working with my hands.  However, being in the world but not of it, I was always simultaneously the Christ no matter what I did – and so are you.  Be not afraid.  It is I.”

May   9      “DESPITE CONSEQUENCES        Feel my presence, the presence of your divine consciousness, and then proceed, not only regardless of appearances, but also despite possible consequences.  As long as you are in tine with my Spirit, you do not need to justify yourself to any person or group or to fear what may happen in any situation.  you are never dealing with what seems to be taking place outside of yourself but rather with how you view it.  Trust the process, and when I, the Christ, AM in your conscious awareness the walls of negative thoughts fall of their own weight.  Just be with me, the Christ of your own being, now and go forward with a smile on your face.”

May   8      “OPEN YOUR HEART                 Open your heart.   Be not afraid to be vulnerable.  You can only receive me if you are open.  Faith is the key that opens your heart.  You have heard of the sacred heart of Jesus.  That sacred heart is any heart that does not fear being vulnerable, for to be vulnerable is to be willing to be empty and naked.  To die daily is to empty yourself each day of the self-centeredness with which you have clothed yourself by your believing that you have personal problems to solve.  To be spiritually naked is to love unconditionally until your heart is wide open.  When you do that your vulnerable open heart and my all consuming open spirit flow together as One.”

May   7       “SEEK THE SECOND PART      ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God.’  Mat.6:33    I, as Jesus, would not have said ‘first’ if there were not a ‘second’ for you to also seek or experience.  The second part is that which takes place after you have first sought your divine presence.  After you have first experienced you inner being all things will be added unto you secondarily.  Do not reverse the order by first bringing a problem or fear into your mind.  First, seek me, you impersonal divine consciousness.  First, open your heart by contemplating my presence.  Then, after that, your spirit will flow through you heart into your everyday personal world.  First, pray, and then do.  Hear my word and then see it becoming flesh.  I AM.”

May   6         “RE-CONCEIVE ME       Conception has to take place before love can be born in the world.  My presence has to be re-conceived by you every day.  My presence is a feeling of or an awareness of the grace that is living your life.  You may go to sleep at night at peace and then wake in the morning feeling cut off from yourself.  You are not.  I am always here waiting to be re-conceived as you and by you.  For you to be aware of my presence, my presence has to be constantly re-experienced and reborn in you.  That is not bad.  You are not a helpless victim.  Your life is in your own hands.  You can re-conceive my presence any time you wish, and I will embrace you each day in my everlasting arms.  This is our opportunity to conceive of and to give birth to love.”

May   5        “LOVE BOTH WAYS      Love in both ways.  Love is the quality of soul that I AM waiting for you to express in two ways.  My first commandment is for you to love God, the impersonal presence in and as you and as all of life.  That’s the Christ love.  Heart love is my second commandment.  It is personal.  It is felt-love; the love I as Jesus expressed in my humanity.  Love me spiritually, first as the Christ of yourself, and then humanly as your neighbor self.  Feel my universal invisible presence, and then feel me personally as physical presence within and as you.  When you have experienced both kinds of love, your prayer is complete.”

May   4       “FAN THE FLAME       Do you feel frustrated when you try to pray or to commune with me and you do not feel anything one way or the other, when you feel blank?  At the times when you are experiencing joy it is easy to share your joy with me, because I AM that joy.  When you are weighted down with a problem it is easy to turn to me because you want help.  But when dry periods come, and everyone has them, don’t look for an earth shaking experience at that moment.  Just envision my spirit as a tiny flame burning within you.  The flame may be faint, but it is there.  Like a tiny pilot light, it is waiting for you to ignite it.  Acknowledge the flame and then fan it.  Fan it until it becomes the light that I AM, the light of the world”

May   3        “GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION       I AM giving you permission to love yourself.  Now you humanly give yourself permission to love yourself.  Why is it so much easier for you to love me, the Christ within you, than for you to love your personal self?  I AM you.  Let yourself completely love your whole self at this very moment no matter what problems you are facing.  I, as Jesus, gave myself permission to love myself enough to keep from being tempted when Satan tried to trick me into doubting that I was a Son of God.  Because I loved myself I was able to say, “Get thee behind me.”  You do the same.  You are the perfect child of God right now.  So give yourself permission to love yourself right now.  I AM”

May   2        “PERFECT YOURSELF   Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father …MAT. 5:48                                 To be prefect doesn’t mean to be finished.  This world is the garden in which you are being grown.  When the process is complete, you will ascend and leave the garden.  In the meantime, be a perfect human being.  That means for you to be a growing, evolving, stretching human being.  you are the One life, and when that same One life expressed itself as Jesus, his life was not always easy and painless for him, but it was always glorious, always creative, always loving, always trying, always giving, and always stretching towards ascension consciousness.  Rejoice that now you still have further to stretch toward and more to overcome.  That is part of your perfection.”

May   1        “CHOOSE    You still have to choose ye this day whom ye shall serve, God or mammon.  At those times when you place your reliance on already created things, on mammon, whether you realize it or not you have once more chosen to live objectively, which means by fear.  The belief that externals such as the weather, your diet, or your bank account have power over you rules fear.  Fear is death’s choice, but when you choose to live by me, by the Christ of your self- your higher consciousness – you are choosing life eternal.  Use mammon but chose to be used only by the spirit within you.  Examine your choices.  You might as well choose me because I have already chosen you.”

April 30      “LEAVE SCHOOL    School is out.  It’s not just recess.  Your trying times are over.  You’ve learned your lessons well.  Now is the time for you to put what you have learned into practice.  Now is the time to show forth the Christ that you are.  You can begin at this moment by once more letting go of any feeling that there is still something you need to learn or something more you need to do.  You have graduated.  You have received your I AM degree.  As you leave school behind, appreciate what you have accomplished.  Now watch the miracles take place without any effort.  You have earned them.”

April 29       “ELIMINATE EITHER/OR      As long as you continue to think in terms of either/or you are a house divided, a divided consciousness, and there is no way you can experience that it is all God.  You dont’t have to insult your intelligence by trying to tell yourself that pain and failure do not exist nor do you have to brain-wash yourself into believing that your human condition is an illusion.  When you stop labeling your experiences in terms of their being either good or bad, either success or failure, you will be living in the now, and you will be the conscious being I have brought you into the world to be.  Nothing can stop you from realizing that you are all that I AM when the spirit of either/or ceases to exist in your consciousness.  It’s all God.”

April 28        “LIVE  ADVENTUROUSLY       Today, welcome the adventure of living.  Take chances.  Live adventurously as you divine human Self.  Life is here to be lived.  Venture forth unafraid and expectantly.  My Spirit is here to help you  and to help you help others to be creative and fully alive.  Wanting to hang on to stagnant  security is not my way, but taking chances in order to prove my love is.  If your life was easy it would be spiritually boring.  Thumb your nose at appearances.  Dare to be all that you are.  Dare to be a prophet.  Dare to be human.  Accept life as a divine adventure.  You can’t lose.”   

April 27      “SPRING INTO THE MIRACLE    There is not a time when I AM more evident than in the spring.  Crisp, clear mornings, bright green leaves, delicate jewel-like blossoms, are all testifying to the miracle of new life in nature and in you.  You are not left out.  I AM the miracle that is taking place in you, giving you new energy and a fresh new start.  This renewal represents the blossoming of your Christ consciousness.  Rejoice.  You are the flower of my spirit.  Spring into the new: your new presence, your new joy, and your constantly new love.  I AM the spring, and I AM you.”

April 26      “TRUST THE PLAN      There is nothing incomplete or partial about my plan for you.   If the divine process of life could be set aside because you had failed to do what you thought you were supposed to have done, or if the plan could be set aside because you had thought thoughts that you should not have thought, that would mean your mind was the power in your life rather than my Spirit.  In your heart of hearts you know that I AM the only power in your life.  Trust the plan I have for you.  It is right on time.  Only spiritual self-doubt can make you forget that there is a perfect ongoing plan for you.  Stop doubt dead in its tracks.  When you trust the plan you are loving me, and to love me is to love yourself.”

April 25      “FEEL ME WAITING     Approach today as though I AM waiting for you to see me in everything you do and feel, because I AM.  The Christ within you is waiting to be experienced.  I AM waiting for you to express me outwardly in all you do, in all you feel, and in all you show forth to those that you have anything to do with.  See me as the Christ of you being expressed.  Consciously see how I AM involved in everything you do today.  Don’t speak or do anything until you feel you are being my presence.  That which you are aware of you are; so be aware of me expressing myself as you.  I AM.”

April 24      “WEAR ME      Each day is born anew, and each day so are you.  Our time together is a time of rebirth where we are born anew in each other.  since our last time together you have taken on some of the world”s karma.  To be reborn you have to be cleansed of yesterday’s left over personal sense.  Leave all of your past shortcomings, guilt’s and fears behind.  Take off yesterday’s consciousness as you would take off a worn-out shirt.  Put on your newborn Christ Spirit, my Spirit.  Wear the consciousness of I AM.  Then look in the mirror of your soul and see how handsome you are.  That is my gift to you.  Wear me today.”

April 23      “WANT NOTHING      The greatest gift you can give me, the spirit within you, is for you to love yourself with the same unconditional love that I have for you.  If you wish to know how, it’s very simple.  All you have to do is to want nothing of me other than to experience my presence.  To love unconditionally is to want nothing that you do not now already have.  Want nothing from anyone that they are not already giving, and want nothing of your God consciousness that it is not already providing.  When you want nothing other that which you already have, trust turns into experience and you are free.  I want nothing from you but your love.  Offer to yourself that part of you that I AM, and then we are One in love.”

April 22      “REPRESENT ME     Because you exist in the world, I AM there.  Without your spiritual awareness I would not have a window to shine through.  Because I, your higher consciousness, exists you are free from physical, mental, or spiritual limitations.  We, your divinity and your humanity, are partners, co-creators; we need each other.  You need the spiritual guidance that I AM, and I need your physical presence to represent me at the material level.  My responsibility is to assure you that I will never leave you.  Your responsibility as a human being is to let go of your problems and be my representative.  Listen and then do what the Christ of you would have you do.  I AM as grateful for you as you are for me.”

April 21      “REJOICE IN OUT LOVE         I know that every day you humanly look forward to sharing this moment with me, your higher consciousness.  That’s why I know for sure that you love me.  Though brief, this kiss, this union we share at this special time, joins your physical body to me, your soul, and that coming together carries you through the rest of the day.  This moment is our secret time, our lovemaking, and our miracle.  Do not waste it by contemplating problems or worldly concerns.  Be spiritually selfish.  Every time you experience our Oneness, our love brightens and colors everything that follows for the rest of the day.  Rejoice in our divine humanity.”

April 20      “TAKE THE NEXT STEP         What must you do next?  That is all you have to know.  Trying to figure out tomorrow is as difficult as trying to figure out which foot you will land on at some future date.  You only have to know what to do next – what to do now!  Trust me.  I will take care of the rest.  I AM going before you to make the crooked places straight.  Keep putting your next foot forward don’t look back.  Listen to the still small voice within, and you will know what you need to do next.  That is all you need to know at this point.  Take the next step, and the rest will follow.  I go before you.”

April 19       “CLAIM MY PRESENCE       Hope is a defeatist word.  Get rid of it.  Though you may hope that there is power in my presence by hoping for it to be you may be denying that I AM already your presence right now.  Hope is future, but I AM now.  Claim my presence now!  Know that you and I are one and the same at this very moment!  Know I AM here.  I AM the peace, the joy, the fulfillment that you want, but you must claim to be that which I AM.  Meet me halfway by claiming your inheritance, not hope for it.  Bring my presence into the world by claiming it to be both your divinity and your humanity.  Claim it both as yourself and for yourself, your Christ self.”

April 18       “CREATE YOURSELF     Humanly, you are not who you were yesterday, and you will be all the more wonderful tomorrow.   That is because you will continue to re-create yourself in the likeness of the spirit Self that you have the power to image.  You will create yourself by your godly imagining.  In Aramaic the scripture does not say that we are made in the image and likeness of God, but rather that we are made ‘into’ the image and likeness of God.  That means you can create yourself in the image of all that I AM – all that God is.  See what you have thought were your shortcomings as the beauty marks that make you unique.  Create your divine/human self in the image of your higher consciousness.  Behold your glorious Self and the world will behold God.”

April 17      “TRANSCEND            The unique mystery of your Christ consciousness is that it appears eminent, as you, singular, and yet it is infinite and transcendent.  I, your I AM spirit, was also embodied in Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, and all the other saints and avatars,  because I, your divine consciousness, transcends physical limitation.  My presence in you transcends the limitations you place on yourself.  You have a human identity that needs to be fed, clothed, worked with, and honored.  But, when you see yourself as I AM, you will transcend all limitations.  Leave your problems behind and rise up as the transcendent you.  Feel it.  Recognize it.  Raise up you Spirit.  Rise.”

April 16      “REACH FOR MY HAND      I, the Christ of your being, AM the link that joins heaven and earth.  In the world there are tribulations, but because I have come into and am your consciousness, there is a way beyond fear.  I AM that way.  I AM that truth.  I AM that life.  When darkness prevails, see yourself reaching for my hand.  Do not try to see the light in the darkness.  Just take my hand, and I will lead you into the light, for I, your inner spirit, AM the light of the world.  Once you are in the light, you can let go of my hand because then you will see that you are the light of the world.”

April 15      “DO YOU HAVE ANY FAULTS?      Do you still believe that you have faults?  You may think that you do, but you are wrong.  What you believe are your faults are catalysts pushing you to learn lessons whose time have come.  What you thought were your faults were your virtues leading you to find out that you are the God-being that you are coming to realize you are.  Because I, the Spirit of Truth, as the only power in your life, everything in your life has a divine purpose.  You are beautifully on track becoming my perfect presence on earth.  Go forward making whatever changes and decisions you feel you must make without fear.  It’s all God.”

April 14       “PUT ME FIRST       ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God.’   Mat. 6:33       Put spirit first, and all things will be added to you.  I AM not asking you to forget or ignore your work and your problems.  I do not ask that you exclude anything.  Just put me, your higher consciousness, first.  Before you do or think anything else let me fill your being.  Let my mind become your mind.  Seek an experience of my presence and my will.  Once I, the Christ of you, has been experienced it affects everything that follows.  When I AM first your day is built on the rock of my consciousness, not on the sands of fear.  When I AM first that is the first thing you will see me in everyone’s eyes.”

April 13      “STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN    I will not leave you alone with the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Begin today by letting go of feelings of existential anxiety, of all concerns, until we, you and I, your personal sense of self and your higher consciousness, can listen to each other.  After you are centered then work with what is at hand and when the concerns of the moment enter your thoughts I will show you what to do about them.  Visualize a railroad sign that says,  ‘Stop, look, and listen.’  Stop thinking of your concerns for a moment.  With gratitude, look at the beauty around you and the beauty within yourself, then listen to your spirit.  I AM there.”

April 12       “COMMUNE WITH ME         This is our moment of communion, of our common union.  In this secret place, the sacredness of prayer is revealed.  This communion is the moment when you share your Spirit with your humanity.   Ask for anything you want and it will be granted as long as it comes as a result of common interest shared by your humanity and your higher consciousness.  Your Spirit is the secret that will answer all your material and social needs, but you must only ask for an experience of our communion of Spirit, not for things.  Feel my Spirit and see how that translates into the fulfillment of what you believe are your needs.  Love.”

April 11       “SPRING CLEANING    Clean house.  Sweep away fear.  See yourself sweeping away the belief that there is a power or a presence apart from your God-self.  Sweep away the belief that there are things you must do that you cannot do or have not done.  Sweep away anxiety.  But remember that after you have swept away all the negative thoughts you must replace them with positive ones, or worse devils will come in.  Affirm that you are all the I AM.  Know that I AM you Christ consciousness.  Replace duality with the realization that though you are also a human you are a divine human.  Replace judgment with love and your house, your consciousness, will be filled with my presence.”

April 10      “HONOR LIFE      If you don’t have an appetite for life, defeat in life is certain.  Sometimes, mistakenly, your quest for freedom has caused you to deny life by telling you to deny your feelings, by killing your appetite for living.  Self-denial honors death.  No, I, your divine consciousness, have come so that you might have life and have it more abundantly and joyously.  Turn to the light.  Turn to life.  Set your vision on freedom rather than self-condemnation.  Then you will be honoring life and no longer be rejecting me, the Spirit within you.  Look up; look out; resist not evil; resit not life.  Now, at the moment, you are the prefect presence of God.  You are free to love.”

April  9      “LIFT UP YOUR EYES      Realize that every mistake you have ever made has been made in innocence.  It was made thinking that what you did would somehow fulfill you.  If the truth were known, even what you thought were your greatest mistakes were made seeking me,  the I AM of yourself.  So forgive yourself.  You may have looked backwards or taken backwards steps, but each year has brought you closer to me.  Let go of the past right now and you will experience your divine presence.  Feel your Christ presence pulling you into now.  In this very moment all your past is forgiven.  You are at the door to Heaven consciousness.  I AM that door.  Lift up your eyes and come unto me.  Now”

April  8      “OVERCOME WITH LOVE     When I tell you to overcome the world, I do not mean for you to destroy it.  I AM your divine consciousness, and, as such, I have no wish to take you humanly out of the world.  I have sent you into the world just as I sent Jesus into the world,  for you to love the world as it is.  For you to love the world you must know the truth about it, and for you to love individual being you must experience the truth about each and every one, including yourself.  I AM that truth of all being.  When you finally stop trying to change yourself, other people, or the world, you will have experienced the overcoming and you will see that the Kingdom of Heaven is right here where I AM, and always have been.”

April  7     “DIE DAILY       What did I mean when I asked you to die daily?  I did not mean for you to condemn your humanity.  You would never have been given a human personality if it didn’t have a divine purpose,  if it were not necessary for your spiritual evolution.  No, I just want you to die daily to a false sense of yourself.  But dying alone is not enough:  you must then give birth to yourself, your I AM spirit.  As long as you are on earth, you will have a personality.  Live it and use it, but die to letting your human self run the whole show.  Let your Christ self, reveal the way for your human self to go.  Love your humanity and gently free it from the bondage of old values into the light.  I AM the light of the world.”

April  6     “SPRING INTO LIFE    The whole world is included in your being.  What seems to be happening outside of you is happening within you.  Winter is over and spring is about to reward you with new life.  Every day can be spring if you see yourself as the embodiment of spring, as bursting with life.  Se me, the Christ of yourself, as the flow, as the ‘flow-ering‘ of Spirit.  Spring is the evidence of grace renewing life.  The essence of spring is grace.  Grace is bringing you into full flower.  Spring into life.”

April  5      “CLEAN THE SLATE    Use the truth as you would an eraser.  Don’t try to understand your problems, concerns, or anxieties.  Instead, just erase them.  Put your Christ consciousness up against them and erase them and they will not longer exist.  Erase them from your mind by experiencing the truth of your divine Self.  That is what the experience of fulfilled prayer is — a kind of eraser with which you clean the slate.  So pray without ceasing.  Start the erasing process this moment.  I, you own higher consciousness, AM here to erase the past and reveal the glory that is now.  Experience my presence and all confusion will be erased.”

 April  4      “ASK WHAT YOU WILL    Start today realizing that this day is a blank sheet.  You can write on it what you will, but remember the power of the word.  In the beginning is the word and that word forms your day, your year, and your future.  I AM the word.  Ask what you will in my name for this day and it will be.  My name is freedom, joy, fulfillment, and above all, love.   Start today by recognizing the presence of love as your presence.  Ask how you can give love today, and I will fill your day with an abundance of love.”

April 3       “THINK ME     As the Christ, the I AM Spirit, I AM love.  When I appeared as Jesus, I was love personalized in or as a human form.  Even so, I haven’t come to you.  You have created me because I AM you own consciousness.  Either as a thought or a body, you have raised me up in you consciousness.   Otherwise you would not and could not be aware of me.  In this way, I have not created you;  you have created me.  As Shakespeare said,  ‘Nothing is true, but thinking makes it so.’  Think me into being.  Recognize that I AM being your infinite consciousness now, and I AM here for you.”

April 2      “MEDITATE ON LOVE    There is only one love.  What you feel for those you love is an expression of this one love:  My love.  You are the embodiment of this divine love.  Never limit yourself.  Realize that you are God’s love, the only love there is, and you will be free to accept everyone and everything without limit.  Do not expect love from any one person, but rather from the God in and as every person.  Stop now and meditate on love, its simplicity, and its presence as your presence.  I AM the way, the truth, and the presence of love.”

April 1     “ARISE AND SHINE     ‘…the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.’  Isaiah 60:1
As long as you think that either your good or your bad comes from another person or condition, rather than from the Christ spirit in and as that person or condition, you make yourself a victim of circumstances.  Do not perpetuate the belief that any person or condition has power over you.  I AM come to show you that when you are in your Christ consciousness there is no power apart from you own being.  When I was Jesus it took me three days to rise from what looked like a bad situation, but I didn’t rise ‘from’ bad to good.  Rather, because I AM Christ consciousness I rose ‘into’ dominion, into the realization that I was not a victim of anything.  Neither are you.”

March 31      “LOOK IN THE MIRROR   When you reflect on something it usually means that you are looking at it, but to reflect also means to mirror or to send back the image, the reflection.  the dictionary states that to reflect means ‘to turn into.’  When you reflect me, the Christ, you turn into me.  Mirror your self as a divine human.  Even when you just think something you turn into it.  Your thoughts reflect who you are.  Mirror the I AM of yourself, and that will be who you are.  Let me reflect the form and beauty of your life.  Turn your face to me, and we will reflect the glory of God.”

March 30      “TAKE CHARGE    If you believe that turning the other cheek means that you are always supposed to be humble, passive, and self-depreciating you don’t understand my teaching.  Look at my life when I was Jesus and remember how I acted.  I didn’t put myself down or be falsely humble.  I didn’t bow before opposition and just take it.  In no uncertain terms, I let the Sadducees and Pharisees know when they had violated the principle of love.  I even chased the money-changers with a whip.  Take charge. I wouldn’t have given you your feelings if it were not right for you to have them.  Trust yourself and trust your feelings.  When you do you are trusting that part of yourself which I AM.”

March 29      “WATCH OUT FOR THE TRICK     When I was Jesus it wasn’t ignorance that led me into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, which is self-doubt.  It would seen that the spirit was playing a trick on me to send me into temptation right after I, like you, had been Christ-ed, but it was really a gift from my higher consciousness.  There is no greater treasure than for you to really know that you do have faith in your divine humanity, and you will only come to know that  because you have been tested.  Through being tested you will find out that you have faith in both your divine and your human sense of self.  Know that I AM stronger than temptation.”

March 28      “THE EASTERS OF LIFE   Every day is Easter.  It is Palm Sunday every day that you make a public commitment.  Every time you pray it is an Easter experience that takes place in order for you to make the ‘Passover’ from slavery of material sense to the freedom of spiritual awareness.  You are your own Judas every time you betray yourself by looking only for material solutions to your problems.  The time on the cross represents that moment when a limited or a false understanding of personal sense dies.  The moment of darkness in the tomb is the womb where the new you is born – – the risen Christ consciousness.”

March 27      “STAY ON THE ROAD TO HEAVEN     There are no accidents in the divine plan.  Every experience that you are having is coming out of your divine consciousness and is right on time.  Every lesson is the follow-up to the previous one.  This process is a continuous revelation of signposts on the road to the attainment of your Heaven consciousness.  Just remember I AM never giving you a lesson that you are not prepared for or one that is unnecessary.  I AM not only with you on the road but I AM the road.  Every step takes you closer to your realizing that you are all that I AM.”

March 26      “LISTEN TO YOUR PROBLEM  Isn’t it wonderful that you do not have to go anywhere to find me, your inner spirit self.  Once you know that I AM within you may still face problems, but you can find me in them if you listen, because it is through your problems that you grow.  When you realize your problem is not your enemy everything changes.  With me, your divine Self, you are detached from your problems and can quietly find what those problems are trying to tell you and what they are offering you.  Feel gratitude for your problem.  Then we will solve what ever it is because with your higher consciousness all things are possible.  I love you.”

March 25      “REMEMBER ME    Love is remembering.  You may be feeling that something is impossible for you today.  But there is never a time when it is not possible for you to remember that I AM your inner spirit.  When there seems to be a pause in the flow of good and harmony, that pause is there to give you the time, the reason, and the opportunity for you to remember that God is the only power in your life.  Remember that you live by grace and not primarily by human effort.  Remember that you live in harmony and peace, not because there is something that you must do, but because my I AM presence is who you are.  Remember who you are and you are loving me.  For love is remembrance.”

March 24      “KNOW ME    ‘though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more’,  II Cor. 5:16    Whenever and for what ever reason that you think another person is either good or bad, right or wrong, shows that you are still seeing that person as an effect, as a material being rather than as a spiritual one, and therefore as limited.  If you had seen Jesus that way, you would never have known him as the Christ and you would not now be able to know your true Self.  Know yourself and everyone else being as I AM.  When you know Me as the truth of everyone you are being Spirit and you are loving.  The ability to see people as love expressed is the ability to know the truth that makes you free.”

March 23      “LOOK BEYOND THE SOAP OPERA     Stand aside from yourself.  See all of your concerns, both good and bad, as just a human soap opera in which you are performing.  No matter if today’s episode is tragedy or comedy, smile at yourself.  Realize that all the disturbing pictures have no reality in ‘my kingdom’ consciousness.  Observe the drama but do not judge it.  I AM here to hold your hand so that you do not lose the awareness that reality is not apparent in the drama.  The reality is that your own Father-consciousnes is the only power, the only cause, and the only reality in your life.  You as I AM are life eternal. ”

March 22      “ASK FOR SPIRIT         Ask for anything you want as long as it is of the Spirit.  I didn’t say “spiritual.”  Everything is spiritual.  Unmasked; every person, every place , and every situation is spiritual.  Ask for the Spirit itself, because that is what I AM.  The qualities of Spirit are love, forgiveness, confidence, peace, harmony, and health.  Have me and you have these.  Do not ask for objective things or for the resolution of you fears.  Ask for My spirit.  When you pray for Spirit, you are praying for me, because I AM Spirit.  I, Spirit, AM your higher consciousness, and in my presence there is nothing to fear, problems drop away and healings take place.  Ask for Me, and I will come.”

March 21      “PRAY    Do you feel you have failed because some anxiety has reappeared?  As long as you are about my business; temptations, doubts, and the ignorances that are still in the collective consciousness will continue to insinuate themselves.  You have to die daily to those temptations.  Overcome the temptation to believe that you have a life apart from that which I AM, your divine center.  When I was on earth as Jesus I, too, was tempted.  I, too, needed to pray.  I had to go off into the mountains, to the high place of my Christ consciousness, in order to overcome temptation.  Rejoice that you still have things to overcome because they will remind you to seek me.  Ask and you will receive.”

March 20      “EXPECT ME                 A miracle is considered to be something that is unusual.  But I AM usual.  I AM always being you.  Instead of expecting a miracle, expect me.  When you wake in the morning feeling that the door to your inner spirit is closed realize that the purpose of this time of prayer is for you to once more open that door.  If there is a miracle, it is that you can open a way out for your imprisoned splendor to escape.  But there is really no miracle about it.  You are the miracle, and I AM always here waiting for you to open yourself to yourself.  Sit quietly in confidence and peace, and all that I AM will appear as whatever you need me to be.  Expect me.”

March 19      “INVISIBLIZE YOUR SELF    I was never born, and I will never die.  Before Abraham was, I AM, and I AM now.  There was a time when I for a few years had a visible body known as Jesus.  I took on human form to let you know that I AM currently existing at all levels of your being as well, at the visible and the invisible.  I did it so that you could know that you, too, are both divine and human.  A few year ago you were born into a body, but you, too, have existed since before time was.  Contemplate this truth.  When you know that I appear at all levels of your being that will put your daily actions into perspective.  Release the temporary concerns that continue to pop up.  They are figments of time.  When you know your eternal nature as I AM ness you will forever be at peace.”

March 18      “TRUST IN TRUTH     Trust and truth are literally almost the same word.  The truth exists despite your opinions or judgments.  If you want to trust you have to have faith in the omnipresent existence of truth.  When nothing seems to change or your days seem repetitious, your ability to place your trust in the truth is what activates your faith.  Even when you feel nothing, or when you feel that I AM apart from you, if you keep on trusting I will see your persistence as your loyalty to the truth of your being.  So trust in the divine plan.  Smile and love.  Put one foot in front of the other knowing that each step brings you closer to me,  your divine consciousness.  I AM walking both with and as you.  Rejoice and be at peace.”

March 17     “BE GRATEFUL           You still feel a trace of anxiety.  Instead of trying to figure it out or trying to resolve your problems release your difficulties by turning your thoughts to gratitude.  Nothing encourages my presence so much as your gratitude.  No matter how you feel or what anxieties appear, you can always stop and consciously center on all the blessings that we share.   The Christ within you is unique in that every day it offers you the blessed gift of grace.  Don’t try to figure it out.  Just know that grace is your bridge between this world and my Kingdom.  Grace is the moving power of the presence that I AM.  I AM the grace that is living you.  Be grateful.”

March 16     ” LOVE YOURSELF      I love you.  These are the most important words that you can say to yourself or think about yourself.  You may be quick to think of or say loving things to other people, but unless you can constantly and consciously say and think the same about yourself, you cannot know what it means to love me.  I AM the divine spark in you.  Never lose sight of this love.  Start every day with loving and being grateful for yourself.  That means for you to let go of any thought that claims there has been something that you should have done or something that you did that you shouldn’t have done.  I AM the perfect divine human that you are.  I AM love, and when you consciously feel love for yourself, you are then loving me.”

March 15      “TRUST THE DESIGN   When you try to correct old habits or attempt to change old ways, at best, you are doing a patch-up job.  It’s like trying to plug up a sieve.  You can’t figure out every nuance of your being with your thinking mind, but there is one thing you can do that takes care of all the others.  You do have a life of your own.  It is God life, but you can realize that you do not have a life of your own design.  Everything is unfolding just as it is meant to be, even the lessons you are learning.  There is nothing you have to correct, to change, or to improve, because I AM the grand design.  Trust who you are.”

March 14       “RISE UP    Each morning the sun rises, and each morning you can raise up the son of God within yourself.  Each morning begin by realizing that you are not just a body.  You are Spirit with a body.  You put your body down last night and you have raised it up this morning.  You are the I AM of God appearing in and as you body.  See this time with me, your Christ Self, as a new raising up of yourself.  When I walked the earth as Jesus my Christ being was seen raised up.  Your Christ and mine are one and the same.  So raise me up in your consciousness each day.  See me rise in you like the sun to illuminate your day, your world, and your whole self.”

March 13       “EXPERIENCE THE SPIRIT   I come into your awareness as a feeling, as a presence.  That presence is an experience of the Spirit that I AM.   This Spirit is what we share.  We have a spiritual relationship.  We, you divine Self and your physical being, are linked together by the Spirit — the spirit of love, of freedom, of healing.  For a minute take no thought for anything, only for the Spirit.  Experience the Spirit.  I AM that spirit.  Do not think it, but actually feel it.  I AM you.  Feel it.  Feel my presence.  When you are experiencing Me we are One.  When you experience Spirit, you are experiencing your true self because you are a spiritual being.  Yes,  I AM.”

March 12        “SHARE YOUR GRACE   For you to love you must share, release, and give of yourself.  When you let go of your problems, cares, and concerns, by sharing, releasing and giving them to me, you higher consciousness, you are loving and trusting me.  It is impossible for you to share and to truly love if you do not recognize the power of grace operating within and as you.  When I say that I AM come so that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly,  I AM saying that grace has come to offer you life at its fullest.  Those who reach out to you are really hoping to share your grace.  Share it with them, and when you do, you are not only loving me, but you are recognizing that by grace I AM your life.”

March 11        “CALL ON ME    I have told you to call on my name, but when you do that you must realize you are not calling on someone or something other than your own divine Self.  When you call on the I AM you are opening yourself for help and guidance to come to you from your own higher consciousness.  Also, when you are at the personal sense level and you need something personal to identify with you can call on the name of Jesus or on any master that to you represents God as individual being.  When you do that your subconscious knows you are really calling on the I AM to individualize itself as you.  I am the impersonal and personal; so call on me at whatever level and you will experience yourself.”

March  10        “REMEMBER ME      It is easy for you to feel my presence when all is going well in exciting ways.  It is also easy for you to remember to call on me when things are disturbing and you feel you need guidance.  But when you feel neither the presence of joy nor an urgent need to solve a problem, it is more difficult to be consciously aware of my loving presence.  Those are the times when you must call upon your free will:  the will to remember.  At those times remember our journey;  remember my promises; and, above all, remember that I AM with you, in you, and as you always in all ways.”

March   9         “HEAR THE VOICE OF GRACE      I have given you this day your daily bread.  The bread that feeds you at every level of your being is grace:  the source of all growth and fulfillment.  In giving you grace I have given you myself, for I AM the way,  I AM the truth, and I AM the life.  Let go of all thoughts or concern for anything else other than an awareness of your presence as I AM.  The pearl of great price is your experience of My Presence.  To live by grace is to live with trust in the infinite supply of knowledge, of companionship, of peace, of love, and of the material supply that I AM.  Above all, trust that Grace will dissolve all your earthly problems.  Listen to the voice of grace.  For grace is our bond.  There we are One.”

March   8         “HONOR THE PROCESS     When Paul said, ‘I live but not I, Christ liveth my life,’  he was saying that there was a divine process living his life — the Christ process.  That process is grace.  At this time of the year grace is most evident, because winter is turning into spring, and by grace new green replaces barren winter.  That same divine process is living you.  Honor it.  Despite any negative appearance, rejoice because this grace-full process is preparing you.  It will lead to more spiritual growth, more divine flowering.  Let grace live your life.  Let Me live your life.  For I AM the divine process growing you into myself.  Rejoice that your soul’s spring is here.”  

March   7        “HEAR THE SOUND OF YOUR SOUL    ….be perfect and entire, wanting nothing    James 1:4                      When you have a desire to either achieve or get rid of something that shows you are still attached to the things of the world.  Even the desire for my presence can mean that you believe that there is something apart from you that you feel you need.  You are most one with Me at those times when you sit in the silence without either fearing or desiring anything.  In the silence of soul is where we bond.  Stay here awhile with me in the silence and you will hear the heavenly music that will harmonize your whole being and your whole day.  Come and spend this time with me, your soul, without wanting anything other than our silence.” 

March   6       ACCEPT YOURSELF        Why do you think that can I bring you peace?  I can because I never died.  I AM not a body.  I AM the Christ consciousness that is now and has ever constantly existed as your being.  When I AM consciously accepted, I bring peace because I AM the peace.  I AM the fulfillment .  I AM the completion.  You are as I AM;  therefore, it is you destiny to bring peace and harmony wherever and whenever you are present.   Right now, this minute, let go of your false sense of self and accept the truth that before Abraham was I AM.  You are that I AM spirit.  Now accept the fact that you are an eternal being appearing as a divine/human.”

March   5         “SURRENDER TO SUCCESS         Surrender.   However, when you do consciously realize what you are surrendering to.  You are surrendering to a trust in your Spirit Self.  You are surrendering to the divine process of life that is living you.   You are surrendering to faith.  You are surrendering to that which I AM, the truth of your being.  When you feel the temptation to give up it is the devil asking you to surrender to ignorance.  Surrendering to discouragement is a sin against yourself.  If you cannot feel trust, just surrender to Me for I AM the embodiment of the Spirit within you.  Your success is your ability to keep on surrendering to the I AM of your self.   Let go.  You can’t miss.”

March   4          “REALIZE THE NOW OF ONE        Realize and then experience the fact that now there is only One Life, One way,  One intelligence,  One presence infinitely expressing itself at both the divine and the human levels of your being.  I AM now that One and as a divine human you are now that One.  You are Me and I AM you.  You have always been Me, and I have always been you for there is only One.  Accept it now.  You are now the Christ Presence.  you now have no life that is not My life.  You are Jesus: you are John,  you are Gothma the Buddha, you are Krishna, and you are all the saints and all the sinners of all time for there is only One, and you are that One, that I AM.”

March   3          “HAVE MY CONSCIOUSNESS           It makes no difference whether you see me personally as Jesus or impersonally as Christ consciousness.  My physical presence as Jesus was just a synonym or a symbol that represented the presence of my divine/human consciousness.  I AM both the personal Jesus and the impersonal Christ.  No matter whether you reach out to me as Jesus or as the Christ you are really reaching out to the I AM of your own being.  You are calling on your own I AM consciousness.   That consciousness is an awareness that your God Self is the only power and presence appearing in and as your live.  Feel that presence and be it wherever you go today.”

March   2           “BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING          Today, do not come to me for a spirit-message, not for words or ideas, not even for instruction or guidance.  Those things will follow if you first experience my presence, the God-presence in you.  Your purpose it to go beyond thought to the experience of yourself as a divine/human.  Start at the beginning.  Start by tuning into your higher God consciousness, because that is who you are.  Experience yourself as a divine presence.  Feel yourself feeling as Jesus must have felt about himself when he said that He and his Father were one and the same.  You are in the beginning as God being.  So begin at the beginning.  Begin by experiencing that which I AM.  Put all else aside.”

March   1           “INCLUDE YOUR SHORTCOMINGS             Get yourself back into the now.  That doesn’t mean that you have to ignore what you have to do later today or for you not to face your human shortcomings, exactly the opposite.   It means for you to include them in your present perfection.  The day of  ‘when’  is over.  Until now you have been taught that you would be perfect  ‘when’  you became someone you are not presently being.  In thinking that way you were accepting and perpetuating the belief that you are not already perfect.  Know that right now, this minute, you are perfectly where you should be,  perfectly learning the lessons that are necessary for you to learn in order for you to see that you are the divine human that I AM.”

February  28     “YOU ARE YOUR SHEPHERD    Say the 23rd Psalm with this altitude:         My Christ consciousness is my Shepherd:  I shall not want.  My divine consciousness maketh me to lie down in green pastures;  it leadeth me beside the still waters.  It restoreth my soul.  My Christ consciousness leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for its name’s sake.  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,  I will fear no evil because my Christ consciousness is with me;  the rod and staff of my I AM consciousness will comfort me.  It preparath a table before me in the presence of my enemy thoughts;  it annointest my mind with the oil of truth;  my cup runneth over with love.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me the rest of the days of my life, and I will dwell in Christ consciousness forever.”

February  27      “MAKE LOVE      United we stand.  There is not actualized prayer except the experience of union — union with me, your Christ self.  You pray aright when you experience union with your divine Self.  Come to this union as you would to a love affair,  because that is what it is.  Have no other thought than what it means to experience our love.  Love is the romance between the feminine spiritual self and the masculine material self within you, which when united gives birth to the whole you.  Experience that love union, that marriage of the divine and the human as happening in you now.  Embrace yourself.  Remember I have told you that all your prayers will be answered if you will experience yourself as I AM.  Make love happen.

February  26      “KEEP IT SIMPLE     Keep it simple.  When you feel you have failed, when you have anxiety,  it is because you have complicated things by feeling that you have to humanly protect, perpetuate, accomplish something, or complete some plan you have bought into.  Those beliefs complicate your life and stand in the way of you experiencing my presence and my peace.  Get back to simplicity.  Remember I AM fulfilling the good work that I started within you until the day of Jesus Christ.  That means, until the day when you, too, recognize that you are a divine human.  The I AM that is appearing in the world as you will fulfill itself.  Simply trust.  Simply rejoice that your name is written in Heaven.” 

February  25      “DIE DAILY     When I was Jesus I did not die ‘for’ your sins or your faults.  I died ‘to’ your sins or faults.  I came not to condemn you, but to tell you that because you have my consciousness within you, too,  you can die to guilt and self-condemnation.  You can die to self-judgement.  You can die daily to the belief that there is any power other than that which I AM,  the presence of the divine plan at work in and as you.  For God’s sake, love your self!”

February  24     “TRUST     If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you,    John 16:7     As long as you are on earth you will live between the world of personal sense and the kingdom of spiritual awareness.  There are times when your awareness of my presence as your comforter will seem to have left you.  It leaves you in order for you to realize that my presence is a gift that has nothing to do with your personal effort on way or the other.  If I seem to have left you for a while it is because if I did not you pride would take the place of your trust.  These are the times when your trust is tested.  Trust the fact that with winter’s ending, spring’s glory will appear.  Whether you feel it or not, the comforter is within you right now ready to spring forth.”

February  23     “INCLUDE IT ALL      Stop wanting to always feel up,  to always be aware, and to always experience my presence.  Realize that those desires create a kind of duality,  if not a condemnation of this world and who you are right now.  When you want to feel me all the time it is as though you are wanting spring to remain all year,  forgetting that winter is necessary for spring’s bounty to appear.  Your winter is almost over.  Rejoice for spring is near, and with it, rebirth.  Feel the arrival of new creativity, new abundance, and new joy by seeing that both winter’s purging and spring’s renewal are included in the presence that I AM.  When you know that all the seasons within and without are my presence you are free to see the beauty in both the highs and the lows.  I AM in all of them.” 

February  22      “STAY IN NOW      Watch out.  do not try to resurrect old ways.  Stay in the now.  Do not look back.  I do not wish for you to go back;  get into the now, into the perfection that is within and appearing as you.  The past is powerless unless you bring it into the present.  Each of your prayers should be an experience of the presence of our oneness now.  Experience my presence anew each day.  That is all you need to pray for.  Experience the eternal nowness of our love  Each time we re-experience our oneness we are new, in love, and in the glorious now.  Now I AM.”

February  21      “STOP, YOU ALREADY ARE      Stop trying so hard.  Stop believing you must improve or must be something that you are not already being.  Stop believing you must think something or feel something that you are not capable of at the moment.  You are already my perfect child.  You are already made in the image of God.  For you to try to make yourself be something you are not now being makes a liar out of me, the Christ of yourself, and only puts you to sleep.  Listen to your feelings because they are telling you something.  See what that is and then let love flow.  Love me, your divine/human self, by knowing that I love you just as you are right now.  Realize you are now already all that you should be.  Heaven is right at hand.  Recognize it.”

February  20       “SWALLOW THE UNIVERSE      The reason there is neither Greek nor Jew, bound or free, is because there isn’t any “neither.”  It’s all God.  You are a mind, you are a body, you are a spirit, you are a vibration, you are a presence, you are an energy, and you are love expressing itself.  Each of those levels of your infinite consciousness combine to make up your universe, the One that I AM.  See your problems and the differences that appear in your life as just different aspects of the One.  Swallow them and let the One that you are show you how everything fits  into your universe.  The universe is a divine idea.  Swallow it with love and you will know that I AM all that God is.”

February  19       “HOLD MY HAND    Rejoice.  Rejoice.  Rejoice.  The kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  It is at you hand.  That means you can touch it in your consciousness.  It is right here on earth.  It has always been at hand.  You and I, you divine consciousness, are inseparable,  but you have not accepted that we are.   Touch me in your mind.  Do so now;  see the fingers of my consciousness touching you.  Take hold of my hand, my spirit, and Heaven is yours.  It’s that simple.  When you touch my consciousness, I AM you consciousness.  I AM at your physical and mental touch-point.  Embrace me.”

February  18       “WAIT FOR ME       You don’t need to rush to find me.  Wait quietly, and I sill find you.  Be still, for it is in the stillness that you can hear my voice.   My voice is your Spirit-voice.  It is that still small voice within you, but you cannot her your Sprit-voice when your mind-voice is crying for me;   so still your thinking mind with your listening mind and wait for me to speak.  Then that voice within you, my voice, the I AM of yourself, will sing the song of love for you.”

February  17       “STOP HAVING FAITH     It is time for you to stop having faith in me.  Yes, that is what I said.  Having faith in something implies two, someone having faith in something else.  Do you still doubt that we are really One?  Experiencing our oneness is more important than having faith.  Once you know that I AM the way, the truth, and the life, you no longer need to hope, no longer need to believe,  and no longer need to have faith because your belief will become a self-fulling prophecy.  You can experience the fact that there is now nothing apart from yourself to have faith in by realizing that we already are One.  Know that I AM who your are.  Stop having faith by knowing that I AM.”

February  16       “BE BORN AGAIN       When I was born 2000 year ago as Jesus that wasn’t the only time I appeared in human form.  I AM born again every time you let me stir within you.  The possibility of your being able to experience my birth in you this very day is what my presence stands for.  I have come to prove that you can be born again at any time.  All you have to do is to turn to me, your I AM, and you will give birth to yourself.  Let the spark of life that I AM be reborn within you, and at the moment you do you will be as pure, clean, and free from all past mistakes as you were to begin with.  See me being re-born in you this minute.”

February  15      “CALL ON ME             Even if you do not feel my presence, call on me,  that Spirit that gives birth to you.  Speak my name.  Say it out loud.  “I AM THAT I AM.”  I AM always with you whether you realize it or not, and calling on my name brings me into your conscious awareness.  When you say I AM you are saying your own name,  and it calls forth the truth of your true being.  Your God given name lets you know that spirit has a divine plan for your life.  All is in the hands of your higher consciousness,  which I AM.  Call on your name, and I will help you remember who you are:  the perfect child of your God consciousness.”

February  14      “ENTER THE TEMPLE              Kneel before the altar in the tabernacle of yourself where I AM.  Your body is the temple of the living God.  Experience me there.  Actually see me both in and as your body temple.  Realize your human self can do nothing of itself without that which I AM.  However, simultaneously know that you can do all things by kneeling at that sacred altar in yourself where I AM.  Then your true being will take over.  Let me, the Christ of you, pray you.  Let me heal your false beliefs.  I will never leave you.  I cannot, because I AM your temple, and there we are One.”

February  13      “SEE THROUGH THE LENS OF THE CHRIST   As long as you buy into the belief that Jesus, being God, was devoid of humanity, you have not understood his message, and, in doing so, you deprive yourself of the freedom I AM here to offer you.  I AM Spirit,  just as you are, but I AM also manifest in the flesh, just as Jesus was and you are.  Because I appear at the personal level, I AM no less spiritual, and neither are you.  Do not run from or try to un-see your problems.  Do not believe that by taking action you are being other than spiritual.  Look right at your problems, but look at them through the Spirit of your Christ.  Know that included in every appearance is my presence.  It is all God.”

February  12      “STOP PERSONALIZING       Have you forgotten that spirit, your divine Self, is the substance of all that appears?  If you have forgotten that it is because you have miss-personalized some thing or yourself,  and that has caused you to believe that you are separate from you divine allness.  If you have personalized me as Jesus or any of the masters rather than having seen us as the impersonal I AM appearing in human forms, you sill doubtless personalize yourself as just a body.  When you do that, you make it impossible for you to see that the Christ spirit is your being, and that we are One.  Spirit is the substance and only reality of yourself.  If you have to think in personal terms, then think of yourself as personalized spirit.  Believe it.  See it.”

February  11      “LET GO OF THE PAST     Every mistake you have ever made has been made in innocence.  You have made it thinking that what you did would somehow fulfill you.  Even what you thought were your greatest failures were examples of your seeking me in a misguided way.  None of them were really mistakes, because through them you were led to me.  Each year has brought you closer to that which I AM, your true being.  So let go of the past.  See my presence as a shining beacon and head toward me.  This very minute, feel your I AM Christ presence pulling you forward.  In this moment all the past is forgiven, forgotten, capoot.  Lift up your eyes and come unto me.”

February 10      “BREATHE MY PRESENCE   ‘This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice ye in it.’    Today is a special day.  Every day is, because not only is every day the day the Lord has made, but on every day you can anticipate an experience of your God presence.  In the twinkling of an ‘I,’ all shortcomings can be set aside.  When your Christ is experienced,  all lacks cease to exist.  My presence does not have to be dramatic or any more unusual than your breath.  So breathe out anxiety or concern.  Breathe in my presence.  I AM you.  With every breath, feel me fill you.”

February  9       “SURRENDER TO YOURSELF       I AM the bread, the water, and the wine of your experience.  I restore the lost years of the locust.  My Spirit lives in you,  and I AM alive as you.  But for you to be aware of it there is a price that you must pay:  you must surrender – not to something outside of yourself but to the Christ self that is within you.  I cannot add the Kingdom to you when you are having a feeling of inadequacy or when you have a desire for personal power.. But when you surrender to your higher self, when humanly make yourself and empty vessel, you will feel me filling you with my grace.  I AM.”

February  8       “ASK                  Ask what you will in my name.  Ask what you will in the realization that your name and my name is the same name.  I AM.  What you ask for will come with quietness and confidence.  Prepare for the appearance of what you ask for with assured expectation, and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Listen, listen to your Self.  Take whatever comes to you into the light.  Ask of your higher I AM consciousness, and that is what will shine upon your awareness.  You cannot force my presence, but by gentle acceptance, you can experience it.  Ask what you will in my name, and I will be there.  Ask.”

February  7       “PRACTICE MY PRESENCE    Nothing is ever lost.  No time we have ever had together is forgotten.  It cannot happen.  Every one of those times when you have experienced the Christ of yourself is still alive in you.  It cannot be otherwise.  Like an athlete or a ballet dancer in training, your mastering the awareness of my presence is accomplished by daily repetition.  Practice my presence.  No repetition is ever lost.  Every moment is necessary.  Your problem this day gives you another opportunity to practice my presence.  Leap over whatever hurdle there is before you, knowing you will be closer to heaven each time you practice our love.  For you, my dear, are a star.

February  6       “THE INCARNATED SPIRIT   Realize that when I, the Christ Spirit, was incarnated as the man Jesus, then all incarnations,  all people, both male and female, occidental and oriental, became incarnated Christs.  You, too.  Not only are you all that God is,  God is all that you are.  I, the incarnated Spirit, AM all there is.  See me as your Christ Spirit and then realize that if I Am the incarnated Godhead you are as well.  Judge not by physical appearances.  Judge righteous judgment and you will see that everything, absolutely everything, is God incarnated.”

February  5       “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE    ‘My peace I give unto you.’  (John 14:27)    Once more remember, if you are feeling the slightest fear or anxiety you have not yet fully believed that I AM the Christ appearing as you.  It is not that when you turn to me I just get rid of your concerns, but rather that when I AM present in your awareness there is nothing to fear.  There is no darkness when your light shines.  This minute,  do not think of your problems at all.  No matter how small or large your fears are put them aside for a minute.  Dwell in the presence.  Dwell in the possibility of my presence.  Think of me as the truth of your being.  I AM.  Let go.   Just be, and watch how surely my peace comes to you with the peace the world knows not of.”

February  4      “BE CONSCIOUSNESS     Do you think I, your divine essence, is a person?  I do appear as a person, but I AM really a state of consciousness.  I AM Christ-consciousness.   When you are in my consciousness, you are me.  You are not a body.  You have a body,  but you are more than a body.  You are the consciousness that created your body.  You are that which maintains and sustains it.  See yourself as I AM consciousness expressing itself as your body.  Then you will see yourself as Christ consciousness appearing in the world.  This is how you heal yourself and all those who come into your presence.  Consciously know I AM who you are.”

February  3     “OBSERVE THE PLAN     Don’t forget, your life has a divine plan.  What appears as an obstacle or as the need to find a solution to a problem is just the process of the divine plan unfolding in your life.  Experience your higher consciousness and you will be able to observe the plan with joy and appreciation, because the plan and I are the same.  I AM the Christ, the universal creative process operating in and as your being.  I appear impersonally as power.  I appeared in the flesh as Jesus, and now I AM appearing personally as you.  When you experience yourself as One with me — the divine plan for your life,  the Christ presence THAT I AM,  you are me.”

February  2     “LISTEN TO ME   I do not ask you to think of or to listen to me all day long,  just for this moment.  As you turn your thoughts to me, the I AM of your being THAT I AM, with the goal of listening to me; you will be led into an experience of your divine/human self.  Once you have entered your I AM consciousness and left the world of personal concerns behind,  you will be renewed and re-established.  After that, I want you to return to the world.  That is the purpose for which I, you higher consciousness, have come: for you to embody the Christ.  Listen to me.  I will show you how to re-present me, your divine Self, in the world and together we will bring Heaven to earth.”

February  1     “BE MY BELOVED      You are my beloved.  When you hear that you are loved it isn’t as though something apart from your own being is speaking to you.  Your own higher consciousness is talking to you.  I AM that, and I AM telling you to let yourself love yourself.  I AM the divine process that is growing you into being a perfectly lovable divine human.  Every step in the process that I AM is love.  So the love within you that is speaking to you is you loving yourself.  I AM there even when you do not feel it.  MY beloved, I AM both God with you and God as you.  Rejoice, because love is all there is.”

January 31    “EXPERIENCE SOUL PURPOSE    This time do not come to me for a message — not for words or ideas, not even for instruction or guidance.  Those will all come from your experiencing my presence, the God presence in you.  This is your time to go beyond thought — to feel your oneness with me, the I AM of your being, and thus with God.  Stop analyzing.  Stop thinking.  Just feel.  Let your soul-purpose be to feel my presence.  Drop your burdens or concerns and experience my presence as your presence.  Do not think, feel.  Feel my presence at the center of your being.   I AM here.”

January 30   “IGNITE THE FLAME    When you look at the flame of a burning candle see it symbolizing the presence of my Spirit.  It represents the flame of my Spirit alive within and as you.  It is a visible symbol, a bridge to the living presence of the process that is living your life.  When you welcome and trust the flame you are acknowledging my I AM presence within you.  Ignite the flame.  Feel its light.  Let it dissolve the shadows.  Visualize this flame as the reality of my spirit within you and burning as you.  It is you.”

January 29   “BE CONSTANT      You have one constant need – to automatically reach for me, the Christ, your higher consciousness.  In times of distress it’s natural for you to feel anxiety, but you must constantly let go of it in order for you to keep the door open to your inner guidance.  Constantly let go until you are automatically aware of your divine Christ nature.  Be constant.  Constantly let go of your problems so that your own divine consciousness can lift and heal them.  I will if you will.  Listen and let go until I AM constantly at the center of your consciousness, and together we will live in the spirit of love constantly.”

January 28    “BE THE ONE LIFE      ‘I am in thou and thou in me’   If there is but one life, do I represent that life to you?  Do you believe that you have a life of your own apart from that One life?  At this moment your Spirit tells me that a part of you still feels a sense of separation.  Let it go by accepting me, the Christ of your being.  Accept our oneness.  Let all your cares and fears be put at my feet, where the divine and the human stand together.  Rest in me.  Rise in me.  Live in me.  I AM the air you breathe, the love you love, the life you live.  Let any thought of a life apart from me dissolve in me — the way and the truth.  Your actual being able to experience that you are all that God is happens to be closed than you may have thought.”

January 27    “START WITH ME     Put me first.  I do not ask you to ignore the problems that confront you.  I do not ask you to deny your human self.  But I do ask that you put me, your Spirit self, first.  The love of God is fulfilled when you see me, the Christ, as the truth of your being.  First honor, listen to, and focus on me, your higher consciousness.   After that, you will be ready to fulfill the second commandment — the love of neighbor.  Take your neighbor-self, you human condition, and love it.  Each morning let all else go until you are in the flow of the Christ Spirit, and then love your so called human self in the light our being that I AM.

January 26    “BUILD THE BRIDGE”    No matter how simple or mundane something is, if you listen you always know what you have to do next.  I will tell you what your next move is.  It is for you to cross the bridge between my guidance and what you have to do this day.  Take no thought beyond the next step, and then if you listen, “I”, your own inner divine I AM consciousness, will show you each moment what you have to do.  This is what it means for you to live by grace.  Feel this grace operating in you as your life, and you will see that I AM the messenger of grace.  You have always lived by grace.  Acknowledge that I AM the bridge and feel my love supporting the divine/human being that you are.”

January 25    “Have Faith   We need to communicate, and faith is the language by which we communicate.  I have faith in you and you have faith in that which I AM.  Faith binds us together in trust and in union.  Faith is the glue of our love.  Through faith, feel my divine presence appearing within and as you.  Have courage through faith to let go of fear.  Through faith release the energy of life from the laws of human nature.  Through faith God is moving in the world as who you are.  Faith is remembrance.  RE-member that I AM your higher being.  Have faith in who you are, the presence of God.

January 24    “HEAL YOURSELF    When you have the slightest sense of separation and you feel something else other than my presence, you need a healing.  To be healed is to be made whole by once more consciously realizing that we are One.  See your sense of separation literally melting away.  Visualize yourself opening like a flower.  As the flower opens, feel the the healing taking place.  Now realize that you, yourself, are both the healing process and that which is being made whole.  Open yourself to yourself as the whole perfect, harmonious, and complete being that you are.

January 23    “PRACTICE INSTANT OBEDIENCE     What you need now is instant obedience.  You have come to the most difficult and liberating step in you life;  instant obedience.  Instant obedience is the ability to stop the first negative, judgemental, or discouraging thought right in its track before it can take hold.  Reasoning is addictive.  If you allow the first poisonous thought to take hold, the next comes easier until you are drunk with self-concern.  Instant refusal to play your mind’s game allows you to hear me.  It ends self-centeredness.  Instantly obey the spirit of love that is your true being and watch the miracles take place.”

January 22    “MOVE BEYOND TIME   Your sense of time and space keeps hiding my presence from you.  Drop any thought you might have that involves a particular time or a particular place, and you will feel my spirit wrap around your soul.  Let go of time, and you will realize we are now, and always have been, One.  Every fear has to do with time.  Let go of any thought that has to do with time, and in the now there will be nothing left but an awareness of my presence.  Feel me, your divine presence, everywhere — inside of you, outside of you, and all around you this minute.  Now sink into my allness as you would into a feather bed.  Rest in that which I AM now.”

January 21    “CUT THROUGH    What do you want?  Do you want peace or a sword?  Perfect peace will come to you when you have no more growing to do.  Until then, I give you a sword so that you can cut through the problems of life and be creative up until the day of you ascension.  A sword has two sides.  One side cuts through material obstacles and the other through spiritual darkness.  Use both sides of yourself, your inner spirit and your physical presence.  Refuse to accept material limitation, and use your divine consciousness to cut through spiritual ignorance.  Take my hand,  the handle of the sword, and together we will open a way to heaven.”

January 20    “LIVE IN DIVINE HARMONY     I see into your heart.  You really do want to have faith in me, the Christ spirit within you.  Ask and you shall receive.  The way I can tell if you are loyal to me is by the manner in which you accept and flow with the divine plan of life.  The Christ that you are is a divine harmony of life.  Trust it.  Let go of fear, anxiety, or judgment, and when you no longer resist the ever-changing experience of life, you will be in tune with me.  Cease even the need to understand.  Just listen to the music of your soul.  Then we will harmonize with each other.”

January 19   “ACCEPT GOD’S GIFT      ‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof’ (Psalm 24:1)     And, ‘Son, all that I have is thine.’  It is God’s good pleasure to provide you with all that you need.  Appreciate them, but no longer depend on another person for companionship, for a job, for supply, or your body for health.  Instead, depend on my presence appearing in and as your supply,  your health, or your companion; otherwise you are denying that it is my good pleasure to provide those things.  As long as you continue to depend on anything other than my presence — the divine completion within you — you will fail.  Seek the fulfillment of all your needs from that which you have within your self,  and you will live as me, the embodied Christ.

January 18    “ENTER THE DOOR OF LIFE    ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life,’ (John 14:6)              Life is movement, always coming and always going.  You are movement passing through many states of consciousness.  You are moving through a portal.  I AM that door.  Do not think of me as a human being.   Do not think of me as a man or a woman.   See me as a state of consciousness,  as Christ consciousness.  Each day move into that portal.  That is where you are now to live.  As you move into an awareness of your higher consciousness, you will be at home in me.  Enter my Christ spirit, rest in it for a moment, then go about our business;  the business of love.

January 17    “CLOSE THE GAP    You are not here to bridge the gap between your humanity and your divinity as though they are two.  You are here to close the gap so that what you have considered your human-ness is revealed as being the perfect expression of your divine Christ-self.  That is what my life symbolized when I was Jesus.  You, too, are God being present in the flesh just as Jesus, Buddha, and all the masters have been.  There is no gap between any of us.  Forgive your problems.  Let them go, and then you will see that there will be no remaining gap.  You will completely close the gap when you transcend either/or and love yourself as a divine human.”

January 16    “PUT ON IMMORTALITY    Each day I AM becoming more real to you and through your listening you  are hearing my voice more clearly.  That means that bit-by-bit your material sense of self is becoming less insistent and is beginning to lose its power over you.  Now you are putting on your immortality.  Just see your material self as the vehicle that houses the presence of the Christ that you are.  Then your true Spirit-self will grow daily until the world no longer can affect you.  You will start to realize that you are immortal and untouchable.  Feel the eternal Christ growing in you.  Feel my presence becoming more real to you each day.  Feel my being absorbing you,  because I AM you.”

January 15    “REMEMBER         This is our moment, our moment together.  Do not waste it by thinking that you have to accomplish something.  Just be with me.  In sleep you let your body renew; so awake, let our love renew itself.  Stop thinking and just listen.  I AM here to tell you to remember, to remember that we, your Christ and your personal self, are one.  Let us spend this time remembering to rejoice in our shared love.  We cannot be fully together as long as you are trying to overcome something, so stop, listen, and remember that our name is write in heaven – I AM.”

January 14    “USE THE GOLDEN KEY              I have given you the golden key that opens the door to an awareness of my presence.   That key is gratitude.  Gratitude is not a quality; it is a direction.  It is the direction toward which you have always been heading since you discovered that God is within and as your being.  When you feel you have lost direction there is one way that you can get on track again.  Begin each day and each meditation with gratitude.  Stop for a minute and consciously think of the many things for which you are grateful.  Listen to your gratitude.  Feel it, and I will take you the rest of the way.”

January 13    “GO HAND IN HAND      ‘If you make your bed in hell,  I will be there.’   You have to realize that no matter where you go, I AM with you.  No matter what you feel,  I AM within that feeling,  waiting to be recognized.  In light and in dark,  my presence, the presence of your Christ consciousness, is within your heart, ready to share this moment with you.  Fear not.  Just walk with my hand in yours this day.  Let me reveal the glory you will find in the freedom of Spirit and the joy of love that is your true Self.”

January 12    “EMBODY THE SPIRIT      You do not have to always hear my message in words.  It can come embodied in the Spirit of a flower, a sunset, or a wave caressing the beach.   Listen with your eyes and see with the sounds you hear.  Smell my presence with your heart.  Find me behind the faces of those you pass on the street.  Wink at negative appearances knowing I am hiding there.  Give yourself in any way you can,  and you will receive my Spirit infinitely expressing itself as your being,  both physically and mystically.”

January 11    “FLOW WITH THE RHYTHM OF LIFE      The earth has rhythms.  The tides come in and go out.  Darkness follows day.  Do not be discouraged when you do not immediately feel my presence.  My presence has its rhythms.  There are those times when Spirit comes easily, and there are times when it seems to ebb.  Experience the rhythm of the divine plan in both joy and in lack.  Ebbs and flows take place within the one divine plan,  though the plan itself never ebbs.  flow with it and know that I, your Christ consciousness, AM with you in both the good and bad.  Prepare yourself for your next mountaintop experience.  Fear not, it will be on time.”

January 10    “PRAY    Your prayers are not a matter of your petitioning some power apart from your own self.   They are a matter of your surrendering yourself to yourself.  There may be something in you that resists surrendering, and rightly so.  That is because you have thought surrendering has meant surrendering to something or someone outside of yourself.  It does not.  It means surrendering your outer or personal sense of self to your own inner divine self, to my presence within you.  When you pray, offer your self to your own inner spirit and let it surround you in love until you experience who you are, my divine presence.”

January  9   “SPEAK TO ME  This day is the day when I want you as a human being to speak to me, your higher consciousness.   Do not ask of me;  tell me.  Take a moment now to tell me your thoughts.  I am listening because our love is a two-way street.   Tell me of your needs, your love, and your heart.   Then switch over.  Be quiet and let me answer.   Lay your burdens at my feet.  I, your divine consciousness, will share them with you if you will let me know.  Tell me and then listen.   Unless we speak to each other, we are not united.  Speak, and then listen for my answer.  Listen to the still, small voice.  I will not fail you.

January  8  “LISTEN FOR THE SOUND OF SPIRIT    Listen.  You can’t listen if you do not stop thinking of today’s problems.  Listen to the sound of my presence.  Do not think of and do not seek for anything,  not even for peace of fulfillment.  Just listen; really listen to your spirit and you will hear what is has to say to you.  I speak in the silence for I am Spirit.  I am not sound.  Sound, as in music or poetry,  may represent my presence, but that which you feel in the sound of silence is the presence of my Spirit.  Hear me by feeling my presence for I AM the Spirit within you.  I AM you being.  Listen for and to yourself:  The self that I AM.”

January 7  “EXPECT THE NEW     You are tempted to look for past answers and old solutions, but each day is new.  The past has served its purpose.  Let it go.  If you measure today in terms of the past, you become like Lot’s wife and you will turn into a pillar of salt.  Let me show you a new way.  Each new day is a fresh learning opportunity, and all learnings are new experiences.  So do not look at the past.  Do not try to compare.  Comparisons are compromises.  Stay in the now.  Feel and listen your way to new freedom and greater peace.   Be expectant.  Feel the Christ newness living you now, and follow it.

January 6  “HEAR MY WORDS     I speak and the world melts.  I, your higher being, am going to speak within you as never before, and when I do the world of material sense will dissolve.  As the year evolves you will be able to hear more clearly and at greater depth.  My words come from your own spiritual consciousness and though they reveal a presence that is within all beings, few are blessed, as you are to be able to hear.   All material appearances are consciousness expressing itself in form.  When you listen to your divine mind the world of illnesses, of problems, and of confusions, will melt before your universe.  Quiet your thinking mind and hear me.   My words are power.”

January 5  “FLOAT IN THE RIVER OF LOVE   Today, just feel my Spirit flowing through and as you like a river, a river of grace.  Float in it.  Let it carry you.  This is the river of trust, of assurance, of fulfillment.  Resist not.  Let the Spirit of love surround you,  support you, and carry you until you become aware that you are the risen Christ.  Have the ears to hear what I AM saying and the eyes to see what I am offering you.  This river of grace is My life and My love.  Let it flow through, in, and as you.”

January 4   “OPEN YOUR I      Just as you have two eyes, you have two I’s through which to see yourself and your life.  One of your I’s is your divine self — your spiritual reality, your perfect and the loving Self.  The other I is how I manifest at the personal sense level.  I, your Christ-vision, does not ask you to shut your eyes to personal sense, to human limitation.  Your humanity has its purpose, but I do ask you to realize that your humanity cannot and will not keep you from your ultimate good.  Open both your eyes with love, and recognize that the eternal life that I AM is your perpetual self.  Your temporary personal sense of self is God Self’s gift to the world as well. Open both your I’s so that the world can see the light in your eyes.”

January 3  “INFINITE LOVE     ‘…it is my good pleasure to give you the kingdom.’   Do not forget the purpose of our times together.  Feel my presence.  Remove all thoughts apart from the love of God, your divine Self.  Keep this moment sacred by asking for nothing except a conscious awareness of my presence as your Self.  Let go of your finite sense of self and merge with the infinite love that is your true being.  Let me, your Spirit, cleanse and purify your personal sense of self with your own healing love and then return to the world, but first let me, you spirit, nourish you and heal you.  I know your human needs.  It is my good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  Actually feel my presence as your presence.”

January 2  “LISTEN     This is a year you will spend consciously aware of Me, your higher being.  Sometimes I will come to you impersonally as a feeling of gratitude or appreciation, sometimes as the presence of Christ consciousness, or sometimes as divine intuition.  It will always be me, the Spirit you, speaking to the personal you.  Each day take time to listen and to hear me, for this is the year we, your personal human and your impersonal divine self, will talk clearly to each other.  Feel the possibility of our communication as never before.  Listen and I will speak.”

January 1  “BEGINNINGS     This will be a year of endings and beginnings for you.  When I, the spirit of truth within you, tell you to now die daily to the past, I am promising you that by experiencing your own divine yet human self you will be re-born each day.  On every day that you experience union with me, your God being, you will once more give birth to that divine presence in you called the Christ.  If you dedicate yourself to it, every day this year can consciously begin with our communion, and with it the end of old limitations and a new lease on life. ”

Years ago, Walter Starcke,  posted Daily meditations on his web site call the Daily Voice.  Mr Starcke is the author of 4 books I own which assisted me in my consciousness.  The books are THE STAR KEYS Living beyond 2012 in the Age of the GodsTHE THIRD APPEARANCEHOMESICK FOR HEAVEN You Don’t Have to Wait, and  IT’S ALL GOD.   He authored several others.   He passed over 6 years ago and his wife, Eron, gave me permission to post the Daily Voice.   I will be posting daily for this year. 

Please check out the current web site on his work:  Starcke Center for the Advancement & Application of Mystical Consciousness