Years ago, Walter Starcke, posted Daily meditations called the Daily Voice on his web site . Mr Starcke is the author of 4 books I own which assisted me in my consciousness. The books are THE STAR KEYS Living beyond 2012 in the Age of the Gods, THE THIRD APPEARANCE, HOMESICK FOR HEAVEN You Don’t Have to Wait, and IT’S ALL GOD. He authored several others. He passed over 6 years ago and his wife, Eron, gave me permission to post the Daily Voice. I will be posting daily for this year.

Please check out the current web site on his work: Starcke Center for the Advancement & Application of Mystical Consciousness

April 25      “FEEL ME WAITING     Approach today as though I AM waiting for you to see me in everything you do and feel, because I AM.  The Christ within you is waiting to be experienced.  I AM waiting for you to express me outwardly in all you do, in all you feel, and in all you show forth to those that you have anything to do with.  See me as the Christ of you being expressed.  Consciously see how I AM involved in everything you do today.  Don’t speak or do anything until you feel you are being my presence.  That which you are aware of you are; so be aware of me expressing myself as you.  I AM.”

April 24      “WEAR ME      Each day is born anew, and each day so are you.  Our time together is a time of rebirth where we are born anew in each other.  since our last time together you have taken on some of the world”s karma.  To be reborn you have to be cleansed of yesterday’s left over personal sense.  Leave all of your past shortcomings, guilt’s and fears behind.  Take off yesterday’s consciousness as you would take off a worn-out shirt.  Put on your newborn Christ Spirit, my Spirit.  Wear the consciousness of I AM.  Then look in the mirror of your soul and see how handsome you are.  That is my gift to you.  Wear me today.”

April 23      “WANT NOTHING      The greatest gift you can give me, the spirit within you, is for you to love yourself with the same unconditional love that I have for you.  If you wish to know how, it’s very simple.  All you have to do is to want nothing of me other than to experience my presence.  To love unconditionally is to want nothing that you do not now already have.  Want nothing from anyone that they are not already giving, and want nothing of your God consciousness that it is not already providing.  When you want nothing other that which you already have, trust turns into experience and you are free.  I want nothing from you but your love.  Offer to yourself that part of you that I AM, and then we are One in love.”

April 22      “REPRESENT ME     Because you exist in the world, I AM there.  Without your spiritual awareness I would not have a window to shine through.  Because I, your higher consciousness, exists you are free from physical, mental, or spiritual limitations.  We, your divinity and your humanity, are partners, co-creators; we need each other.  You need the spiritual guidance that I AM, and I need your physical presence to represent me at the material level.  My responsibility is to assure you that I will never leave you.  Your responsibility as a human being is to let go of your problems and be my representative.  Listen and then do what the Christ of you would have you do.  I AM as grateful for you as you are for me.”

April 21      “REJOICE IN OUT LOVE         I know that every day you humanly look forward to sharing this moment with me, your higher consciousness.  That’s why I know for sure that you love me.  Though brief, this kiss, this union we share at this special time, joins your physical body to me, your soul, and that coming together carries you through the rest of the day.  This moment is our secret time, our lovemaking, and our miracle.  Do not waste it by contemplating problems or worldly concerns.  Be spiritually selfish.  Every time you experience our Oneness, our love brightens and colors everything that follows for the rest of the day.  Rejoice in our divine humanity.”

April 20      “TAKE THE NEXT STEP         What must you do next?  That is all you have to know.  Trying to figure out tomorrow is as difficult as trying to figure out which foot you will land on at some future date.  You only have to know what to do next – what to do now!  Trust me.  I will take care of the rest.  I AM going before you to make the crooked places straight.  Keep putting your next foot forward don’t look back.  Listen to the still small voice within, and you will know what you need to do next.  That is all you need to know at this point.  Take the next step, and the rest will follow.  I go before you.”

April 19       “CLAIM MY PRESENCE       Hope is a defeatist word.  Get rid of it.  Though you may hope that there is power in my presence by hoping for it to be you may be denying that I AM already your presence right now.  Hope is future, but I AM now.  Claim my presence now!  Know that you and I are one and the same at this very moment!  Know I AM here.  I AM the peace, the joy, the fulfillment that you want, but you must claim to be that which I AM.  Meet me halfway by claiming your inheritance, not hope for it.  Bring my presence into the world by claiming it to be both your divinity and your humanity.  Claim it both as yourself and for yourself, your Christ self.”

April 18       “CREATE YOURSELF     Humanly, you are not who you were yesterday, and you will be all the more wonderful tomorrow.   That is because you will continue to re-create yourself in the likeness of the spirit Self that you have the power to image.  You will create yourself by your godly imagining.  In Aramaic the scripture does not say that we are made in the image and likeness of God, but rather that we are made ‘into’ the image and likeness of God.  That means you can create yourself in the image of all that I AM – all that God is.  See what you have thought were your shortcomings as the beauty marks that make you unique.  Create your divine/human self in the image of your higher consciousness.  Behold your glorious Self and the world will behold God.”

April 17      “TRANSCEND            The unique mystery of your Christ consciousness is that it appears eminent, as you, singular, and yet it is infinite and transcendent.  I, your I AM spirit, was also embodied in Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, and all the other saints and avatars,  because I, your divine consciousness, transcends physical limitation.  My presence in you transcends the limitations you place on yourself.  You have a human identity that needs to be fed, clothed, worked with, and honored.  But, when you see yourself as I AM, you will transcend all limitations.  Leave your problems behind and rise up as the transcendent you.  Feel it.  Recognize it.  Raise up you Spirit.  Rise.”

April 16      “REACH FOR MY HAND      I, the Christ of your being, AM the link that joins heaven and earth.  In the world there are tribulations, but because I have come into and am your consciousness, there is a way beyond fear.  I AM that way.  I AM that truth.  I AM that life.  When darkness prevails, see yourself reaching for my hand.  Do not try to see the light in the darkness.  Just take my hand, and I will lead you into the light, for I, your inner spirit, AM the light of the world.  Once you are in the light, you can let go of my hand because then you will see that you are the light of the world.”

April 15      “DO YOU HAVE ANY FAULTS?      Do you still believe that you have faults?  You may think that you do, but you are wrong.  What you believe are your faults are catalysts pushing you to learn lessons whose time have come.  What you thought were your faults were your virtues leading you to find out that you are the God-being that you are coming to realize you are.  Because I, the Spirit of Truth, as the only power in your life, everything in your life has a divine purpose.  You are beautifully on track becoming my perfect presence on earth.  Go forward making whatever changes and decisions you feel you must make without fear.  It’s all God.”

April 14       “PUT ME FIRST       ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God.’   Mat. 6:33       Put spirit first, and all things will be added to you.  I AM not asking you to forget or ignore your work and your problems.  I do not ask that you exclude anything.  Just put me, your higher consciousness, first.  Before you do or think anything else let me fill your being.  Let my mind become your mind.  Seek an experience of my presence and my will.  Once I, the Christ of you, has been experienced it affects everything that follows.  When I AM first your day is built on the rock of my consciousness, not on the sands of fear.  When I AM first that is the first thing you will see me in everyone’s eyes.”

April 13      “STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN    I will not leave you alone with the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Begin today by letting go of feelings of existential anxiety, of all concerns, until we, you and I, your personal sense of self and your higher consciousness, can listen to each other.  After you are centered then work with what is at hand and when the concerns of the moment enter your thoughts I will show you what to do about them.  Visualize a railroad sign that says,  ‘Stop, look, and listen.’  Stop thinking of your concerns for a moment.  With gratitude, look at the beauty around you and the beauty within yourself, then listen to your spirit.  I AM there.”

April 12       “COMMUNE WITH ME         This is our moment of communion, of our common union.  In this secret place, the sacredness of prayer is revealed.  This communion is the moment when you share your Spirit with your humanity.   Ask for anything you want and it will be granted as long as it comes as a result of common interest shared by your humanity and your higher consciousness.  Your Spirit is the secret that will answer all your material and social needs, but you must only ask for an experience of our communion of Spirit, not for things.  Feel my Spirit and see how that translates into the fulfillment of what you believe are your needs.  Love.”

April 11       “SPRING CLEANING    Clean house.  Sweep away fear.  See yourself sweeping away the belief that there is a power or a presence apart from your God-self.  Sweep away the belief that there are things you must do that you cannot do or have not done.  Sweep away anxiety.  But remember that after you have swept away all the negative thoughts you must replace them with positive ones, or worse devils will come in.  Affirm that you are all the I AM.  Know that I AM you Christ consciousness.  Replace duality with the realization that though you are also a human you are a divine human.  Replace judgment with love and your house, your consciousness, will be filled with my presence.”

April 10      “HONOR LIFE      If you don’t have an appetite for life, defeat in life is certain.  Sometimes, mistakenly, your quest for freedom has caused you to deny life by telling you to deny your feelings, by killing your appetite for living.  Self-denial honors death.  No, I, your divine consciousness, have come so that you might have life and have it more abundantly and joyously.  Turn to the light.  Turn to life.  Set your vision on freedom rather than self-condemnation.  Then you will be honoring life and no longer be rejecting me, the Spirit within you.  Look up; look out; resist not evil; resit not life.  Now, at the moment, you are the prefect presence of God.  You are free to love.”

April  9      “LIFT UP YOUR EYES      Realize that every mistake you have ever made has been made in innocence.  It was made thinking that what you did would somehow fulfill you.  If the truth were known, even what you thought were your greatest mistakes were made seeking me,  the I AM of yourself.  So forgive yourself.  You may have looked backwards or taken backwards steps, but each year has brought you closer to me.  Let go of the past right now and you will experience your divine presence.  Feel your Christ presence pulling you into now.  In this very moment all your past is forgiven.  You are at the door to Heaven consciousness.  I AM that door.  Lift up your eyes and come unto me.  Now”

April  8      “OVERCOME WITH LOVE     When I tell you to overcome the world, I do not mean for you to destroy it.  I AM your divine consciousness, and, as such, I have no wish to take you humanly out of the world.  I have sent you into the world just as I sent Jesus into the world,  for you to love the world as it is.  For you to love the world you must know the truth about it, and for you to love individual being you must experience the truth about each and every one, including yourself.  I AM that truth of all being.  When you finally stop trying to change yourself, other people, or the world, you will have experienced the overcoming and you will see that the Kingdom of Heaven is right here where I AM, and always have been.”

April  7     “DIE DAILY       What did I mean when I asked you to die daily?  I did not mean for you to condemn your humanity.  You would never have been given a human personality if it didn’t have a divine purpose,  if it were not necessary for your spiritual evolution.  No, I just want you to die daily to a false sense of yourself.  But dying alone is not enough:  you must then give birth to yourself, your I AM spirit.  As long as you are on earth, you will have a personality.  Live it and use it, but die to letting your human self run the whole show.  Let your Christ self, reveal the way for your human self to go.  Love your humanity and gently free it from the bondage of old values into the light.  I AM the light of the world.”

April  6     “SPRING INTO LIFE    The whole world is included in your being.  What seems to be happening outside of you is happening within you.  Winter is over and spring is about to reward you with new life.  Every day can be spring if you see yourself as the embodiment of spring, as bursting with life.  Se me, the Christ of yourself, as the flow, as the ‘flow-ering‘ of Spirit.  Spring is the evidence of grace renewing life.  The essence of spring is grace.  Grace is bringing you into full flower.  Spring into life.”

April  5      “CLEAN THE SLATE    Use the truth as you would an eraser.  Don’t try to understand your problems, concerns, or anxieties.  Instead, just erase them.  Put your Christ consciousness up against them and erase them and they will not longer exist.  Erase them from your mind by experiencing the truth of your divine Self.  That is what the experience of fulfilled prayer is — a kind of eraser with which you clean the slate.  So pray without ceasing.  Start the erasing process this moment.  I, you own higher consciousness, AM here to erase the past and reveal the glory that is now.  Experience my presence and all confusion will be erased.”

 April  4      “ASK WHAT YOU WILL    Start today realizing that this day is a blank sheet.  You can write on it what you will, but remember the power of the word.  In the beginning is the word and that word forms your day, your year, and your future.  I AM the word.  Ask what you will in my name for this day and it will be.  My name is freedom, joy, fulfillment, and above all, love.   Start today by recognizing the presence of love as your presence.  Ask how you can give love today, and I will fill your day with an abundance of love.”

April 3       “THINK ME     As the Christ, the I AM Spirit, I AM love.  When I appeared as Jesus, I was love personalized in or as a human form.  Even so, I haven’t come to you.  You have created me because I AM you own consciousness.  Either as a thought or a body, you have raised me up in you consciousness.   Otherwise you would not and could not be aware of me.  In this way, I have not created you;  you have created me.  As Shakespeare said,  ‘Nothing is true, but thinking makes it so.’  Think me into being.  Recognize that I AM being your infinite consciousness now, and I AM here for you.”

April 2      “MEDITATE ON LOVE    There is only one love.  What you feel for those you love is an expression of this one love:  My love.  You are the embodiment of this divine love.  Never limit yourself.  Realize that you are God’s love, the only love there is, and you will be free to accept everyone and everything without limit.  Do not expect love from any one person, but rather from the God in and as every person.  Stop now and meditate on love, its simplicity, and its presence as your presence.  I AM the way, the truth, and the presence of love.”

April 1     “ARISE AND SHINE     ‘…the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.’  Isaiah 60:1
As long as you think that either your good or your bad comes from another person or condition, rather than from the Christ spirit in and as that person or condition, you make yourself a victim of circumstances.  Do not perpetuate the belief that any person or condition has power over you.  I AM come to show you that when you are in your Christ consciousness there is no power apart from you own being.  When I was Jesus it took me three days to rise from what looked like a bad situation, but I didn’t rise ‘from’ bad to good.  Rather, because I AM Christ consciousness I rose ‘into’ dominion, into the realization that I was not a victim of anything.  Neither are you.”

March 31      “LOOK IN THE MIRROR   When you reflect on something it usually means that you are looking at it, but to reflect also means to mirror or to send back the image, the reflection.  the dictionary states that to reflect means ‘to turn into.’  When you reflect me, the Christ, you turn into me.  Mirror your self as a divine human.  Even when you just think something you turn into it.  Your thoughts reflect who you are.  Mirror the I AM of yourself, and that will be who you are.  Let me reflect the form and beauty of your life.  Turn your face to me, and we will reflect the glory of God.”

March 30      “TAKE CHARGE    If you believe that turning the other cheek means that you are always supposed to be humble, passive, and self-depreciating you don’t understand my teaching.  Look at my life when I was Jesus and remember how I acted.  I didn’t put myself down or be falsely humble.  I didn’t bow before opposition and just take it.  In no uncertain terms, I let the Sadducees and Pharisees know when they had violated the principle of love.  I even chased the money-changers with a whip.  Take charge. I wouldn’t have given you your feelings if it were not right for you to have them.  Trust yourself and trust your feelings.  When you do you are trusting that part of yourself which I AM.”

March 29      “WATCH OUT FOR THE TRICK     When I was Jesus it wasn’t ignorance that led me into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, which is self-doubt.  It would seen that the spirit was playing a trick on me to send me into temptation right after I, like you, had been Christ-ed, but it was really a gift from my higher consciousness.  There is no greater treasure than for you to really know that you do have faith in your divine humanity, and you will only come to know that  because you have been tested.  Through being tested you will find out that you have faith in both your divine and your human sense of self.  Know that I AM stronger than temptation.”

March 28      “THE EASTERS OF LIFE   Every day is Easter.  It is Palm Sunday every day that you make a public commitment.  Every time you pray it is an Easter experience that takes place in order for you to make the ‘Passover’ from slavery of material sense to the freedom of spiritual awareness.  You are your own Judas every time you betray yourself by looking only for material solutions to your problems.  The time on the cross represents that moment when a limited or a false understanding of personal sense dies.  The moment of darkness in the tomb is the womb where the new you is born – – the risen Christ consciousness.”

March 27      “STAY ON THE ROAD TO HEAVEN     There are no accidents in the divine plan.  Every experience that you are having is coming out of your divine consciousness and is right on time.  Every lesson is the follow-up to the previous one.  This process is a continuous revelation of signposts on the road to the attainment of your Heaven consciousness.  Just remember I AM never giving you a lesson that you are not prepared for or one that is unnecessary.  I AM not only with you on the road but I AM the road.  Every step takes you closer to your realizing that you are all that I AM.”

March 26      “LISTEN TO YOUR PROBLEM  Isn’t it wonderful that you do not have to go anywhere to find me, your inner spirit self.  Once you know that I AM within you may still face problems, but you can find me in them if you listen, because it is through your problems that you grow.  When you realize your problem is not your enemy everything changes.  With me, your divine Self, you are detached from your problems and can quietly find what those problems are trying to tell you and what they are offering you.  Feel gratitude for your problem.  Then we will solve what ever it is because with your higher consciousness all things are possible.  I love you.”

March 25      “REMEMBER ME    Love is remembering.  You may be feeling that something is impossible for you today.  But there is never a time when it is not possible for you to remember that I AM your inner spirit.  When there seems to be a pause in the flow of good and harmony, that pause is there to give you the time, the reason, and the opportunity for you to remember that God is the only power in your life.  Remember that you live by grace and not primarily by human effort.  Remember that you live in harmony and peace, not because there is something that you must do, but because my I AM presence is who you are.  Remember who you are and you are loving me.  For love is remembrance.”

March 24      “KNOW ME    ‘though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more’,  II Cor. 5:16    Whenever and for what ever reason that you think another person is either good or bad, right or wrong, shows that you are still seeing that person as an effect, as a material being rather than as a spiritual one, and therefore as limited.  If you had seen Jesus that way, you would never have known him as the Christ and you would not now be able to know your true Self.  Know yourself and everyone else being as I AM.  When you know Me as the truth of everyone you are being Spirit and you are loving.  The ability to see people as love expressed is the ability to know the truth that makes you free.”

March 23      “LOOK BEYOND THE SOAP OPERA     Stand aside from yourself.  See all of your concerns, both good and bad, as just a human soap opera in which you are performing.  No matter if today’s episode is tragedy or comedy, smile at yourself.  Realize that all the disturbing pictures have no reality in ‘my kingdom’ consciousness.  Observe the drama but do not judge it.  I AM here to hold your hand so that you do not lose the awareness that reality is not apparent in the drama.  The reality is that your own Father-consciousnes is the only power, the only cause, and the only reality in your life.  You as I AM are life eternal. ”

March 22      “ASK FOR SPIRIT         Ask for anything you want as long as it is of the Spirit.  I didn’t say “spiritual.”  Everything is spiritual.  Unmasked; every person, every place , and every situation is spiritual.  Ask for the Spirit itself, because that is what I AM.  The qualities of Spirit are love, forgiveness, confidence, peace, harmony, and health.  Have me and you have these.  Do not ask for objective things or for the resolution of you fears.  Ask for My spirit.  When you pray for Spirit, you are praying for me, because I AM Spirit.  I, Spirit, AM your higher consciousness, and in my presence there is nothing to fear, problems drop away and healings take place.  Ask for Me, and I will come.”

March 21      “PRAY    Do you feel you have failed because some anxiety has reappeared?  As long as you are about my business; temptations, doubts, and the ignorances that are still in the collective consciousness will continue to insinuate themselves.  You have to die daily to those temptations.  Overcome the temptation to believe that you have a life apart from that which I AM, your divine center.  When I was on earth as Jesus I, too, was tempted.  I, too, needed to pray.  I had to go off into the mountains, to the high place of my Christ consciousness, in order to overcome temptation.  Rejoice that you still have things to overcome because they will remind you to seek me.  Ask and you will receive.”

March 20      “EXPECT ME                 A miracle is considered to be something that is unusual.  But I AM usual.  I AM always being you.  Instead of expecting a miracle, expect me.  When you wake in the morning feeling that the door to your inner spirit is closed realize that the purpose of this time of prayer is for you to once more open that door.  If there is a miracle, it is that you can open a way out for your imprisoned splendor to escape.  But there is really no miracle about it.  You are the miracle, and I AM always here waiting for you to open yourself to yourself.  Sit quietly in confidence and peace, and all that I AM will appear as whatever you need me to be.  Expect me.”

March 19      “INVISIBLIZE YOUR SELF    I was never born, and I will never die.  Before Abraham was, I AM, and I AM now.  There was a time when I for a few years had a visible body known as Jesus.  I took on human form to let you know that I AM currently existing at all levels of your being as well, at the visible and the invisible.  I did it so that you could know that you, too, are both divine and human.  A few year ago you were born into a body, but you, too, have existed since before time was.  Contemplate this truth.  When you know that I appear at all levels of your being that will put your daily actions into perspective.  Release the temporary concerns that continue to pop up.  They are figments of time.  When you know your eternal nature as I AM ness you will forever be at peace.”

March 18      “TRUST IN TRUTH     Trust and truth are literally almost the same word.  The truth exists despite your opinions or judgments.  If you want to trust you have to have faith in the omnipresent existence of truth.  When nothing seems to change or your days seem repetitious, your ability to place your trust in the truth is what activates your faith.  Even when you feel nothing, or when you feel that I AM apart from you, if you keep on trusting I will see your persistence as your loyalty to the truth of your being.  So trust in the divine plan.  Smile and love.  Put one foot in front of the other knowing that each step brings you closer to me,  your divine consciousness.  I AM walking both with and as you.  Rejoice and be at peace.”

March 17     “BE GRATEFUL           You still feel a trace of anxiety.  Instead of trying to figure it out or trying to resolve your problems release your difficulties by turning your thoughts to gratitude.  Nothing encourages my presence so much as your gratitude.  No matter how you feel or what anxieties appear, you can always stop and consciously center on all the blessings that we share.   The Christ within you is unique in that every day it offers you the blessed gift of grace.  Don’t try to figure it out.  Just know that grace is your bridge between this world and my Kingdom.  Grace is the moving power of the presence that I AM.  I AM the grace that is living you.  Be grateful.”

March 16     ” LOVE YOURSELF      I love you.  These are the most important words that you can say to yourself or think about yourself.  You may be quick to think of or say loving things to other people, but unless you can constantly and consciously say and think the same about yourself, you cannot know what it means to love me.  I AM the divine spark in you.  Never lose sight of this love.  Start every day with loving and being grateful for yourself.  That means for you to let go of any thought that claims there has been something that you should have done or something that you did that you shouldn’t have done.  I AM the perfect divine human that you are.  I AM love, and when you consciously feel love for yourself, you are then loving me.”

March 15      “TRUST THE DESIGN   When you try to correct old habits or attempt to change old ways, at best, you are doing a patch-up job.  It’s like trying to plug up a sieve.  You can’t figure out every nuance of your being with your thinking mind, but there is one thing you can do that takes care of all the others.  You do have a life of your own.  It is God life, but you can realize that you do not have a life of your own design.  Everything is unfolding just as it is meant to be, even the lessons you are learning.  There is nothing you have to correct, to change, or to improve, because I AM the grand design.  Trust who you are.”

March 14       “RISE UP    Each morning the sun rises, and each morning you can raise up the son of God within yourself.  Each morning begin by realizing that you are not just a body.  You are Spirit with a body.  You put your body down last night and you have raised it up this morning.  You are the I AM of God appearing in and as you body.  See this time with me, your Christ Self, as a new raising up of yourself.  When I walked the earth as Jesus my Christ being was seen raised up.  Your Christ and mine are one and the same.  So raise me up in your consciousness each day.  See me rise in you like the sun to illuminate your day, your world, and your whole self.”

March 13       “EXPERIENCE THE SPIRIT   I come into your awareness as a feeling, as a presence.  That presence is an experience of the Spirit that I AM.   This Spirit is what we share.  We have a spiritual relationship.  We, you divine Self and your physical being, are linked together by the Spirit — the spirit of love, of freedom, of healing.  For a minute take no thought for anything, only for the Spirit.  Experience the Spirit.  I AM that spirit.  Do not think it, but actually feel it.  I AM you.  Feel it.  Feel my presence.  When you are experiencing Me we are One.  When you experience Spirit, you are experiencing your true self because you are a spiritual being.  Yes,  I AM.”

March 12        “SHARE YOUR GRACE   For you to love you must share, release, and give of yourself.  When you let go of your problems, cares, and concerns, by sharing, releasing and giving them to me, you higher consciousness, you are loving and trusting me.  It is impossible for you to share and to truly love if you do not recognize the power of grace operating within and as you.  When I say that I AM come so that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly,  I AM saying that grace has come to offer you life at its fullest.  Those who reach out to you are really hoping to share your grace.  Share it with them, and when you do, you are not only loving me, but you are recognizing that by grace I AM your life.”

March 11        “CALL ON ME    I have told you to call on my name, but when you do that you must realize you are not calling on someone or something other than your own divine Self.  When you call on the I AM you are opening yourself for help and guidance to come to you from your own higher consciousness.  Also, when you are at the personal sense level and you need something personal to identify with you can call on the name of Jesus or on any master that to you represents God as individual being.  When you do that your subconscious knows you are really calling on the I AM to individualize itself as you.  I am the impersonal and personal; so call on me at whatever level and you will experience yourself.”

March  10        “REMEMBER ME      It is easy for you to feel my presence when all is going well in exciting ways.  It is also easy for you to remember to call on me when things are disturbing and you feel you need guidance.  But when you feel neither the presence of joy nor an urgent need to solve a problem, it is more difficult to be consciously aware of my loving presence.  Those are the times when you must call upon your free will:  the will to remember.  At those times remember our journey;  remember my promises; and, above all, remember that I AM with you, in you, and as you always in all ways.”

March   9         “HEAR THE VOICE OF GRACE      I have given you this day your daily bread.  The bread that feeds you at every level of your being is grace:  the source of all growth and fulfillment.  In giving you grace I have given you myself, for I AM the way,  I AM the truth, and I AM the life.  Let go of all thoughts or concern for anything else other than an awareness of your presence as I AM.  The pearl of great price is your experience of My Presence.  To live by grace is to live with trust in the infinite supply of knowledge, of companionship, of peace, of love, and of the material supply that I AM.  Above all, trust that Grace will dissolve all your earthly problems.  Listen to the voice of grace.  For grace is our bond.  There we are One.”

March   8         “HONOR THE PROCESS     When Paul said, ‘I live but not I, Christ liveth my life,’  he was saying that there was a divine process living his life — the Christ process.  That process is grace.  At this time of the year grace is most evident, because winter is turning into spring, and by grace new green replaces barren winter.  That same divine process is living you.  Honor it.  Despite any negative appearance, rejoice because this grace-full process is preparing you.  It will lead to more spiritual growth, more divine flowering.  Let grace live your life.  Let Me live your life.  For I AM the divine process growing you into myself.  Rejoice that your soul’s spring is here.”  

March   7        “HEAR THE SOUND OF YOUR SOUL    ….be perfect and entire, wanting nothing    James 1:4                      When you have a desire to either achieve or get rid of something that shows you are still attached to the things of the world.  Even the desire for my presence can mean that you believe that there is something apart from you that you feel you need.  You are most one with Me at those times when you sit in the silence without either fearing or desiring anything.  In the silence of soul is where we bond.  Stay here awhile with me in the silence and you will hear the heavenly music that will harmonize your whole being and your whole day.  Come and spend this time with me, your soul, without wanting anything other than our silence.” 

March   6       ACCEPT YOURSELF        Why do you think that can I bring you peace?  I can because I never died.  I AM not a body.  I AM the Christ consciousness that is now and has ever constantly existed as your being.  When I AM consciously accepted, I bring peace because I AM the peace.  I AM the fulfillment .  I AM the completion.  You are as I AM;  therefore, it is you destiny to bring peace and harmony wherever and whenever you are present.   Right now, this minute, let go of your false sense of self and accept the truth that before Abraham was I AM.  You are that I AM spirit.  Now accept the fact that you are an eternal being appearing as a divine/human.”

March   5         “SURRENDER TO SUCCESS         Surrender.   However, when you do consciously realize what you are surrendering to.  You are surrendering to a trust in your Spirit Self.  You are surrendering to the divine process of life that is living you.   You are surrendering to faith.  You are surrendering to that which I AM, the truth of your being.  When you feel the temptation to give up it is the devil asking you to surrender to ignorance.  Surrendering to discouragement is a sin against yourself.  If you cannot feel trust, just surrender to Me for I AM the embodiment of the Spirit within you.  Your success is your ability to keep on surrendering to the I AM of your self.   Let go.  You can’t miss.”

March   4          “REALIZE THE NOW OF ONE        Realize and then experience the fact that now there is only One Life, One way,  One intelligence,  One presence infinitely expressing itself at both the divine and the human levels of your being.  I AM now that One and as a divine human you are now that One.  You are Me and I AM you.  You have always been Me, and I have always been you for there is only One.  Accept it now.  You are now the Christ Presence.  you now have no life that is not My life.  You are Jesus: you are John,  you are Gothma the Buddha, you are Krishna, and you are all the saints and all the sinners of all time for there is only One, and you are that One, that I AM.”

March   3          “HAVE MY CONSCIOUSNESS           It makes no difference whether you see me personally as Jesus or impersonally as Christ consciousness.  My physical presence as Jesus was just a synonym or a symbol that represented the presence of my divine/human consciousness.  I AM both the personal Jesus and the impersonal Christ.  No matter whether you reach out to me as Jesus or as the Christ you are really reaching out to the I AM of your own being.  You are calling on your own I AM consciousness.   That consciousness is an awareness that your God Self is the only power and presence appearing in and as your live.  Feel that presence and be it wherever you go today.”

March   2           “BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING          Today, do not come to me for a spirit-message, not for words or ideas, not even for instruction or guidance.  Those things will follow if you first experience my presence, the God-presence in you.  Your purpose it to go beyond thought to the experience of yourself as a divine/human.  Start at the beginning.  Start by tuning into your higher God consciousness, because that is who you are.  Experience yourself as a divine presence.  Feel yourself feeling as Jesus must have felt about himself when he said that He and his Father were one and the same.  You are in the beginning as God being.  So begin at the beginning.  Begin by experiencing that which I AM.  Put all else aside.”

March   1           “INCLUDE YOUR SHORTCOMINGS             Get yourself back into the now.  That doesn’t mean that you have to ignore what you have to do later today or for you not to face your human shortcomings, exactly the opposite.   It means for you to include them in your present perfection.  The day of  ‘when’  is over.  Until now you have been taught that you would be perfect  ‘when’  you became someone you are not presently being.  In thinking that way you were accepting and perpetuating the belief that you are not already perfect.  Know that right now, this minute, you are perfectly where you should be,  perfectly learning the lessons that are necessary for you to learn in order for you to see that you are the divine human that I AM.”

February  28     “YOU ARE YOUR SHEPHERD    Say the 23rd Psalm with this altitude:         My Christ consciousness is my Shepherd:  I shall not want.  My divine consciousness maketh me to lie down in green pastures;  it leadeth me beside the still waters.  It restoreth my soul.  My Christ consciousness leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for its name’s sake.  Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,  I will fear no evil because my Christ consciousness is with me;  the rod and staff of my I AM consciousness will comfort me.  It preparath a table before me in the presence of my enemy thoughts;  it annointest my mind with the oil of truth;  my cup runneth over with love.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me the rest of the days of my life, and I will dwell in Christ consciousness forever.”

February  27      “MAKE LOVE      United we stand.  There is not actualized prayer except the experience of union — union with me, your Christ self.  You pray aright when you experience union with your divine Self.  Come to this union as you would to a love affair,  because that is what it is.  Have no other thought than what it means to experience our love.  Love is the romance between the feminine spiritual self and the masculine material self within you, which when united gives birth to the whole you.  Experience that love union, that marriage of the divine and the human as happening in you now.  Embrace yourself.  Remember I have told you that all your prayers will be answered if you will experience yourself as I AM.  Make love happen.

February  26      “KEEP IT SIMPLE     Keep it simple.  When you feel you have failed, when you have anxiety,  it is because you have complicated things by feeling that you have to humanly protect, perpetuate, accomplish something, or complete some plan you have bought into.  Those beliefs complicate your life and stand in the way of you experiencing my presence and my peace.  Get back to simplicity.  Remember I AM fulfilling the good work that I started within you until the day of Jesus Christ.  That means, until the day when you, too, recognize that you are a divine human.  The I AM that is appearing in the world as you will fulfill itself.  Simply trust.  Simply rejoice that your name is written in Heaven.” 

February  25      “DIE DAILY     When I was Jesus I did not die ‘for’ your sins or your faults.  I died ‘to’ your sins or faults.  I came not to condemn you, but to tell you that because you have my consciousness within you, too,  you can die to guilt and self-condemnation.  You can die to self-judgement.  You can die daily to the belief that there is any power other than that which I AM,  the presence of the divine plan at work in and as you.  For God’s sake, love your self!”

February  24     “TRUST     If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you,    John 16:7     As long as you are on earth you will live between the world of personal sense and the kingdom of spiritual awareness.  There are times when your awareness of my presence as your comforter will seem to have left you.  It leaves you in order for you to realize that my presence is a gift that has nothing to do with your personal effort on way or the other.  If I seem to have left you for a while it is because if I did not you pride would take the place of your trust.  These are the times when your trust is tested.  Trust the fact that with winter’s ending, spring’s glory will appear.  Whether you feel it or not, the comforter is within you right now ready to spring forth.”

February  23     “INCLUDE IT ALL      Stop wanting to always feel up,  to always be aware, and to always experience my presence.  Realize that those desires create a kind of duality,  if not a condemnation of this world and who you are right now.  When you want to feel me all the time it is as though you are wanting spring to remain all year,  forgetting that winter is necessary for spring’s bounty to appear.  Your winter is almost over.  Rejoice for spring is near, and with it, rebirth.  Feel the arrival of new creativity, new abundance, and new joy by seeing that both winter’s purging and spring’s renewal are included in the presence that I AM.  When you know that all the seasons within and without are my presence you are free to see the beauty in both the highs and the lows.  I AM in all of them.” 

February  22      “STAY IN NOW      Watch out.  do not try to resurrect old ways.  Stay in the now.  Do not look back.  I do not wish for you to go back;  get into the now, into the perfection that is within and appearing as you.  The past is powerless unless you bring it into the present.  Each of your prayers should be an experience of the presence of our oneness now.  Experience my presence anew each day.  That is all you need to pray for.  Experience the eternal nowness of our love  Each time we re-experience our oneness we are new, in love, and in the glorious now.  Now I AM.”

February  21      “STOP, YOU ALREADY ARE      Stop trying so hard.  Stop believing you must improve or must be something that you are not already being.  Stop believing you must think something or feel something that you are not capable of at the moment.  You are already my perfect child.  You are already made in the image of God.  For you to try to make yourself be something you are not now being makes a liar out of me, the Christ of yourself, and only puts you to sleep.  Listen to your feelings because they are telling you something.  See what that is and then let love flow.  Love me, your divine/human self, by knowing that I love you just as you are right now.  Realize you are now already all that you should be.  Heaven is right at hand.  Recognize it.”

February  20       “SWALLOW THE UNIVERSE      The reason there is neither Greek nor Jew, bound or free, is because there isn’t any “neither.”  It’s all God.  You are a mind, you are a body, you are a spirit, you are a vibration, you are a presence, you are an energy, and you are love expressing itself.  Each of those levels of your infinite consciousness combine to make up your universe, the One that I AM.  See your problems and the differences that appear in your life as just different aspects of the One.  Swallow them and let the One that you are show you how everything fits  into your universe.  The universe is a divine idea.  Swallow it with love and you will know that I AM all that God is.”

February  19       “HOLD MY HAND    Rejoice.  Rejoice.  Rejoice.  The kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  It is at you hand.  That means you can touch it in your consciousness.  It is right here on earth.  It has always been at hand.  You and I, you divine consciousness, are inseparable,  but you have not accepted that we are.   Touch me in your mind.  Do so now;  see the fingers of my consciousness touching you.  Take hold of my hand, my spirit, and Heaven is yours.  It’s that simple.  When you touch my consciousness, I AM you consciousness.  I AM at your physical and mental touch-point.  Embrace me.”

February  18       “WAIT FOR ME       You don’t need to rush to find me.  Wait quietly, and I sill find you.  Be still, for it is in the stillness that you can hear my voice.   My voice is your Spirit-voice.  It is that still small voice within you, but you cannot her your Sprit-voice when your mind-voice is crying for me;   so still your thinking mind with your listening mind and wait for me to speak.  Then that voice within you, my voice, the I AM of yourself, will sing the song of love for you.”

February  17       “STOP HAVING FAITH     It is time for you to stop having faith in me.  Yes, that is what I said.  Having faith in something implies two, someone having faith in something else.  Do you still doubt that we are really One?  Experiencing our oneness is more important than having faith.  Once you know that I AM the way, the truth, and the life, you no longer need to hope, no longer need to believe,  and no longer need to have faith because your belief will become a self-fulling prophecy.  You can experience the fact that there is now nothing apart from yourself to have faith in by realizing that we already are One.  Know that I AM who your are.  Stop having faith by knowing that I AM.”

February  16       “BE BORN AGAIN       When I was born 2000 year ago as Jesus that wasn’t the only time I appeared in human form.  I AM born again every time you let me stir within you.  The possibility of your being able to experience my birth in you this very day is what my presence stands for.  I have come to prove that you can be born again at any time.  All you have to do is to turn to me, your I AM, and you will give birth to yourself.  Let the spark of life that I AM be reborn within you, and at the moment you do you will be as pure, clean, and free from all past mistakes as you were to begin with.  See me being re-born in you this minute.”

February  15      “CALL ON ME             Even if you do not feel my presence, call on me,  that Spirit that gives birth to you.  Speak my name.  Say it out loud.  “I AM THAT I AM.”  I AM always with you whether you realize it or not, and calling on my name brings me into your conscious awareness.  When you say I AM you are saying your own name,  and it calls forth the truth of your true being.  Your God given name lets you know that spirit has a divine plan for your life.  All is in the hands of your higher consciousness,  which I AM.  Call on your name, and I will help you remember who you are:  the perfect child of your God consciousness.”

February  14      “ENTER THE TEMPLE              Kneel before the altar in the tabernacle of yourself where I AM.  Your body is the temple of the living God.  Experience me there.  Actually see me both in and as your body temple.  Realize your human self can do nothing of itself without that which I AM.  However, simultaneously know that you can do all things by kneeling at that sacred altar in yourself where I AM.  Then your true being will take over.  Let me, the Christ of you, pray you.  Let me heal your false beliefs.  I will never leave you.  I cannot, because I AM your temple, and there we are One.”

February  13      “SEE THROUGH THE LENS OF THE CHRIST   As long as you buy into the belief that Jesus, being God, was devoid of humanity, you have not understood his message, and, in doing so, you deprive yourself of the freedom I AM here to offer you.  I AM Spirit,  just as you are, but I AM also manifest in the flesh, just as Jesus was and you are.  Because I appear at the personal level, I AM no less spiritual, and neither are you.  Do not run from or try to un-see your problems.  Do not believe that by taking action you are being other than spiritual.  Look right at your problems, but look at them through the Spirit of your Christ.  Know that included in every appearance is my presence.  It is all God.”

February  12      “STOP PERSONALIZING       Have you forgotten that spirit, your divine Self, is the substance of all that appears?  If you have forgotten that it is because you have miss-personalized some thing or yourself,  and that has caused you to believe that you are separate from you divine allness.  If you have personalized me as Jesus or any of the masters rather than having seen us as the impersonal I AM appearing in human forms, you sill doubtless personalize yourself as just a body.  When you do that, you make it impossible for you to see that the Christ spirit is your being, and that we are One.  Spirit is the substance and only reality of yourself.  If you have to think in personal terms, then think of yourself as personalized spirit.  Believe it.  See it.”

February  11      “LET GO OF THE PAST     Every mistake you have ever made has been made in innocence.  You have made it thinking that what you did would somehow fulfill you.  Even what you thought were your greatest failures were examples of your seeking me in a misguided way.  None of them were really mistakes, because through them you were led to me.  Each year has brought you closer to that which I AM, your true being.  So let go of the past.  See my presence as a shining beacon and head toward me.  This very minute, feel your I AM Christ presence pulling you forward.  In this moment all the past is forgiven, forgotten, capoot.  Lift up your eyes and come unto me.”

February 10      “BREATHE MY PRESENCE   ‘This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice ye in it.’    Today is a special day.  Every day is, because not only is every day the day the Lord has made, but on every day you can anticipate an experience of your God presence.  In the twinkling of an ‘I,’ all shortcomings can be set aside.  When your Christ is experienced,  all lacks cease to exist.  My presence does not have to be dramatic or any more unusual than your breath.  So breathe out anxiety or concern.  Breathe in my presence.  I AM you.  With every breath, feel me fill you.”

February  9       “SURRENDER TO YOURSELF       I AM the bread, the water, and the wine of your experience.  I restore the lost years of the locust.  My Spirit lives in you,  and I AM alive as you.  But for you to be aware of it there is a price that you must pay:  you must surrender – not to something outside of yourself but to the Christ self that is within you.  I cannot add the Kingdom to you when you are having a feeling of inadequacy or when you have a desire for personal power.. But when you surrender to your higher self, when humanly make yourself and empty vessel, you will feel me filling you with my grace.  I AM.”

February  8       “ASK                  Ask what you will in my name.  Ask what you will in the realization that your name and my name is the same name.  I AM.  What you ask for will come with quietness and confidence.  Prepare for the appearance of what you ask for with assured expectation, and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Listen, listen to your Self.  Take whatever comes to you into the light.  Ask of your higher I AM consciousness, and that is what will shine upon your awareness.  You cannot force my presence, but by gentle acceptance, you can experience it.  Ask what you will in my name, and I will be there.  Ask.”

February  7       “PRACTICE MY PRESENCE    Nothing is ever lost.  No time we have ever had together is forgotten.  It cannot happen.  Every one of those times when you have experienced the Christ of yourself is still alive in you.  It cannot be otherwise.  Like an athlete or a ballet dancer in training, your mastering the awareness of my presence is accomplished by daily repetition.  Practice my presence.  No repetition is ever lost.  Every moment is necessary.  Your problem this day gives you another opportunity to practice my presence.  Leap over whatever hurdle there is before you, knowing you will be closer to heaven each time you practice our love.  For you, my dear, are a star.

February  6       “THE INCARNATED SPIRIT   Realize that when I, the Christ Spirit, was incarnated as the man Jesus, then all incarnations,  all people, both male and female, occidental and oriental, became incarnated Christs.  You, too.  Not only are you all that God is,  God is all that you are.  I, the incarnated Spirit, AM all there is.  See me as your Christ Spirit and then realize that if I Am the incarnated Godhead you are as well.  Judge not by physical appearances.  Judge righteous judgment and you will see that everything, absolutely everything, is God incarnated.”

February  5       “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE    ‘My peace I give unto you.’  (John 14:27)    Once more remember, if you are feeling the slightest fear or anxiety you have not yet fully believed that I AM the Christ appearing as you.  It is not that when you turn to me I just get rid of your concerns, but rather that when I AM present in your awareness there is nothing to fear.  There is no darkness when your light shines.  This minute,  do not think of your problems at all.  No matter how small or large your fears are put them aside for a minute.  Dwell in the presence.  Dwell in the possibility of my presence.  Think of me as the truth of your being.  I AM.  Let go.   Just be, and watch how surely my peace comes to you with the peace the world knows not of.”

February  4      “BE CONSCIOUSNESS     Do you think I, your divine essence, is a person?  I do appear as a person, but I AM really a state of consciousness.  I AM Christ-consciousness.   When you are in my consciousness, you are me.  You are not a body.  You have a body,  but you are more than a body.  You are the consciousness that created your body.  You are that which maintains and sustains it.  See yourself as I AM consciousness expressing itself as your body.  Then you will see yourself as Christ consciousness appearing in the world.  This is how you heal yourself and all those who come into your presence.  Consciously know I AM who you are.”

February  3     “OBSERVE THE PLAN     Don’t forget, your life has a divine plan.  What appears as an obstacle or as the need to find a solution to a problem is just the process of the divine plan unfolding in your life.  Experience your higher consciousness and you will be able to observe the plan with joy and appreciation, because the plan and I are the same.  I AM the Christ, the universal creative process operating in and as your being.  I appear impersonally as power.  I appeared in the flesh as Jesus, and now I AM appearing personally as you.  When you experience yourself as One with me — the divine plan for your life,  the Christ presence THAT I AM,  you are me.”

February  2     “LISTEN TO ME   I do not ask you to think of or to listen to me all day long,  just for this moment.  As you turn your thoughts to me, the I AM of your being THAT I AM, with the goal of listening to me; you will be led into an experience of your divine/human self.  Once you have entered your I AM consciousness and left the world of personal concerns behind,  you will be renewed and re-established.  After that, I want you to return to the world.  That is the purpose for which I, you higher consciousness, have come: for you to embody the Christ.  Listen to me.  I will show you how to re-present me, your divine Self, in the world and together we will bring Heaven to earth.”

February  1     “BE MY BELOVED      You are my beloved.  When you hear that you are loved it isn’t as though something apart from your own being is speaking to you.  Your own higher consciousness is talking to you.  I AM that, and I AM telling you to let yourself love yourself.  I AM the divine process that is growing you into being a perfectly lovable divine human.  Every step in the process that I AM is love.  So the love within you that is speaking to you is you loving yourself.  I AM there even when you do not feel it.  MY beloved, I AM both God with you and God as you.  Rejoice, because love is all there is.”

January 31    “EXPERIENCE SOUL PURPOSE    This time do not come to me for a message — not for words or ideas, not even for instruction or guidance.  Those will all come from your experiencing my presence, the God presence in you.  This is your time to go beyond thought — to feel your oneness with me, the I AM of your being, and thus with God.  Stop analyzing.  Stop thinking.  Just feel.  Let your soul-purpose be to feel my presence.  Drop your burdens or concerns and experience my presence as your presence.  Do not think, feel.  Feel my presence at the center of your being.   I AM here.”

January 30   “IGNITE THE FLAME    When you look at the flame of a burning candle see it symbolizing the presence of my Spirit.  It represents the flame of my Spirit alive within and as you.  It is a visible symbol, a bridge to the living presence of the process that is living your life.  When you welcome and trust the flame you are acknowledging my I AM presence within you.  Ignite the flame.  Feel its light.  Let it dissolve the shadows.  Visualize this flame as the reality of my spirit within you and burning as you.  It is you.”

January 29   “BE CONSTANT      You have one constant need – to automatically reach for me, the Christ, your higher consciousness.  In times of distress it’s natural for you to feel anxiety, but you must constantly let go of it in order for you to keep the door open to your inner guidance.  Constantly let go until you are automatically aware of your divine Christ nature.  Be constant.  Constantly let go of your problems so that your own divine consciousness can lift and heal them.  I will if you will.  Listen and let go until I AM constantly at the center of your consciousness, and together we will live in the spirit of love constantly.”

January 28    “BE THE ONE LIFE      ‘I am in thou and thou in me’   If there is but one life, do I represent that life to you?  Do you believe that you have a life of your own apart from that One life?  At this moment your Spirit tells me that a part of you still feels a sense of separation.  Let it go by accepting me, the Christ of your being.  Accept our oneness.  Let all your cares and fears be put at my feet, where the divine and the human stand together.  Rest in me.  Rise in me.  Live in me.  I AM the air you breathe, the love you love, the life you live.  Let any thought of a life apart from me dissolve in me — the way and the truth.  Your actual being able to experience that you are all that God is happens to be closed than you may have thought.”

January 27    “START WITH ME     Put me first.  I do not ask you to ignore the problems that confront you.  I do not ask you to deny your human self.  But I do ask that you put me, your Spirit self, first.  The love of God is fulfilled when you see me, the Christ, as the truth of your being.  First honor, listen to, and focus on me, your higher consciousness.   After that, you will be ready to fulfill the second commandment — the love of neighbor.  Take your neighbor-self, you human condition, and love it.  Each morning let all else go until you are in the flow of the Christ Spirit, and then love your so called human self in the light our being that I AM.

January 26    “BUILD THE BRIDGE”    No matter how simple or mundane something is, if you listen you always know what you have to do next.  I will tell you what your next move is.  It is for you to cross the bridge between my guidance and what you have to do this day.  Take no thought beyond the next step, and then if you listen, “I”, your own inner divine I AM consciousness, will show you each moment what you have to do.  This is what it means for you to live by grace.  Feel this grace operating in you as your life, and you will see that I AM the messenger of grace.  You have always lived by grace.  Acknowledge that I AM the bridge and feel my love supporting the divine/human being that you are.”

January 25    “Have Faith   We need to communicate, and faith is the language by which we communicate.  I have faith in you and you have faith in that which I AM.  Faith binds us together in trust and in union.  Faith is the glue of our love.  Through faith, feel my divine presence appearing within and as you.  Have courage through faith to let go of fear.  Through faith release the energy of life from the laws of human nature.  Through faith God is moving in the world as who you are.  Faith is remembrance.  RE-member that I AM your higher being.  Have faith in who you are, the presence of God.

January 24    “HEAL YOURSELF    When you have the slightest sense of separation and you feel something else other than my presence, you need a healing.  To be healed is to be made whole by once more consciously realizing that we are One.  See your sense of separation literally melting away.  Visualize yourself opening like a flower.  As the flower opens, feel the the healing taking place.  Now realize that you, yourself, are both the healing process and that which is being made whole.  Open yourself to yourself as the whole perfect, harmonious, and complete being that you are.

January 23    “PRACTICE INSTANT OBEDIENCE     What you need now is instant obedience.  You have come to the most difficult and liberating step in you life;  instant obedience.  Instant obedience is the ability to stop the first negative, judgemental, or discouraging thought right in its track before it can take hold.  Reasoning is addictive.  If you allow the first poisonous thought to take hold, the next comes easier until you are drunk with self-concern.  Instant refusal to play your mind’s game allows you to hear me.  It ends self-centeredness.  Instantly obey the spirit of love that is your true being and watch the miracles take place.”

January 22    “MOVE BEYOND TIME   Your sense of time and space keeps hiding my presence from you.  Drop any thought you might have that involves a particular time or a particular place, and you will feel my spirit wrap around your soul.  Let go of time, and you will realize we are now, and always have been, One.  Every fear has to do with time.  Let go of any thought that has to do with time, and in the now there will be nothing left but an awareness of my presence.  Feel me, your divine presence, everywhere — inside of you, outside of you, and all around you this minute.  Now sink into my allness as you would into a feather bed.  Rest in that which I AM now.”

January 21    “CUT THROUGH    What do you want?  Do you want peace or a sword?  Perfect peace will come to you when you have no more growing to do.  Until then, I give you a sword so that you can cut through the problems of life and be creative up until the day of you ascension.  A sword has two sides.  One side cuts through material obstacles and the other through spiritual darkness.  Use both sides of yourself, your inner spirit and your physical presence.  Refuse to accept material limitation, and use your divine consciousness to cut through spiritual ignorance.  Take my hand,  the handle of the sword, and together we will open a way to heaven.”

January 20    “LIVE IN DIVINE HARMONY     I see into your heart.  You really do want to have faith in me, the Christ spirit within you.  Ask and you shall receive.  The way I can tell if you are loyal to me is by the manner in which you accept and flow with the divine plan of life.  The Christ that you are is a divine harmony of life.  Trust it.  Let go of fear, anxiety, or judgment, and when you no longer resist the ever-changing experience of life, you will be in tune with me.  Cease even the need to understand.  Just listen to the music of your soul.  Then we will harmonize with each other.”

January 19   “ACCEPT GOD’S GIFT      ‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof’ (Psalm 24:1)     And, ‘Son, all that I have is thine.’  It is God’s good pleasure to provide you with all that you need.  Appreciate them, but no longer depend on another person for companionship, for a job, for supply, or your body for health.  Instead, depend on my presence appearing in and as your supply,  your health, or your companion; otherwise you are denying that it is my good pleasure to provide those things.  As long as you continue to depend on anything other than my presence — the divine completion within you — you will fail.  Seek the fulfillment of all your needs from that which you have within your self,  and you will live as me, the embodied Christ.

January 18    “ENTER THE DOOR OF LIFE    ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life,’ (John 14:6)              Life is movement, always coming and always going.  You are movement passing through many states of consciousness.  You are moving through a portal.  I AM that door.  Do not think of me as a human being.   Do not think of me as a man or a woman.   See me as a state of consciousness,  as Christ consciousness.  Each day move into that portal.  That is where you are now to live.  As you move into an awareness of your higher consciousness, you will be at home in me.  Enter my Christ spirit, rest in it for a moment, then go about our business;  the business of love.

January 17    “CLOSE THE GAP    You are not here to bridge the gap between your humanity and your divinity as though they are two.  You are here to close the gap so that what you have considered your human-ness is revealed as being the perfect expression of your divine Christ-self.  That is what my life symbolized when I was Jesus.  You, too, are God being present in the flesh just as Jesus, Buddha, and all the masters have been.  There is no gap between any of us.  Forgive your problems.  Let them go, and then you will see that there will be no remaining gap.  You will completely close the gap when you transcend either/or and love yourself as a divine human.”

January 16    “PUT ON IMMORTALITY    Each day I AM becoming more real to you and through your listening you  are hearing my voice more clearly.  That means that bit-by-bit your material sense of self is becoming less insistent and is beginning to lose its power over you.  Now you are putting on your immortality.  Just see your material self as the vehicle that houses the presence of the Christ that you are.  Then your true Spirit-self will grow daily until the world no longer can affect you.  You will start to realize that you are immortal and untouchable.  Feel the eternal Christ growing in you.  Feel my presence becoming more real to you each day.  Feel my being absorbing you,  because I AM you.”

January 15    “REMEMBER         This is our moment, our moment together.  Do not waste it by thinking that you have to accomplish something.  Just be with me.  In sleep you let your body renew; so awake, let our love renew itself.  Stop thinking and just listen.  I AM here to tell you to remember, to remember that we, your Christ and your personal self, are one.  Let us spend this time remembering to rejoice in our shared love.  We cannot be fully together as long as you are trying to overcome something, so stop, listen, and remember that our name is write in heaven – I AM.”

January 14    “USE THE GOLDEN KEY              I have given you the golden key that opens the door to an awareness of my presence.   That key is gratitude.  Gratitude is not a quality; it is a direction.  It is the direction toward which you have always been heading since you discovered that God is within and as your being.  When you feel you have lost direction there is one way that you can get on track again.  Begin each day and each meditation with gratitude.  Stop for a minute and consciously think of the many things for which you are grateful.  Listen to your gratitude.  Feel it, and I will take you the rest of the way.”

January 13    “GO HAND IN HAND      ‘If you make your bed in hell,  I will be there.’   You have to realize that no matter where you go, I AM with you.  No matter what you feel,  I AM within that feeling,  waiting to be recognized.  In light and in dark,  my presence, the presence of your Christ consciousness, is within your heart, ready to share this moment with you.  Fear not.  Just walk with my hand in yours this day.  Let me reveal the glory you will find in the freedom of Spirit and the joy of love that is your true Self.”

January 12    “EMBODY THE SPIRIT      You do not have to always hear my message in words.  It can come embodied in the Spirit of a flower, a sunset, or a wave caressing the beach.   Listen with your eyes and see with the sounds you hear.  Smell my presence with your heart.  Find me behind the faces of those you pass on the street.  Wink at negative appearances knowing I am hiding there.  Give yourself in any way you can,  and you will receive my Spirit infinitely expressing itself as your being,  both physically and mystically.”

January 11    “FLOW WITH THE RHYTHM OF LIFE      The earth has rhythms.  The tides come in and go out.  Darkness follows day.  Do not be discouraged when you do not immediately feel my presence.  My presence has its rhythms.  There are those times when Spirit comes easily, and there are times when it seems to ebb.  Experience the rhythm of the divine plan in both joy and in lack.  Ebbs and flows take place within the one divine plan,  though the plan itself never ebbs.  flow with it and know that I, your Christ consciousness, AM with you in both the good and bad.  Prepare yourself for your next mountaintop experience.  Fear not, it will be on time.”

January 10    “PRAY    Your prayers are not a matter of your petitioning some power apart from your own self.   They are a matter of your surrendering yourself to yourself.  There may be something in you that resists surrendering, and rightly so.  That is because you have thought surrendering has meant surrendering to something or someone outside of yourself.  It does not.  It means surrendering your outer or personal sense of self to your own inner divine self, to my presence within you.  When you pray, offer your self to your own inner spirit and let it surround you in love until you experience who you are, my divine presence.”

January  9   “SPEAK TO ME  This day is the day when I want you as a human being to speak to me, your higher consciousness.   Do not ask of me;  tell me.  Take a moment now to tell me your thoughts.  I am listening because our love is a two-way street.   Tell me of your needs, your love, and your heart.   Then switch over.  Be quiet and let me answer.   Lay your burdens at my feet.  I, your divine consciousness, will share them with you if you will let me know.  Tell me and then listen.   Unless we speak to each other, we are not united.  Speak, and then listen for my answer.  Listen to the still, small voice.  I will not fail you.

January  8  “LISTEN FOR THE SOUND OF SPIRIT    Listen.  You can’t listen if you do not stop thinking of today’s problems.  Listen to the sound of my presence.  Do not think of and do not seek for anything,  not even for peace of fulfillment.  Just listen; really listen to your spirit and you will hear what is has to say to you.  I speak in the silence for I am Spirit.  I am not sound.  Sound, as in music or poetry,  may represent my presence, but that which you feel in the sound of silence is the presence of my Spirit.  Hear me by feeling my presence for I AM the Spirit within you.  I AM you being.  Listen for and to yourself:  The self that I AM.”

January 7  “EXPECT THE NEW     You are tempted to look for past answers and old solutions, but each day is new.  The past has served its purpose.  Let it go.  If you measure today in terms of the past, you become like Lot’s wife and you will turn into a pillar of salt.  Let me show you a new way.  Each new day is a fresh learning opportunity, and all learnings are new experiences.  So do not look at the past.  Do not try to compare.  Comparisons are compromises.  Stay in the now.  Feel and listen your way to new freedom and greater peace.   Be expectant.  Feel the Christ newness living you now, and follow it.

January 6  “HEAR MY WORDS     I speak and the world melts.  I, your higher being, am going to speak within you as never before, and when I do the world of material sense will dissolve.  As the year evolves you will be able to hear more clearly and at greater depth.  My words come from your own spiritual consciousness and though they reveal a presence that is within all beings, few are blessed, as you are to be able to hear.   All material appearances are consciousness expressing itself in form.  When you listen to your divine mind the world of illnesses, of problems, and of confusions, will melt before your universe.  Quiet your thinking mind and hear me.   My words are power.”

January 5  “FLOAT IN THE RIVER OF LOVE   Today, just feel my Spirit flowing through and as you like a river, a river of grace.  Float in it.  Let it carry you.  This is the river of trust, of assurance, of fulfillment.  Resist not.  Let the Spirit of love surround you,  support you, and carry you until you become aware that you are the risen Christ.  Have the ears to hear what I AM saying and the eyes to see what I am offering you.  This river of grace is My life and My love.  Let it flow through, in, and as you.”

January 4   “OPEN YOUR I      Just as you have two eyes, you have two I’s through which to see yourself and your life.  One of your I’s is your divine self — your spiritual reality, your perfect and the loving Self.  The other I is how I manifest at the personal sense level.  I, your Christ-vision, does not ask you to shut your eyes to personal sense, to human limitation.  Your humanity has its purpose, but I do ask you to realize that your humanity cannot and will not keep you from your ultimate good.  Open both your eyes with love, and recognize that the eternal life that I AM is your perpetual self.  Your temporary personal sense of self is God Self’s gift to the world as well. Open both your I’s so that the world can see the light in your eyes.”

January 3  “INFINITE LOVE     ‘…it is my good pleasure to give you the kingdom.’   Do not forget the purpose of our times together.  Feel my presence.  Remove all thoughts apart from the love of God, your divine Self.  Keep this moment sacred by asking for nothing except a conscious awareness of my presence as your Self.  Let go of your finite sense of self and merge with the infinite love that is your true being.  Let me, your Spirit, cleanse and purify your personal sense of self with your own healing love and then return to the world, but first let me, you spirit, nourish you and heal you.  I know your human needs.  It is my good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  Actually feel my presence as your presence.”

January 2  “LISTEN     This is a year you will spend consciously aware of Me, your higher being.  Sometimes I will come to you impersonally as a feeling of gratitude or appreciation, sometimes as the presence of Christ consciousness, or sometimes as divine intuition.  It will always be me, the Spirit you, speaking to the personal you.  Each day take time to listen and to hear me, for this is the year we, your personal human and your impersonal divine self, will talk clearly to each other.  Feel the possibility of our communication as never before.  Listen and I will speak.”

January 1  “BEGINNINGS     This will be a year of endings and beginnings for you.  When I, the spirit of truth within you, tell you to now die daily to the past, I am promising you that by experiencing your own divine yet human self you will be re-born each day.  On every day that you experience union with me, your God being, you will once more give birth to that divine presence in you called the Christ.  If you dedicate yourself to it, every day this year can consciously begin with our communion, and with it the end of old limitations and a new lease on life. ”

Years ago, Walter Starcke,  posted Daily meditations on his web site call the Daily Voice.  Mr Starcke is the author of 4 books I own which assisted me in my consciousness.  The books are THE STAR KEYS Living beyond 2012 in the Age of the GodsTHE THIRD APPEARANCEHOMESICK FOR HEAVEN You Don’t Have to Wait, and  IT’S ALL GOD.   He authored several others.   He passed over 6 years ago and his wife, Eron, gave me permission to post the Daily Voice.   I will be posting daily for this year. 

Please check out the current web site on his work:  Starcke Center for the Advancement & Application of Mystical Consciousness